How do I wish someone a happy birthday

Birthday wishes: 5 tips + 45 examples of birthday wishes

Writing special birthday wishes that come from the heart is not that easy. After all, the birthday child receives numerous gifts and congratulations. We will help you if you want to stand out from the crowd of birthday cards and birthday wishes.

Write a happy birthday - but do it right

There are already numerous "ready-made" birthday poems, sayings and quotes. An independently formulated text with individual birthday wishes is usually the better option. Give the birthday boy a joy that comes from the heart. We will give you valuable tips on what to consider when writing birthday wishes and how you can write your own birthday sayings.

The right time for birthday wishes

Happy birthday: the right time

The right time to congratulate is of course on the same day. So if you want to send a card, you should make sure that it arrives on time. It's best to send them off a few days in advance. Better too early than too late. In the event that your letter or card arrives too early, just write on the envelope: “Birthday mail! Please open on [insert date]. "

Even if the person doesn't celebrate their birthday until the weekend or even a month later, you should congratulate them on the actual birthday date. The magic of the birthday arises from the fact that this special day is honored and the circle of friends and family thinks of the birthday child. The subsequent celebration, which most people hold, is just the icing on the cake.

When the birthday was forgotten

Sometimes you forget a birthday. This is not necessarily ideal, but you shouldn't do without congratulations entirely out of shame. After all, you would be happy to receive a nice birthday card when it arrives a few days later. There are a few ways to humorously wrap belated birthday wishes. Either you get yourself a card that discusses your delay, or you even relate your saying or text to it. Of course, you can also make a card yourself and think of the humorous inscription for the card yourself.

Tip: For example, you could draw a snail on a card and write “I'm sorry for the belated birthday wishes” in a speech bubble. If you want to make this motif a little more complex, you can paint a cake in the snail's hand and paint a sign with “aim” through which it crawls.

Personal relationship

Before saying a happy birthday, you should be clear about your personal relationship with the respective person. This ratio determines the degree of honesty, emotion and the effort involved in the design. These key questions will help you assess the relationship as personal or distant:

  • Where have we met?
  • How long do we know each other?
  • Did we have an important moment together?
  • How grateful am I for this contact?

Congratulations to family and friends

Birthday wishes in the family

You can pour your heart out to loved ones on their birthday. Think back to moments you shared or describe why you are grateful to have this person in your life. What has changed for you and which qualities do you particularly like about her? If you take a closer look at the individual character traits, you will also find writing easier. We'll give you more valuable tips later on how to write your own birthday sayings. When it comes to designing your card, you can let your imagination run wild with people you trust.

Happy birthday to work colleagues

Congratulating work colleagues or the boss on their birthday is not that unusual. However, if you are employed in a large office, you obviously cannot send a card to everyone. Anyone who had a birthday on the weekend or is even at work that day will probably tell their work colleagues when it is their birthday or bring a cake or sweets with them. As a rule, congratulations are only given personally. It is also a nice gesture when it is the boss's birthday and the whole team gives him a card that everyone has signed on.

If you still want to send individual cards, hold back with “funny” birthday sayings, unusual cards and black humor. This way you don't endanger the employment relationship and you are still attentive. If you are in a distant relationship, you can also use the tried and tested phrases as birthday wishes.


When writing a happy birthday, you can be honest. Don't be afraid to show emotions to close friends or relatives. You will be happy about an honest - and above all unexpected - change from all the typical birthday phrases. In contrast, you should be more careful with acquaintances, work colleagues or superiors. Of course, you can also have a relaxed, friendly relationship with work colleagues. Note, however, that less emotion is required in professional contacts.

Design of your birthday wishes

There are many ways to make your birthday wishes more personal and individual. Always keep an eye on what the birthday child might be happy about.

