Western Australian police officers carry guns

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According to 7 News, a South Australian man was charged with a knife on several crimes, including failure to comply with Western Australia's COVID-19 self-isolation instructions.

On Thursday (July 7), police forcefully entered a house in Jurien Bay, about 14 miles north of Perth, where police said they had struck a man with a knife.

Police said the 23-year-old man was aggressive and refused to put down his gun, causing a police officer to pull his gun.

The man was arrested and charged with carrying a gun to cause fear and criminal harm or to destroy property. He is said to have broken a car window.

An investigation found that the man flew from South Australia to Western Australia on July 7 to work and was forced to quarantine himself for 13 days.

However, police said the man sat in a pub in Jurien Bay with his friends on July 7 and drank for several hours.

The man was also accused of failing to follow COVID-19 isolation instructions.

He attended the first trial in Geraldton District Court on Thursday and is expected to reappear Monday to take all charges.