Why did you like to fly a kite?

Flying a kite in Denmark

Denmark adventure - let your kite dance through the air

The long Danish sandy beaches invite you to a liberating and relaxing activity that makes both young and old holidaymakers happy: flying kites. Hardly any other country offers you such a perfect mixture of endless sandy beaches and the necessary wind to make your kite dance magnificently through the air.

Large and small dragon trainers on the North and Baltic Seas

The Danish beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea are all wonderfully suited to help young and old have great dragon taming experiences. The North Sea islands of Rømø and Fanø are particularly well known for hang gliding, as they invite thousands of visitors to a big kite weekend every year. The holiday resort of Blåvand is just as popular, one of the reasons for this is the drage shop located there: its owner is always happy to pass on tips and assistance to holidaymakers.

The wonderful thing about flying a kite is that it is suitable for holidaymakers of all ages. The very young visitors may still need a little help, but as you know, that only welds the parent-child relationship together even more. It is important that you start with a kite that is right for you in order to get a feel for kite flying and to have positive experiences right away.

There are basically two types of dragons

1. Kite without steering with a leash

A kite without steering is perfect for very little Denmark vacationers who just want to experience the feeling of taming a kite high up in the sky. Single-line kites are available in a wide variety of sizes and motifs, to suit the individual wishes of the children. Many of them are colorful, have faces painted on them or children's film motifs are printed on them.

The construction of the children's kite is very simple, some even only have to be unpacked and thrown into the air. Above all, the typical triangular or square kites for children normally consist of two rods that are placed on top of each other as a cross and inserted into the eyelets provided. A great introduction for future dragon fans, which guarantees a sense of achievement right at the beginning and ensures great feelings of happiness.

2. Kite including steering with two lines

The so-called "sport kites" or "stunt kites" are suitable for children from around ten years of age as well as adults of all ages. The design of the two-line kite is therefore mostly kept rather simple. Typical of sport kites are either the tapering shapes or the semicircular mats that you see more and more often flying around in the Danish sky.

With stunt kites you usually have to put four poles together and connect them to the two steering lines. Thanks to the two lines, you have the option of steering the kite with both hands and thus showing it the way through the air. This always takes some time to get used to, but as soon as you have the right grips on it, you will experience many beautiful, fun and unique moments with your kite.

Good to know - this is how your kite takes off!

To make it easier for you to start flying a kite, a second helper is recommended: You can then take the lines in your hands while the helper holds the kite in the air against the wind. With a little swing you can lift the kite into the air with your help. If little kite trainers let their colorful companions soar into the sky, the support of a third person is important to help the children hold the leashes.

Drage shops in Denmark - for kite fans big and small

If you go to Denmark without your own kite, that's no problem at all. In Denmark there are two so-called drage shops that are fully specialized in kite sports. You are in Blåvand and Hvide Sande. There is a huge selection of different kites there, and you are sure to find a mythical animal there according to your ideas. If it should have problems and break during one of its flights in high air, you can have it repaired in one of the Drage shops.

If you are in another region of Denmark, you can visit one of the many small souvenir shops that often have kites in their range.

Good to know - Drage Shop Blåvand from our friend Olaf

Are you near Blåvand? Then we recommend our good friend Olaf's Drage Shop. You can find the Drageshop in Blåvandvej 45 in the immediate vicinity of the center of Blåvand. Olaf will be happy to help you. If you tell him that you have booked your holiday home through us, he has some particularly good offers for you.

Do you have any questions about different kite designs or the perfect beach sections for kite-flying Blåvand? Then it's best to call the Drage Shop directly: +45 7527 5252.

Making kites easy

Have you ever built your own kite? Have you chosen the colors, shape and design yourself and then let them soar into the sky? In some holiday home areas there are kite building courses. For example at Club Fanø:

Kite building course at Club Fanø: for four to fourteen year olds, takes about 60 minutes
Costs: 75 DKK (around ten €)
Contact: Club Fanø, Storetoft 5, Nordby 6720 Fanø, +45 4241 2565, www.clubfanoe.dk

Kite festivals in Denmark - fine mythical animals on the blue horizon

The two North Sea islands Fanø and Rømø become strongholds of hang gliding for a weekend every year and offer great views to holidaymakers who happen to be there: kites of all shapes, colors and sizes soar over sand and sea. Some are fast as lightning, others elegantly move their lanes, some perform impressive dances, some venture far out and are only points on the horizon. No matter how old you are - you are sure to feel admiring amazement at this sight and maybe even feel as free as the kites high in the sky.

The kite meeting on the island of Fanø

In 1985 the so-called "International Kite Fliers Meeting" was started on Fanø by two vacationers from Hamburg. Since then, the meeting has developed into one of the largest kite gatherings ever. Around 5,000 people visit the magical island during the festival and exchange ideas about their unique planes. On the days of the festival you will be able to marvel at every conceivable shape, color and size of kites in the sky. What is unique about the entire event is that it is still a pure meeting among dragon friends and there are no commercial purposes behind it. At the request of the initiators, this should continue to be the case in the future.

Kite meeting on Fanø: every year on a weekend in the second half of June
Entry: free of charge

Kite festival on the island of Rømø

On Fanø's neighboring island Rømø, around 2,500 colorful kites cavort at lofty heights every year in late summer. The so-called kite festival has been visited by around 40,000 kite fans in recent years. Entry is free and there is the opportunity to watch exciting competitions such as skill flying. The festival is organized by the Danish hang-glider club "Dansk Drage Klub".

Kite Festival on Rømø: every year on the first weekend in September
Entry: free of charge