Typical birthday motifs

Surely you know the classic symbols like balloons, cakes, candles and gifts. But lucky symbols, animals, floral patterns and much, much more can also be used as a great motif for a birthday card. It is a special highlight if you design an older photo of the birthday child as a card. Or you look for a picture of the two of you that you like a lot. In the age of the digital photo world, it is nice to hold a solid picture in your hand.

Other languages

To design your card and create variety, you can also include birthday messages in other languages. Not only are they a good space filler, but they also make your card stand out from others. To make it easier for you to find suitable sayings in foreign languages, we have a few examples for you later. It is particularly empathetic when you know that the birthday child grew up speaking a foreign language and that you allow this language to flow into it.

Birthday greetings by card, WhatsApp, email or social media?

Birthday wishes via WhatsApp ...?

Depending on your age group and personal relationship, you can decide which medium you would like to use to send your birthday wishes. For the older generation, it is of course better to bring a card with you when visiting the birthday party or to send one. If the personal relationship is not so close, it can also be a WhatsApp message. Emails can get busy and many people don't check their mailboxes regularly. For this reason, you should avoid emailing unless you know that the person is really online every day. You will certainly make people with whom you are particularly familiar with a call a pleasure. You can also congratulate more casual acquaintances via social media.

A card offers the most design options to personalize your birthday wishes. You can make them completely yourself or draw festive motifs on a purchased card. Stickers or photos on the card are also a nice eye-catcher. With WhatsApp or social media, you should definitely use emoticons so that your message does not lose its birthday mood despite digital transmission. These smileys are suitable: All happy faces, balloons, gifts, confetti, cakes, cakes with candles, hearts, stars, shamrocks, sparkling wine, beer, wine and everything that you personally associate with the birthday child.

Birthday wishes

What can you actually wish for the birthday child? The birthday wishes for the new year look actually similar every year. Health, happiness, love, the best, the most beautiful, lots of gifts, a great day, a nice celebration and so on. But how can you come up with individual wishes that are not on every card?

First of all, don't let all the good wishes anticipate you by buying a card whose cover already lists countless birthday wishes. Then think about what you really wish for the birthday person. Maybe everything didn't go quite smoothly in the old year of life or a difficult decision is imminent. Perhaps the course has been discontinued and you would like to provide support with your card. Or a strenuous phase of the job search is imminent and you wish a lot of strength for it. Highlight your mutual connection, show appreciation, and offer your help.


Look, you've grown up! In the new year of your life - I am sure - you will find your dream job. I wish you a lot of time, patience and success. If you need help, I am always there for you.
The old year is now a thing of the past
I can’t believe it when I see you.
The new year will bring better things
and as long as I want to sing for you:
"Happy Birthday to you,
love you and listen to you. "

I wish you the courage to keep going and I hope that you will always turn to me in the new year of your life. I believe in you and I am proud of you. Happy Birthday.

Write birthday wishes yourself

Write birthday sayings yourself

Writing birthday sayings yourself sounds difficult at first. There are different strategies how everyone can manage to write a few nice sayings as a happy birthday. We'll show you how to do it in the next few chapters.


The very first step in expressing your birthday wishes in a saying is brainstorming. Here you can just start typing wildly. What do you think of when you think of a birthday and which words do you associate with the person whose birthday is? First, collect all the ideas. You can then cluster and sort out later. How do you celebrate your birthday? We have collected a few examples of typical birthday associations for you here:

Birthday child, cake, coffee, cake, gifts, balloons, clothing, vouchers, money, singing, family, friends, food, sparkling wine, wine, soup, barbecue, restaurant, party, celebration, music, preparation time, invitations, guests, serenade, Birthday songs, surprise, candles

Unpack, pack, laugh, sing, eat, drink, toast, dance, celebrate, give, bake, cook, prepare, surprise, invite, celebrate, wish, blow out

loud, beautiful, delicious, happy, funny, laughing, delicious, sunny, musical, harmonious, loving, packed, solemn


It is your birthday.
your guests sing birthday songs
you blow out the candles
there are gifts
it's full in your house.

