What do bananas do to your body?

Bananas: This is what happens to your body when you eat one every morning

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" - everyone knows this saying from their childhood days, but just as with the apple, it is also with the banana. Even if the opinions in the diet universe could not diverge further and are debated about it, whether bananas make you fat due to the high carbohydrate and sugar content or help you lose weight because of the many vitamins and minerals, there is no denying that the yellow fruit has some really beneficial effects on the body. We'll tell you what these are and what exactly happens when you feast on a piece of fruit every morning with porridge, pancakes and the like ... 🍌

1. Your digestion is stimulated

If you caught a gastrointestinal virus as a child, your grandparents always served you bananas and so the myth that the crooked fruit has a constipating effect has persisted to this day. But only to this day, because bananas actually have exactly the opposite effect. Similar to apples, they contain a high proportion of pectin, a fiber that supports and stimulates digestion. By treating yourself to a fruit every morning, you are doing something good for your gastrointestinal tract and this in turn has a positive effect on the scales.

2. Your mood is positively influenced

Bad mood? Not if you have a banana for breakfast every morning. This is because the fruit contains the protein tryptophan. This is converted in the body into the hormone serotonin, which is also known as the happiness hormone. As the name suggests, it makes you happy, reduces stress and you go through the day more relaxed. This effect was also confirmed by a study by MIND, in which it was found that the depressed study participants felt much better immediately after consuming a banana.

3. stomach pain? Belong to the past!

Do you often have stomach problems or circulatory problems? Then you should go to the market trader you trust and stock up on a small supply of bananas. The high starch content in the sweet fruit has a calming effect on the stomach lining and the tense digestive tract can calm down a little. On the other hand, the high fructose content ensures that a blood sugar level that is too low (which is often responsible for circulatory problems) skyrockets and you have more energy.

4. You can concentrate better

The day is long and it is sometimes really difficult to stay 100 percent focused until the end of the working day. However, if you treat yourself to a banana every day, you can naturally increase your ability to concentrate. This is due to the high potassium content in the delicious fruit, which has a positive effect on the nervous system, making the brain more efficient. This is also supported by a study that examined the brain performance of 200 English students during exam preparation and confirmed the positive effect of bananas on concentration.

5. Your hair and nails grow back stronger

Thanks to their high mineral content, bananas not only have a positive effect on the health of the body, they are also real beauty boosters. The particularly ripe fruits contain a lot of zinc, silica and vitamin B6, which have been shown to strengthen the hair and nail structure. So if you feast on this sweet treat for breakfast every day, chipped fingernails and broken tips will be a thing of the past.

We are now also big fans of the effects of bananas and that's why there are not infrequently Whole grain banana pancakes for breakfast in our editorial office. Of course we don't want to withhold our favorite recipe from you:

Whole grain banana pancakes (approx. 2 servings)


120 g whole grain spelled flour

2 tbsp baking powder

25 g fine oat flakes

1 pinch of salt

1 medium-sized egg

250 ml unsweetened almond or soy milk

1 tbsp virgin olive oil

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 ripe banana, thinly sliced

Oil for the pan


1. Sift the dry ingredients, flour and baking powder, into a large bowl. Then mix with the oat flakes and salt.

2. In a second bowl, add the egg, milk, oil, maple syrup and the mashed banana. Then you mix the dry ingredients with the moist Ingridiens until a bound mass is formed.

3. Then heat up some oil in a large pan like the coated Jamie Oliver pan from Tefal, which is only now reduced by a whopping 70 percent. Then add a little dough with a tablespoon and let the delicacy bake on one side until small bubbles form on the surface and the edge becomes crispy (about two minutes). Finally, you can turn the pancake and let it bake again from the other side for about one to two minutes, until they are golden brown.

4. You can then garnish the pancakes with fresh banana and blueberries (which, by the way, help you lose weight and give you a radiant complexion). That's the way to start the day! 🥞

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