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This page summarizes the most frequently asked questions about Minecraft. The answers can also be links to other pages in this wiki.

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What versions of Minecraft are there?

  • The Java Edition is intended for computers with the Windows, macOS or Linux operating systems. It is the most flexible because it can be expanded and changed with free content from the community, e.g. with modifications. It needs a free launcher to start.
  • The Bedrock Edition is intended for mobile devices and some game consoles and can also be played on Windows 10 computers. It cannot be changed as flexibly as the Java Edition, additional content must be purchased in the ingame marketplace. To use the multiplayer mode is a free Xbox Live-Account required.
  • The console edition runs on the PlayStation and cannot be changed as flexibly as the Java edition.

Where can I buy Minecraft? How much does it cost?

All editions are featured on the official Minecraft website. There you select the edition you want and you will be redirected to the appropriate shop.

For the Java Edition you have to register with the manufacturer Mojang. When you create an account, you can decide whether you want to play Minecraft in the free demo mode first or buy the unlimited version of Minecraft by paying € 23.95 once.

In both cases you have access to all old, current and future versions of the Java Edition of Minecraft. The demo mode only restricts the functionality somewhat (for details see demo mode).

Do i need to download Minecraft?

The launcher is required to play the Java Edition. You download the launcher once, save it in any folder and start it. It automatically takes care of downloading the other Minecraft files you need and the current Java version. Not only can you use the launcher to play the latest version of Minecraft, but you can also play all the older versions right up to the very beginning. This is also possible in the free demo mode. If you want, you can download the launcher as often as you like and save it on any computer.

Do I still need an internet connection after purchasing?

When you start the Java Edition launcher, you need an internet connection the first time you log in. The launcher will check your account. If you haven't paid anything yet, Minecraft will start in restricted demo mode, otherwise in unrestricted mode. After you have logged into the launcher once, you can play Minecraft offline as often and as long as you like.

As soon as you log out of the launcher (e.g. because someone else wants to play Minecraft with your launcher) or you want a new version of Minecraft that the launcher has not yet downloaded, you need an internet connection again.

How can I pay for Minecraft?

You can get Minecraft as a gift. You will then receive a digital gift code that you can redeem in your account. The gift codes are also available as Minecraft gift cards at major electronics stores. If you buy Minecraft yourself or want to buy a gift code, you pay with credit card, instant transfer, Paysafecard or PayPal.

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I die the first night every time!

To survive the first night, you need a monster-safe shelter. You can read about how to build one on the Basics page. If you want, you can also adjust the level of difficultyPeaceful so that monsters no longer appear.

My life is sinking! What can I do?

Probably the easiest method is to click the difficulty level for a few secondsPeaceful to switch. However, all hostile monsters disappear with it.

Otherwise, food can be consumed by holding the right click. As soon as the hunger gauge is 90% full, life is automatically replenished. On Peaceful the hunger display does not go blank.

I cannot mine wood and other raw materials

To mine a block, you have to click the left mouse button hold. As you do this, you will also see the surface of the block you are currently mining change until it is finally mined. Once you've made tools, dismantling is much faster than just by hand.

You can find out more on the Basics page

How do I control my character?

See also control.

Can I change the controls? How can I change the perspective?

Use to call up the menu / options. Here you can find the control to change. A detailed list of the standard key assignment can be found on the Control page.

You can use the First person point of view by pressing the key in the Third person and the Second person perspective switch.

How do I deal with item stacks?

If you right-click on a stack in the inventory, you pick up half of it. If you have a stack at the mouse pointer and you click with the right mouse button on an empty space in the inventory, a single item is placed. With a left click the entire stack is picked up / deposited.

How do I get rid of items?

There are several ways to get rid of items from inventory. One of them is to select a stack in the quick access bar and then press the button. This is how a single object is ejected. If the whole stack is dragged next to the inventory and released, the whole stack is ejected.

But always think carefully about whether you really want to throw the items away and not just put them in a chest, because you never know whether the items will still be useful later.