I wish you
a laugh on this sunny day.
Let yourself be celebrated and let it rip!

The letter technique

Whether as a happy birthday, Mother's Day or a new baby - the letter technique is suitable for almost every occasion and will certainly help you overcome writer's block and accelerate your writing process. All you need is the name of the person whose birthday is or you can use a word that you associate with a birthday (for example “gift”, “balloon” or “cake”). Another option would be to choose a word to associate with your gift (for example, “photo frame”, “voucher”, “bike”).

So in order to write small birthday sayings yourself, you can use the letters as a guide. Your word, phrase or sentence should always start with the letter whose line you are currently in. Thematically, the content of these little sayings can be based on the birthday child, your gift or the birthday itself. But you can actually write anything that you would like to say to the recipient. Here are two examples:

T - You like cakes, that's why I baked these for you
O - You should eat them without a guilty conscience
R. - Roses are your favorite flowers, so they will decorate your cake
T - This day should be a dream for you
E. - I just wish you all the best and all the best!

M. - fashionable
O - neat
N - never too late
A. - adventurous

Create rhymes

Birthday sayings don't have to rhyme, but rhymes can help you formulate them. If you haven't found any rhymes that go together while brainstorming, write down individual words and first look for rhymes for them. Then you can assemble your sentences more easily. Common rhyme schemes are AABB, ABAB, and ABBA. You can of course rhyme or not rhyme with your own saying as you want. If you can't find a suitable rhyme, it can help to simply use something called “impure rhyme” (for example: hope - cook).


Birthday dance: Lichterglanz, Hans and Franz, completely

I'm looking forward to a birthday dance
with you and every Hans and Franz,
who comes to you that day.
So many congratulations in the glow of the lights
that only shines on you - fully and completely.

Birthday sayings - 8 examples

If you want to write birthday sayings yourself, the following examples can certainly help you. They give you an overview of the birthday motif and help you with the inspiration you need to write.

  1. 365 days of joy, always be in as good a mood as today, 8760 hours in good health and that the sun always shines for you, 525 600 minutes of happiness and contentment, always have a good time.
    We wish you all of this for your party. Only the best for you.
  2. You think just because it's your birthday today makes you special? Not true, you are always special!
  3. From today you can decide for yourself:
    What do I want to do, what do I stop?
    You can drive a car, vote,
    have to stand up for everything yourself.
    You will still make some mistakes
    still don't lose your laugh.
    But if you seek advice and are concerned,
    think of home ’the door is always open for you.
  4. You will be 30 years old today,
    which we all warmly enjoy.
    Health, happiness, contentment,
    we wish you for a long time.
    You are needed, loved, valued
    because there is no one to replace you.
  5. Wow, you are already 18 years old
    life is now the real thing.
    Have the courage to try it out
    and don't be afraid to lose.
    You can hope for my support
    I'll cook for you at 18 too.
  6. Health, happiness, contentment,
    I wish you that for all time,
    on top of that there's a kiss,
    because it has to be easy now.
  7. One year older, don't be mad.
    You only get more mature and also smarter.
  8. Even if I don't always say it
    I really know what I got about you
    Keep thinking don't forget
    we need you.
    The best birthday wishes and all the best for the new year!

Birthday sayings in other languages ​​- 18 examples

Birthday wishes in other languages

Birthday greetings in a foreign language have several advantages: On the one hand, they can make the birthday child feel at home if they have family ties to the country in question or if they grew up multilingual. On the other hand, they add value to your card by making it clear that you have really given yourself some thought and they are a great filler if you find your self-written text too short and you can’t think of anything.


