What pennies from the 1960s are valuable

50 Pfennig 1950 G Bank of German Lands

Regularly will me 50 pfennigs Coins with the inscription "BANK OF GERMAN COUNTRIES“Offered for purchase. In some cases, the sellers assume that you can earn several hundred euros as sales revenue per item. What is overlooked, however, is that the 50 pfennig coins with the minting year 1949 were minted in millions of copies. Only for items that are really fresh from the mint can prices currently be achieved that are well above the face value. When it comes to pricing, the potential sellers overlook the fact that only the 50 pfennig coins of the year of issue 1950 in combination with the legend "BANK OF GERMAN COUNTRIES“Are rare and achieve correspondingly high prices. These pieces are only available from the Karlsruhe mint (embossed letter "G").

These pieces were officially minted and issued with an edition of 30,000 copies. In the wake of the Karlsruhe coin scandal at the beginning of the 1960s, further unauthorized coins were minted again. The number of these pieces should also amount to around 30,000 pieces. Since these coins were made by an employee in the mint, they were not considered counterfeit money. These additional pieces are almost without exception in freshly minted quality. Experienced specialists can, however, distinguish the re-minted pieces from the original edition.

A stamp was used for the reverse of the re-stamps, as was later used for the pieces with the inscription "BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND". You have to know that the 50 pfennig coins were minted continuously from 1950 to 1965, but always carried the 1950 year. At some point the design of the coin was changed marginally. And it is precisely these small adjustments that can be found on the unauthorized pieces.