What sparked the rise of dropshipping

John Murphy / Throughout the series

The 48

Murphy enters the 100 dropship after the Grounder who held him was shot by Raven. Since he is the cause of Raven's wound, she tries to shoot him too, but the magazine of the weapon is empty. When she begins to spit blood, Murphy stays with her and helps Raven. When she asks why he is helping her, Murphy replies that he doesn't want to die alone. Murphy also tells her that his father was floated because of him and his mother found him guilty of the father's death. When Kane, the Ark Garde, Bellamy, and Finn reach the dropship, Murphy tries to speak to Bellamy. Bellamy attacks him, however, explaining to Kane that Murphy killed two delinquents and was banished by the 100. Kane separates the two and tells them that now the adults are in charge. Together they leave the dropship and go to Camp Jaha.

Restlessness in the mountain

Murphy is locked in custody with Bellamy. They are questioned by Kane until he is startled by gunfire. Upon hearing Raven scream in pain, Murphy says that he screamed exactly as the Grounders tortured him for three days. Bellamy and Murphy are later freed by Finn, Monroe and Sterling. Outside the camp, they meet Abigail and David Miller, who give them weapons and order them to look for the other delinquents.

Blood harvest

Murphy, Finn, Bellamy, Monroe and Sterling arrive at the village where Murphy was held captive. When Finn spots a Grounder who only has one eye, he also sees that he is wearing Clarke's watch. Murphy is given two bricks to knock them together to get the Grounder's attention. When the one-eyed man tries to find the cause of the noise, Bellamy K.O. beaten.

They take The Grounder to the bunker Finn found and question him. After he has drawn them a map of where the other delinquents are supposed to be, the delinquents discuss what to do with him now. Murphy says there is no need to keep him alive, but Bellamy is against it. As they continue to argue, Finn executes the Grounder with a headshot.

New friends

Finn, Bellamy Monroe and Murphy keep looking for the delinquents. They pass a cliff where they find corpses and parts of the ark. You step on a cliff and discover that the whole station had a serious crash when it arrived on earth. Bellamy is about to continue the group when Murphy overhears someone. They realize that there is a survivor, and Sterling identifies the girl as Mel and tries to help her. Finn immediately wants to move on and leave the girl behind.

Bellamy is initially against it, but shares Finn's opinion. However, Sterling is already lowering himself to Mel with a rope. However, Sterling crashes while trying to save the girl, whereupon the group decides to save Mel after all. They build a new rope and Bellamy, held by Murphy and the others, lets herself down the cliff and the rope breaks again. Only Murphy holds the torn ends and thus saves their lives. Finn and Monroe come to help him and want to pull her up. Suddenly Grounders attack and Monroe gives the boys fire protection, but is hit himself. Suddenly the horn sounds that the Grounders are using to warn themselves about the acid mist. The Grounders stop firing and the group can pull Bellamy and Mel upstairs. Once at the top, Bellamy sees that it was Octavia who blew the horn and thus saved the group.

They later take care of Monroe and Mel's injuries. Octavia tells Bellamy that Lincoln is gone. Finn wants to keep looking for Clarke while the others want to go back to camp. Murphy wants to accompany him and Bellamy gives him a gun and tells Murphy to take care of Finn.

Human trials

Finn and Murphy arrive at the Grounder village that the prisoner painted on them. You can recognize around 26 to 28 in the village, but find no clue to the youth. During the night they want to sneak into the village, but Finn changes the plan and sets one of the houses on fire. While the Grounders try to put out the fire, Finn and Murphy search the houses but cannot find the others. Instead, they are spotted themselves, whereupon Finn captures all of the grounders and locks them in an enclosure in the middle of the village. Finn searches the village again and finds a backpack of 100. He confronts the Grounders with it and learns from Nyko that the Grounder who gave them the card was called Delano, was a thief and a liar and was therefore banned from the village. Murphy believes Nyko and wants to leave, but Finn opens fire on the prisoners when Artigas tries to escape. Panic breaks out among the Grounders and Finn shoots another 17 innocent residents. Murphy keeps trying to stop him, telling him they have to leave until Clarke shows up with Bellamy and Octavia and Finn stops shooting. Murphy and the others stare in disbelief at what Finn did.

A war is brewing

Murphy meets Clarke two days after the Tondc massacre. He tells her they have been pardoned by the high council, but Clarke tells him that she doesn't trust the council.


Security has been raised at the camp and Major Byrne gives Murphy a gun. Clarke accuses Murphy of what happened in Tondc, even though he tried to stop Finn from doing it. Murphy tells her it's her fault that Finn was looking for her.

Later, Bellamy, Raven, Murphy, Finn and Clarke meet at the 100th dropship. Raven reveals that she wants to hand Murphy over to the grounders instead of Finn, but Bellamy refuses. The grounders have reached the dropship and surrounded it. Bellamy sends Murphy upstairs while he and Clarke guard the door. However, Finn surrenders himself to the Grounders.


