50000 is a good salary in Canada

Average salary

Business, finance and investment, human resources and business services
NOC "A" professions (e.g. auditor, controller, tax expert, financial analyst, securities dealer, human resources, business administration, marketing, advertising, public relations, ...)37.11administration
NOC "B" professions (e.g. team leader, administrative employee, assistant, administrative, real estate manager, trade fair planner, ...)27.33Finance, insurance and commercial professions
NOC "B professions (e.g. accountant, insurance agent, appraiser, customs broker, ...)27.49Office, administrative support
NOC "C" jobs (e.g. clerk, office worker, receptionist, payroll clerk, library, administrative clerk, ...)22.11Distribution, logistics, coordination
NOC "C" professions (postman, dispatcher, ...)22.02Natural and other sciences
NOC "A" professions (e.g. engineers, chemists, biologists, forest specialists, agronomists, architects, spatial planners, mathematicians, IT analysts, software engineers, programmers, web developers, ...)41.57Natural and other sciences
NOC "B" professions (e.g. chemical laboratory technician, forester, mechanical engineer, toolmaker, pilot, locomotive driver, air traffic controller, computer network technician, ...)32.55Nursing
NOC "A" professions (e.g. nurse, nurse, care provider, care coordinator, ...)38.04Healthcare
NOC "A" professions (e.g. doctor, general practitioner, optician, chiropractor, pharmacist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, ...)41.14Healthcare
NOC "B" occupations (e.g. laboratory occupation, x-ray, dental technician, paramedical occupations ...)28.21Healthcare
NOC "C" occupations (e.g. dental assistant, nurse, ...)21.03education
NOC "A" professions (e.g. professors, trainers, teachers, educational advisors)38.44Law, social affairs, administration
NOC "A" professions (e.g. judge, lawyer, social worker, psychologist, ...)37.68Education, law, security
NOC "A" professions (social workers, educators, instructors, ...) 22.50public safety
NOC "B" professions (fire brigade, police, ...)43.05Arts and Culture
NOC "A" professions (e.g. librarians, curators, authors, writers, journalists, translators, artists, musicians, dancers, conductors, painters, sculptors, ...)28.92Art, culture, leisure and sport
NOC "B" professions (e.g. photographer, graphic designer, athlete, interior designer, program manager, ...)23.34Wholesale / retail, sales, insurance, real estate, and financial sales professions
NOC "B" occupation (e.g. sales manager, buyer, insurance broker, real estate agent, financial agent, ...)23.82Gastronomy, hotels, tourism
NOC "B" occupations (e.g. supervisors in gastronomy and the hotel industry, bosses, cooks, bakers, ...)18.17Gastronomy, hotels, tourism
NOC "C" occupation (e.g. waiter, tour guide, hotel reception, ...18.72sale
NOC "C" occupations (e.g. salesperson, customer service representative)19.43Industry, electricity, construction
NOC "B" professions (e.g. welder, electrician, carpenter, carpenter, carpenter, plasterer, bricklayer, tiler, roofer, ...) 30.78Servicing heavy machinery
NOC-B "occupations (e.g. aircraft mechanic, car mechanic, crane operator, car service technician, truck and bus mechanic, printing machine operator, ...)30.77Transportation and heavy machinery
NOC "C" professions (e.g. truck driver, bus driver, flight attendant, ...)23.42