You can also use the and click to delete items in creative mode. In addition, there is a red X in the player inventory of the creative mode, with which objects dragged there can also be deleted, with and click even the entire inventory.

Are the blocks exposed to gravity?

Only a few blocks, such as sand and gravel, are exposed to gravity. All other blocks can float. To do this, however, they must first be placed on, next to or under an existing block, which is then removed. This is how you can build floating houses or floating islands.

How do I get plants to grow? With me they always disappear.

If the plants disappear, then the growing conditions are not met in their place. So z. B. Grass only on blocks of earth and mushrooms must not be directly exposed to sunlight. If arable plants (carrots, potatoes, wheat plants) keep disappearing, the room needs to be illuminated more intensely.

But it can also happen that z. B. Wheat plants can be destroyed by creatures and the player if they are trampled too much.

Will the small plants become full-grown trees?

Yes, when the seedlings are placed, they become fully grown trees, provided that the conditions for growth are met. For example, in rooms where these conditions are not met, seedlings can be used as decorative objects. However, you can speed up the growth process by right-clicking on a seedling and applying bone meal.

If you plant seedlings in a flower pot, they will not grow.

Can monsters destroy my homes? Can you climb And do you have an inventory?

Spiders and skeletons cannot destroy anything. Zombies can be on difficultyHeavy and destroy wooden doors in hardcore mode. Ghasts, which only occur in the Nether, Wither, which must be built by the player, and Creepers can blow blocks away with explosions. Creepers die in the process. Endermen can remove blocks and move them back to a different location, so be careful with them.

Monsters can climb ladders and vines, and spin walls. Otherwise, monsters and animals can only jump up one block. They cannot climb a step two blocks high or a fence.

Monsters have no inventory, although skeletons seem to have an infinite number of arrows. Zombies sometimes pick up individual objects that are lying on the ground and carry them around with them. With a few exceptions, all creatures drop something when they die, called a drop.

Where can I get fish, apples, glowstone, TNT, records and mossy rubble?

You get fish when you fish with a fishing rod. You can also kill polar bears or guards for this.

Apples occasionally fall to the ground when you cut down a lot of oak or blackwood leaves. They are also found in dungeons and villages.

Glowstone occurs in the Nether. There it usually hangs in lumps on the ceiling. It creates a lot of light. Also, witches can drop glowstone dust. A glowstone block can be made from four glowstone dusts.

TNT has to be manufactured. More details here. It's also part of the trap in a desert temple.

Obtaining records is very difficult. They are dropped by creepers when they are killed by a skeleton. You can read about the best way to do this here. Sometimes they can also be found in a dungeon chest.

Mossy quarry stone is also found in dungeons and in jungle temples. In dungeons you can only find mossy quarry stone in their floors, while jungle temples consist almost entirely of mossy and unmossed quarry stone. Mossy quarry stone occurs naturally in the giant tree taiga. It can also be made from rubble stones and tendrils.

With the exception of stone and earth, all blocks can only be found in certain places. Here is a list of all the blocks. Click on the one you want and you will be taken to its wiki page, which describes it and its occurrence in more detail.

What is the "Nether" and how do I get there?

The nether is the underworld or hell in Minecraft. Special blocks such as Glowstone can be found in the Nether. You can get there with the help of a nether portal.

How can I change my spawn point?

The spawn point of a world, which applies to all players, can be set with the command; the spawn point for a single player with the command.

In addition, a bed in the upper world and a soul anchor in the nether change your own spawn point: Always the last bed you slept in is your new own spawn point.

In Minecraft Classic you can make your current position your spawn point by pressing. The key then takes you to this point.

How big is the world

In the beginning, a 400 × 400 block world is generated, which grows steadily as new areas are explored. With extremely large coordinates, technical difficulties arise, so from the coordinates 30,000,000 there is an invisible limit in all four directions that cannot be crossed.

The world is 256 blocks high and is bordered at the bottom by bedrock, a material that is indestructible in survival mode. Below is the void. If you fall into it, you die. No more blocks can be placed at the upper end.

