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A young, successful investment banker

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That investment banker joke dates back to better days ...

Better arm off than arm off!
A young, successful investment banker opens the door of his new car a little carelessly. This is promptly torn off by a truck speeding by.

The investment banker hops excitedly from one leg to the other:
- My Porsche! My brand new Porsche!

The police have now arrived at the scene of the accident. Shaking his head, a policeman goes to the investment banker:
- Well, leave the car for a while! Don't you even notice that you are missing an arm?

Horrified, the investment banker looks at the stump of his arm and yells at the policeman:
- Where the hell is that thing? My Rolex is on it!

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Interesting about UBS and BNP. What about the other BBs? Likewise, probably ranked on top with a fix 65-70 + bonus between 20 and 30? Were there also salary adjustments in Europe like in the US?

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Thanks! Which IBs would be realistic after 2-3 years of BE if I may ask?

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“Not an artist but a businessman” - Dieter Bohlen was a prominent visitor to the Schlau in-house exhibition 2015, who presented his first children's collection “Dieter 4 Kid'Z” on March 8th at the exhibition center in Bad Salzuflen. In the RTL interview, the proud father of 6 children gives surprising insights into children, artists, merchants and careers.

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The Einstein riddle is: "Who has a fish as a pet?" For 98 percent of the world's population, the riddle invented by Albert Einstein is said to be unsolvable.

This application questionnaire from McDonalds was really filled out and the applicant was actually hired!

In the quiz show "Go all out!" the candidate has the choice between three goals if there is only one main prize. What goal is the main prize behind?

A company gets a new boss who is known for his toughness. On the first day in the company, the new boss is shown through the offices. The boss sees a man leaning relaxed against the wall in the hallway.

A wealthy Bedouin had 4 sons. When he died, he bequeathed them 39 camels to be divided up.

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