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The vaccination certificate, the yellow booklet, is a very important health document - it documents all vaccinations that we have received in the course of our lives. All the more annoying when you've lost your vaccination certificate.

Can you get vaccinated against corona without a vaccination certificate?

If you can no longer find your vaccination certificate and have a vaccination appointment against the corona virus, you can still get vaccinated. "If someone comes to the practice without a passport, the doctor can issue a new one. It is therefore possible to be vaccinated against the coronavirus if you no longer have a vaccination certificate," said Michael Stahn from the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

That is why it is important to have a new vaccination pass issued at the latest after a corona vaccination: The entry in the vaccination pass is the official proof of a vaccination. Only documented vaccinations are recognized.

Why photos of the vaccination record don't belong on social media

On Facebook or Instagram, pictures of the entries in your own vaccination record are posted again and again. It's understandable that you feel relieved after a vaccination, but these types of photos are not a good idea. Sensitive health data is disclosed, according to the Federal Ministry of Health at the request of the editorial network Germany. In addition, the publication of batch numbers of the vaccine or stamping could be abused by fraudsters.

Vaccination certificate in the Corona warning app

The Corona warning app should also be able to save a vaccination certificate from summer 2021.

Electronic vaccination certificate from the EU

The EU plans to implement a digital vaccination certificate by the summer, which is primarily intended to make traveling abroad easier. The model is Israel's Green Vaccination Pass.

Green Passport - digital vaccination certificate in Israel

Israelis receive a so-called green passport in digital form if they are vaccinated against the corona virus. This also includes advantages for the vaccinated - for example, possible visits to fitness studios, swimming pools, theaters and hotels. Israel, for example, has concluded an agreement with Greece that Israelis with the digital green vaccination pass can enter Greece without any problems from April.

Sweden and Denmark have already announced the introduction of digital vaccination cards for travel. In Denmark, the corresponding app and thus the digital vaccination card should be ready in three to four months.

Lost vaccination certificate - the family doctor issues a new one

If you can no longer find your vaccination certificate, you can get a new one from your doctor. In the best case scenario, he was also the doctor who vaccinated you over the years. And since doctors have to document all therapies and treatments and keep the whole thing for at least ten years, your vaccination history over the past ten years can definitely be traced. Therefore, your doctor can add the vaccinations.

When you have changed your family doctor

However, if you have changed your family doctor in the meantime, the new doctor will have to request your data from his predecessor on your behalf.

Confirmation of vaccination in the documents

You can also find information in your private documents - for example receipts for certain travel medical vaccinations. If you have been vaccinated by your doctor without your vaccination book, you have usually received a vaccination certificate. On the basis of such written evidence, the local health department may also fill out the new vaccination certificate.

Many important vaccinations should be refreshed after ten years anyway.

Better to get re-vaccinated than not having vaccination protection

If you are not sure and can no longer ask a doctor because the practice has closed or has retired, it is better to have the basic vaccinations that are recommended for adulthood given again. That doesn't do any harm, writes the Robert Koch Institute (RKI):

"Additional vaccinations with existing vaccination protection do not pose a particular risk. This also applies to multiple vaccinations with live virus vaccines."


Standard vaccinations for adults, which should be boosted every ten years, are:

Tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough (pertussis). According to the Standing Vaccination Commission (StiKo), all people born after 1970 and all adults over the age of 18 with an unclear vaccination status or only one vaccination in childhood should be vaccinated against measles. The vaccine is available in a combination of burl, mumps and rubella.

You should also be vaccinated against poliomyelitis (polio or polio), otherwise catch-up vaccination is recommended.

Recommended vaccinations for people aged 60 and over

For people over 60 years of age, the StiKo also recommends vaccinations against pneumococci (they cause most of the bacterial pneumonia) and, since 2018, vaccination with dead vaccine against herpes zoster (shingles) as well as an annual vaccination against influenza (flu vaccination).

Have vaccination status determined by blood test

Theoretically, there is also the possibility of drawing conclusions about vaccinations if one can determine the antibodies in the blood, the so-called titer determination. That is time-consuming and expensive. The patient usually has to bear the costs of such "serological examinations" himself. The RKI assesses such tests as justified only in exceptional cases:

"... serological controls are generally not useful to provide evidence of previous vaccinations if the vaccination status is unclear."


Women who want to get pregnant and do not know whether they have been vaccinated against rubella are the exception. A blood test can be useful here, because a vaccination against rubella is not possible during pregnancy. If an expectant mother becomes infected with rubella at an early stage of pregnancy, the baby can be seriously harmed.

Have a vaccination certificate issued at a cost

The health insurance companies have been paying for a new vaccination certificate since 2016.

Tip for the future: scan your vaccination card and save it in a safe place.