In Minecraft Classic, on the other hand, the world is relatively small. Above all, it does not expand as you approach the limit. It is surrounded by a sea that cannot be entered.

How can I play an external world myself?

All data of a world is stored in a folder that bears the original name of the world. The original name of a world can be seen in the menu / single player. The folder with the world data will be in .minecraft / saves saved. From there he can enter the .minecraft / savesFolder to be copied to another computer. Please note that the same version of Minecraft is installed on both computers. The version can be viewed in the main menu.

How can I change the appearance of my character?

To use your own skin in single player mode, you create a mini resource package with which you can create the texturesteve.png changes.

This does not work in multiplayer mode. Instead, log into https://minecraft.net, go to the profile page and upload any skin. This is then visible to all players on a multiplayer server.

How can I feed animals and shear sheep in the Pocket Edition?

In order to feed an animal or to shear sheep, i.e. to interact with them, you have to tap and hold the respective animal while you hold the necessary feed or the scissors in your hand. If you only tap the animal briefly, you attack it and it suffers damage. If the wrong food is used, the animal cannot be fed either. Which feed belongs to which animal can be found in the respective wiki article, for example sheep.

Problems and their solutions

Minecraft lags. What can I do?

Above all, reducing the graphics quality helps against lagging Minecraft. There are several options for this in the menu / Options / Graphics settings (see there). You can also install the OptiFine-Mod, which can increase the frame rate (fps) and has a zoom function (with a button as standard).

I installed mods or textures and Minecraft no longer works.

Each mod and each resource package is developed independently and, above all, independently of the original game. This can easily lead to incompatibilities, especially because the versions keep changing. But it can also be that some mods interfere with each other.

To eliminate the problem, one should remove all mods and resource packs and add them one at a time until the error occurs again. The last mod added was the incompatible one, which therefore has to be uninstalled.

  • To everyone Resource packs To remove it, go to the menu / Options / Resource packages. If that is no longer possible, go to the tab in the launcher Profile Editor, click with the right mouse button on the affected profile and call the menu item Open game folder on. There you remove the resource packages from the file options.txt in line .
  • To everyone Mods To remove it, you have to delete the corresponding Minecraft version. To do this, go to the tab in the launcher Profile Editor, click with the right mouse button on the "latest version" and call the menu item Open game folder whereupon the folder .Minecraft is opened. There you go to the subfolder versions and sees all version folders. There you delete the folder with the affected version. It will then be automatically restored to its original state the next time the launcher is started.

I have a Mac and cannot access the Minecraft directory.

The problem is that the LibraryDirectory is hidden in the user folder. There are several solutions to get into the directory:

Solution 1:

  1. Click the Finder logo in the Dock or open any folder.
  2. Hold the OldKey and click Go to in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on Library and then leave the OldButton.
  4. Here look for the folder named Application support and open it ..
  5. Here look for the folder named Minecraft and open it

Solution 2:

  1. Open Minecraft, log in and start the game.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. Click on Resource packages.
  4. Click on Open folder.
  5. Click in the menu bar at the top of the screen go to.
  6. Click on parent folder.

Solution 3:

DANGER: This method is only recommended if you are an advanced user, as it could damage the file system by deleting important files!

NOTE: This method is only useful if you plan to use the folder regularly. If you still use this method, you should read the section cancel read and follow.

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Enter in the window that opens "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles 1 " and press Enter
  3. Give killall finder a.
  4. Click the Finder logo in the Dock.
  5. Click on your home folder in the sidebar.
  6. Find the folder Library and open it.
  7. Find the folder Application support and open it.
  8. Find the folder Minecraft and open it.

Undoing solution 3:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Enter in the window that opens "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles 0 "and press duckr
  3. Give killall finder a.

Other things to do with Minecraft

Who is Notch?

Notch is the nickname of Markus Persson. He is the inventor of Minecraft. You can follow his blog here.