  1. Happy birthday - happy birthday
  2. All the best for you - All the best for you
  3. Health, happiness and love


  1. Happy birthday - Joyeux anniversaire
  2. All the best / good luck to you - Bonne chance à toi
  3. Health, happiness and love - Santé, bonheur et amour


  1. Happy birthday - Feliz cumpleaños
  2. All the best / good luck to you - Buena suerte para ti
  3. Health, happiness and love - Salud, felicidad y amor


  1. Happy birthday - Buon compleanno
  2. All the best / good luck to you - Buona fortuna a te
  3. Health, happiness and love - Salute, felicità e amore


  1. Happy birthday - Feliz aniversario
  2. All the best / good luck to you - Boa sorte para você
  3. Health, happiness and love - Saúde, felicidade e amor


  1. Happy birthday - Wszystkiego najlepszego
  2. All the best / good luck to you - Powodzenia dla ciebie
  3. Health, happiness and love - Zdrowie, szczęście i miłość

Short birthday poems - 8 examples

You can also express a happy birthday with a poem. Sometimes they are similar to birthday sayings, but as a rule they are worded more ambitiously and usually convey a clear message. The Proverbs Guide can also help you write poetry. But well-known poems for a birthday can also be wonderfully written on a card. Make sure, however, that you don't just write the poem on the card. A small self-written text should always be found in it.

Joy should never be silent.
Joy should show itself openly.
Joy should laugh, shine and sing.
Joy should give thanks for a lifetime.
Joy should shudder through your soul.
Joy should continue to vibrate.
Joy should last
A life long.

(Joachim Ringelnatz, 1883-1934)

For the bon vivant -
who always asks about others
himself never complains,
is always happy
Friends never forget
stands his master in life
and sometimes it goes all out -
We would like to say to him today:
Stay like this in all situations!

Everything falls into place and comes true
just have to be able to expect it
and your happiness becoming
Allow plenty of years and fields.

Until one day you will that
feel the ripe scent of the grains
and rise up and the harvest
lead into the deep storages.

Christian Morgenstern (1871-1914)

I don't want to choose my wishes for long
I humbly wish two things:
You shall count fifty more days like this
and always I'll be there!

Eduard Möricke (1804-1875)

What is imperfect
that should be perfect;
because only to become
not for being, we are on earth.
(Friedrich Rückert, 1788-1866)

Become what you are not yet
Stay what you already are
In this staying and this becoming
Everything beautiful lies here on earth.
(Franz Grillparzer, 1798-1872)

Tell yourself what to wish for you
I don't know anything to think up.
You have a full kitchen and cellar,
nothing is missing in your closets.

(Friedrich Schiller)

Between the old one
Between the new
Here to look forward to
Gives us happiness
And the past
That means with confidence
To look forward
Look back.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Birthday quotes - 11 examples

Birthday quotes are a great addition to the actual congratulations. They deal with wisdom that applies to everyone and explains the meaning of life. As they are generally not particularly personal, but generally applicable, they are very suitable for business partners, work colleagues or other professional contacts. Another advantage is that a quote can easily fill a noticeably empty space on the card. In the following we have collected a few examples for you.

  1. Don't count the years in our life
    it is life that counts in our years.
    (Adlai E. Stevenson)
  2. Anyone who retains the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old.
    (Franz Kafka)
  3. The birthday is the echo of time.
    (Evelyn Waugh)
  4. The first 40 years of our life provide the text, the following 30 the commentary on it.
    (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  5. Every gift is welcomed, but above all: May you succeed in what you strive for.
    (Wilhelm Busch)
  6. Say for yourself what I should wish you, I don't know what to think of. You have a full kitchen and cellar, nothing is missing in your cupboards.
    (Friedrich von Schiller)
  7. Growing old is like climbing a mountain: the higher you climb, the more the forces dwindle - but the further you see.
    (Ingmar Bergman)
  8. As long as you can admire and love, you are always young.
    (Pau Casals)
  9. The secret of happiness is to count the high points of life instead of birthdays.
    (Mark Twain)
  10. Everyone wants to get old, but nobody wants to be.
    (Gustav Knuth)
  11. Women ask the impossible: I should forget my age but always remember their birthday.
    (Karl Farkas)
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