What is the symbol of trust

Ring of Trust - symbol of trust

RING OF TRUST - Give the ring to someone who means something to you and you will feel the weight of trust.


The Ring of Trust philosophy


The Ring of Trust is an original bull nose ring and stands for the values ​​of solidarity and trust.

By wearing the ring, we are making a statement: only those who have understood that all people, regardless of their skin color, their belief, their race and their sexuality, are connected to one another can trust and live peacefully with one another.

The Ring of Trust symbolizes this trust in togetherness. You can wear it to stand by your values. Or give it to a loved one to whom you feel very connected.


The Ring of Trust story


Cathrin Grothe came up with the idea of ​​the Ring of Trust more or less by chance:

“I used to have a bison meat trade in Hamburg. We bred the bisons themselves in Canada, Sakatchewan. Our animals there had one hectare of exercise per bison, so that bull nose rings were not used at all.

The ring is used in breeding to control animals and to adapt and domesticate them to unnatural living conditions.

Since I found the rings beautiful myself, I wanted to make something different out of them. So the idea arose to turn the bull nose ring into the exact opposite:

A ring for people who do not allow themselves to be "fooled", but have their own mind, stand by their values ​​and the cooperation of all people.

In the meantime, the ring has found many enthusiastic and convinced wearers. And we are happy about everyone who sets an example with the ring. A sign of trust and
of connectedness. "


The Ring of Trust is a great and innovative gift idea for women and men. The ring is a very special gift and a great companion: as a bracelet, key ring, on your pocket or very stylishly on the belt loop of your favorite jeans.