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There are many in every city shops, and people are still trying to find the cheapest. On every occasion, people wear different ones dress. Some people combine multiple pieces of clothing to save money. Others buy new clothes because they don't want to wear the clothes they have. Some just want to be comfortable in the clothes they wear. However, everyone wants quality clothing to buy and the current one Fashion consequences. More and more people don't have time to go from store to store just to find what they want. The shop can be exhausting as you have to try the model first, then the color and size, and then the model size later if it suits you. That is why people prefer the internet for that Online shopping. It is easier for them to find the clothes they want on-line to to orderthan to shop.

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ASOS is a Online shop For Men and Women. There are every kind of dress, various Shoes and various accessories.


ASOS offers the hottest looks - from trendy top above convenient Shoes up to stylish Accessories. Besides, it has clothes Suites, styles and complete looks for other occasions such as weddings, cocktail parties or for the day in the office. ASOS also offers wonderful Living trendsso that you are always up to date. You can all Products order online for a perfect look. Trendy styling suggestions, everyday editorial motifs, great Promotions and exciting Brands make ASOS unique. ASOS has the perfect Look for all seasons and all events with the latest trends. It provides: Summer dresses, pants, thong sandals, swimwear and trendy accessories for the warm season and great Knitwear, warm jackets, coats and stylish Men's boots and Women's boots for the cold. The perfect business attire is available for working women. Serious Pant suits and still more festive Clothes like blazer and suits are ideal in this case. Wedding guests and other night owls will certainly find what they are looking for in the areas of cocktail dresses and evening wear. At Stradivarius is for everyone taste something there. Fashion is a feeling that you want to carry into your wardrobe. Heine fashion brands stand for self-confident and courageous. You have split them up into: casual, stylish and Timeless. It's best to stop by and see for yourself quality and the beautiful designs. Accessories in natural There's style here. If you love light colors, you can opt for feel-good design in modern Style back. Depending on the season, various trend themes take up other styles and will inspire you. The Categories For active clothing as face and body provide all the products and activities you need. This online shop caters for every taste and preference. There are Giftsthat you get when you make a purchase. You can shop for clothes to learn more about it, and you can choose different ones Brands Browse to find the clothes you want. they offer instant payment method, free shipping and free returnif you are not satisfied with the product.


All in all it is Online shopping a great way to save time in real shopping. This website offers a variety of clothing and discounts instead of queuing in stores.

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Since I read so many negative reviews here, I have to give one too. I've been buying from ASOS for several years and have never had any problems. This time I had three orders, all of which arrived very quickly. I had to return things for two of them. Once via Klarna and once via PayPal. I didn't have to pay anything for shipping and I got the money refunded on both payment methods within the same or next day after the returned items had arrived. The return is made without "leaves" in the box, you control via the APP which items you want to return and then receive a QR code that you have to show to DHL so that they can create a return label.
So for me it's a top online shop, with very nice things and things run smoothly.

wrong sizes

there is obviously a confusion with EU and UK sizes (although actually both sizes are on the label).
In one order, everything came one size too big (eu 40 ordered, UK 14 received). When I complained about this in the service chat, after a tedious conversation with ready-made answers, at some point I got a code with which I could use the next order (i.e. the same order with the hope that this time the right parts would come) express shipping should get refunded.

again everything was one size too big! now i had all parts twice at home in a size 42. to send back even more, which is really tedious due to the return forms that are no longer included (since I don't have a printer).

since the person in the life chat was not helpful at the time and it took forever, i wanted to write an email this time. I received no answer for ages, but at some point with the announcement that I should reply to the email again, after that someone would get in touch.
I did this. the only thing that came after that was that I should contact me with a different email address or in the life chat. the code for the reimbursement of the espress shipping costs (€ 20) was also ignored.

all in all: obviously there is some problem with the size when shipping. customer service is practically nonexistent / unavailable. if something goes wrong, you stand alone and have a lot of work to get something back.

can unfortunately no longer take the risk of ordering there.

Big disappointment

Bad service, no customer hotline! The customer chat can only be found with great effort and competence is in vain, 5Eur postage for a pair of pants ...

Once and never again!

By: Markus Hauke26-04-2021

disastrous customer service

At the beginning of March they emailed confirmation that I would be paid the money for a defective item that I had sent back. On multiple requests, I was told by customer service that I should leave a "card". Since I don't have a credit card, I asked again about another way of paying out. I haven't heard anything since then. The now apparently only available live chat does not open - despite several attempts on different devices. I will probably go to the judicial dunning procedure, not because of the reimbursement amount, which would be bearable. However, the way this is done is so annoying that I don't want to let the matter fizzle out.

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ASOS is primarily active in the online shop industry, with a focus on fashion, children & babies, sports shops & fitness clubs.

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