Did Jesus believe in evolution

God or Darwin?

All animal and plant species developed very gradually. Says the biologist Charles Darwin. God created all living beings ready-made. Says the Bible. Who is right now? The Bible, say some Christians, so-called creationists, with a survey

Did God make the whale on the fourth day?

Recently, a minister responsible for culture and schools in Hesse spoke of "astonishing similarities" between the theory of evolution and the creation story of the Bible. For this she received a lot of criticism. Why? Quite simply: Because the teaching of the legendary biologist Charles Darwin and the representation in the Old Testament not at all to match. That is why the Englishman Darwin, the "inventor" of the theory of evolution, was already heavily attacked in his day. Is it allowed to question the Bible?

Charles Darwin was concerned with the question of how all the different animal and plant species that populate the whole world could have come about. He couldn't quite believe that all species, including man, were created by God as we know them today. Darwin didn't know anything about genes or how inheritance works exactly. But he was certain: Species emerge very gradually, over millennia and millions of years. He called this process evolution (from Latin evolve, develop).

Did God make the whale on the fourth day of creation?

The church people protested. They felt that Darwin's teaching contradicted the Bible. Because the Bible says that on the fourth day of creation God brought many of the animal species known today into the world: "God created great whales and all animals ... and all feathered birds, each according to his kind." (1. Book of Moses) And later he created man. Darwin saw it differently: He was convinced that humans and apes have common ancestors - which annoyed many Christians. Related to monkeys and humans? No way!

And the whale? Today we know that the whales were originally land animals that discovered a new habitat, the oceans. And that already many millions of years ago.

Is the earth only 6000 years old?

In the meantime the waves have calmed down a bit. Even the Pope basically agrees with Darwin's theory of evolution. But especially in America there are still people today, so-called creationists (English creation = Creation) who only shake their heads at Darwin's teaching. In the American state of Ohio there is even a creationist museum: the "Creation Museum" shows, among other things, 70 models of dinosaurs. There is also the information that God made the dinosaurs, like the other "animals of the field", on the sixth day of creation. Not sooner and not later. Because that's what the Bible says.

There are wide variations in exactly what creationists believe. Some creationists take the Bible literally, believing that the earth and all life was created not long ago. October 23, 4004 to be precise. 4004 of course in front Birth of christ. The date is not in the Bible, but it can be deduced from the Bible texts, they say.

Creationists who don't take the Bible quite literally give creation a little more time. What they all have in common is that they reject Darwin's theory of evolution and believe that God created everything. Or at least had a hand in it.

The creationists want to reach as many people as possible with their message. That is why they are committed to ensuring that the biblical doctrine of creation is also dealt with in biology classes. Especially in America. Pages in school books that deal with evolution have even been glued together or removed there.

But we haven't got that far in Germany yet. In the vast majority of schools, great care is taken to include religion in religion classes and science in biology classes. Even if the Minister of Culture of Hesse doesn't think that's a good thing.