How can I get my WhatsApp back

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages? It's that easy!

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages in a few steps

There are various reasons why we delete messages on WhatsApp. Some people prefer to delete chats with sensitive information that were exchanged in the past or they may want to forget about a conversation with someone. In other cases, they may just want to delete evidence of an interaction via WhatsApp and in some cases it may happen by mistake. Then what do we do to get the message back? (You can find messenger alternatives to WhatsApp here)

How to Archive WhatsApp Messages

Before answering the question, we should remember that WhatsApp (which we know some tricks about) also has an option to archive the conversations. This does not delete the messages entirely, but rather leaves them in a hard-to-reach place where we can access them. There are times when people accidentally archive their conversations thinking they deleted them.

To archive messages, simply hold on to the conversation that you want to archive. This will highlight it and you will see three icons at the top. The one with a folder with a down arrow is the archive icon. (Can my WhatsApp account be blocked easily? You can find all information here)

How can I access my archived messages?

If you think that you accidentally archived your messages or you don't know where they are in WhatsApp, either on Android or iOS, just enter the platform and on the main page scroll down in the chats to the end. When we've gone through all of the chats, we can see the chats that are archived.

To see them just enter the conversation, but if you want to restore it to WhatsApp and you want it to appear under the normal messages, just keep it selected and choose the unarchive icon.

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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

If your situation is not as described above and you have deleted messages intentionally or accidentally and want to get them back, you have a chance, but it is necessary that some options are enabled.

First, you need to make sure that you have the WhatsApp backup option enabled and that it will back up your messages on a daily basis. To do this, you need to follow the steps below.

Log into WhatsApp and open the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
Go to Settings and then Chats.
Look for "Backup" in this menu.
There should be an option to save to the cloud, either Google Drive or iCloud. Select it and choose the "Daily" option. This way, your chats are backed up every day in case of emergency.

If you have this enabled and the deleted messages are more recent you won't have any problems, but if it is set to Weekly and you have deleted messages from the past few days, you will not be able to recover them. (Hide WhatsApp chats quickly? It's very easy)

Restore messages if the backup was set to “weekly”

Then in order to get the messages back, you need to delete WhatsApp from the phone and download it again. Another alternative is to use another smartphone and open the account from there. When we try to register it, the app will ask if you want to restore your backup. Just accept and we'll get all messages back. There is no way to get them from the app.

Use external apps for recovery?

Some sites recommend using an external application (or more) to be able to recover the messages. While these apps work, they are not secure as they can connect to your account and access your chat history. So if you want to restore your accounts, we advise you to go with the first option and just reinstall WhatsApp or open it from another phone.

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