Indra arrives at Camp Jaha with a group of Grounder Warriors to train with the Sky People. While Kane gives a speech about this being a chance for Grounder and Sky People to work together in peace, Murphy gets into an argument with Grounder Penn. Kane interrupts the two of them and gives Murphy two days of detention and tells him to apologize to Penn. Murphy refuses, whereupon Penn threatens that he will burn like Finn. Murphy strikes out to strike, causing a fight between several people, which Octavia and Kane interrupt. When Murphy is later cleaning the floor with a mob, Thelonious appears, who asks him to show him Well's grave, as he knows that the graves are not marked. Murphy is unsure at first, until Jaha offers him a gun in exchange for the cleaning mob.

On the way to the dropship, Jaha says that he remembers Murphy's father very well; that he still remembers everyone he floated. When he arrives at the dropship, Murphy shows him Wells' grave. When Jaha asks if he knew his son well. Murphy then tells him the truth about Wells death - That he was killed by Charlotte for not getting revenge on Thelonious. When they take a break in the dropship, Jaha tells him that he deserves a second chance and that something good can come out of even the darkest deeds. He also tells Murphy that they are similar, both disapproved by the Sky People. Jaha therefore wants Murphy to join him in the search for the City of Light, which Murphy does when Jaha later comes to the dropship with a group of Sky People.

The way to victory

Murphy is in the dead zone with Jaha and his expedition group. They look for the place where Jaha landed, but only find an old handcart that looks abandoned. As they approach him, a Grounder jumps out, threatening not to get any closer. Jaha tries to defuse the situation, tells her that they don't want to harm her. The Grounder, Emori, tells them that she and her brother were ambushed by other Grounders on the way to the City of Light. They killed their brother and stole everything except the cart. Murphy offers her some of his water and Emori offers to take them to the City of Light if they pull their cart. On the way through the desert, Emori tells him that she has been cast out by her people and Murphy tells her that he was also cast out for killing two people. Emori then reveals to him her mutation on the hand and explains that it is considered an eyesore in the bloodline because of it.

Murphy later helps her pull the cart when a rider appears and threatens the group with a rocket launcher. Emori takes Murphy prisoner and orders the others to put all supplies and weapons in the cart. After an unsuccessful attempt by Jaha to defuse the situation, Murphy is knocked down by Emori. Before that, however, she whispers "To the north" and "good luck John" to him. Murphy passes this information on to the others after he wakes up again. Jaha is still convinced that she will find the City of Light, even when part of the group decides to go back to the Sky People camp.


Jaha continues to lead the rest of the group through the dead zone. Harris tells several jokes about Grounder, Reaper, Sky People and Mountain Men along the way when a sudden click is heard, Harris explodes and everyone is thrown to the ground. After another woman explodes, Thelonious realizes they have landed in a minefield. A sandstorm forced the group to linger for a while. However, when the storm is over, they must realize that all footprints are gone. However, Jaha recognizes a glow on the horizon, whereupon they believe that they will soon have reached the City of Light. Jaha leads the group through the minefield, but makes slow progress.

When they made it to the end of the minefield, they climb over a large dune, only to realize that the glow is just a huge solar field. Murphy is furious that they didn't find anything, but Jaha refuses to believe that the journey was in vain. They keep going anyway until they stop in the middle of the solar field. Jaha wonders that the solar panels are still intact while the rest of the world has been destroyed. Murphy says he can change this quickly and throws a stone at one of the solar panels. Suddenly a drone appears and leads the group to the beach, where a boat is waiting for them. Murphy gets into the boat with the others and they follow the drone across the sea.

The promised land

Murphy, Craig, Richards and Jaha continue to float in the boat. Frustrated that they don't even know where to row, Craig throws the oar away. At that moment, Richards suddenly sees land on the horizon. When they want to continue, the boat sways and Richards is pulled into the water. Murphy tries to help him, but something grabs Richards and pulls him under the water. Murphy is injured. Craig freaks out and Jaha yells at him to keep rowing. When Murphy tells Jaha to row himself, Jaha throws Craig into the water. Craig is immediately grabbed and eaten by the creature. When Murphy asks Jaha why he threw the boy in the water, Jaha replies that, unlike Craig, Murphy could still row. The creature then leaves the boat alone and the two can continue on their way.

Once on land, Murphy separates from Jaha because he is shocked by what Jaha did to Craig. When a drone appears, Jaha follows it while Murphy remains injured. The next morning, Murphy wakes up and sees a lighthouse. He makes his way there and finds another solar panel. After he has cleaned it of dirt, music sounds in the lighthouse and Murphy goes inside. Inside he finds a fully equipped bunker. When he sees a TV, he turns it on and witnesses a final message to humanity. In the video from May 5, 2052, he sees a man sitting in the same bunker. This man explains that he has lost control of "Sie", "Sie" stole the launch codes of the rockets. After repeatedly apologizing and saying it was his fault, the man shoots himself.