How much does CPL cost

How much does it cost to get from a PPL license to a CPL license? And how much a CPL?

Hello to all SPL / PPL / glider pilots,

In 2012, at a fairly young age, I made my SPL for aerodynamically controlled microlight aircraft. The problems:

  • Sloppy flight log, often forgetting to enter flights
  • No check flights made with instructors
  • Back then it was a dream come true, but no money, so it flown extremely little for several years
  • License expired in summer 2017 (since 2015 a permanent one has been introduced, but I have not applied for it and therefore have to prove flight hours etc. in order to get them)
  • Due to several changes of residence in Germany in the meantime, generally few flight hours, below the legal minimum

What can I do to reactivate my license? Apparently I flew several times without a valid license because I only recently realized all this, including the expiry date of the ticket.

Is a practical test flight compulsory or is it legally possible to catch up on the missing flight lessons with a flight instructor and do a test flight with him in order to apply for the new license?

I know that a lot of things are not ok and were careless, but I would like to reactivate my hobby.

I would favor the latter option, as it would then be about 8 hours of flight time that I could carry out on 3 days with a flight order; I would currently not trust myself to take an exam.

With best regards