Which country had the most wars?

Peace issues

A total of 29 wars and armed conflicts took place in these countries in 2020 (according to the research group on the causes of war):

1.Colombia since 1964
2.Malisince 2012
3.Nigeria (Boko Haram)since 2009
4.Cameroon (Ambazonia)since 2018
5.Central African Republicsince 2006
6.Democratic Republic of Congosince 2005
7.Burundisince 2018 (armed conflict)
8.Ethiopia (Tigary) since 2020
9.South Sudan since 2010 (armed conflict)
10.Libyasince 2011
11.Egyptsince 2013
12.Somaliasince 1988
13.Mozambiquesince 2019

since 2014

15.Turkey (Kurds)since 2004
16.Syriasince 2011
17.Iraqsince 1998
18a.Yemen (Al-Qaeda)since 2010
18b.Yemen (Houthi)since 2014
19.Armenia / Azerbaijansince 2020



since 1978


Pakistan (Taliban)since 2007 (armed conflict)
22a.India (Kashmir)since 1990
22b.India (Naxalites)since 1997
23a.Myanmar (Eastern Myanmar)since 1948
23b.Myanmar (West Myanmar)since 2016
24.Thailand (southern Thailand)since 2004 (armed conflict)
25a.Philippines (Mindanao)since 1970
25b.Philippines (NPA)since 1970

 In brackets: region or party to the conflict

Here you can find the map to print out.

Once a year, the research group on the causes of war publishes an overview of the wars and armed conflicts that have taken place in the previous year. According to this research institution, 25 wars and 4 so-called armed conflicts took place worldwide in 2020.

That is quite a large number and if you look at the world map, numerous countries are colored.

Violent conflicts that are constant and organized are called war. One of the warring parties must be a government's regular armed forces. If these characteristics are not met, one speaks of an armed conflict rather than a war.

Not all wars affect an entire country; many are confined to a specific region of the country. In some countries there are several war regions, such as India and, since 2017, also in the Congo.

Some wars have been going on for a very long time, such as the war in Somalia. Other wars have broken out repeatedly even though they had already ended, for example the conflict in Burundi.

Two wars in Africa are now also affecting neighboring countries: the war in Nigeria, for example, also affects neighboring Cameroon.

Two new wars were identified in 2020. First of all, there is the conflict in Ethiopia in the Tigray region, which escalated into war. As well as the war in Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

The good news is that in 2020 the war in the Darfur region officially ended with the signing of the peace treaty in Sudan. However, there has still been conflict and violence there ever since.

Source: https://www.wiso.uni-hamburg.de/fachbereich-sowi/professuren/jakobeit/forschung/akuf/archiv/akuf-pressemitteilung-2020.pdf (as of 02/09/2021)