Are handguns or revolvers the most powerful weapon

Cyberpunk 2077: The Best Legendary Weapons & Where To Find Them

We'll show you how to ideally expand your arsenal.

You get tons of weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. Some of them have the special property iconic. This means that they not only have unique properties, but can also usually be upgraded to a higher rarity level through crafting if they are not yet legendary.

In total, there are dozens of iconic guns in the game, and each one is useful in its own way. However, we have grown particularly fond of a few, be it due to their unique effects, the very high damage, or because they chew your ear off during a fight.

There are these types of weapons: Power, tech and smart
Tech weapons can be charged by holding the shot button. So you not only cause more damage, but can also fire through walls. Smart weapons, assuming the right cyberware, chase the enemy with their bullets. Power weapons not only penetrate enemies and objects, but their bullets also ricochet off walls, so that you can catch enemies with ricochets.

Directly to the individual weapon types:

The best revolver

Here the choice was very difficult. Revolvers are great guns in their own right, and the range of iconic models is good.


What Archangel doesn't do with one shot is stunned.

Type: Power revolver

Special: Deals electrical damage and has a chance to stun targets. An additional bonus is the Archangel's reduced recoil.

Location: You will receive the weapon from Kerry when you complete the quest A Like Supreme. For this you have to complete part of the quests about Johnny Silverhand.

The revolver is a monster. The electrical damage is a great bonus that robots can usually do with one shot in the neck. The reduced recoil is also quickly noticeable.

The best pistol

Here we have a real cracker for you. And no, it's not Johnny Silverhand's pistol. It looks more like a children's toy against our winner.


Skippy is in an alley in Heywood.

Now you not only have the best weapon in the game, but also someone to talk to. Besides Johnny, of course.

Type: Smart gun

Special: Scale with your level, only give headshots and talk to you.

Location: At a quest marker in Vista del Rey, Heywood.

If you find Skippy he'll talk to you. He asks you the question of whether you want to set the mode "ice cold killer" (only distributes headshots) or "bunny-loving pacifist" (only fires on the legs). Take the one you don't want in the long run, because Skippy cheekily forces you into the other mode after 50 kills. This cannot be reversed for the rest of the game. Otherwise it scales with your level and you never have to upgrade it. And as if that wasn't enough, you even get a quest from him where you meet his old owner. There you can then decide whether you want to sell or keep Skippy.

The best submachine gun

Here we have chosen a weapon that you can get very easily.


You can find the right quest in Watson

With Fenrir you set entire groups of enemies on fire.

Type: Power submachine gun

Special: Decreased dispersion and damage. Has a chance to set opponents on fire. Instead, increased recoil.

Location: Watson, Northside. Help a monk there with the quest Losing My Religion. The gun is next to his brother in the warehouse.

Fenrir has served us well throughout. Burning enemies die very quickly and panic from the flames. This will keep them from moving and you can give them the rest. Incidentally, you don't notice the increased recoil at all.

The best assault rifle

If you would like to fire at five opponents at the same time and also poison them, then prepare yourself for a shooting competition.

Divided We Stand

The shooting competition takes place in Santo Domingo.

Directly aim at five enemies with this smart weapon.

Type: Smart assault rifle

Special: Targets up to five opponents. Inflicts chemical damage with a chance of poison.

Location: In Santo Domingo there is the side quest Stadium Love. Win the shooting competition and you will receive the weapon as a reward. Alternatively, you can kill everyone present and then serve yourself.

You have to try the weapon once to understand how powerful it is. Stand in front of a group of opponents and hold the trigger. The rest is history.

The best shotgun

The advantage of shotguns is that they can get rid of a ton of bullets in a short amount of time. Our favorite takes this advantage and simply doubles it.

The Headsman

You have to get close because of the scattering, but once you pull the trigger, grass will no longer grow.

Type: Power shotgun

Special: Double the number of projectiles per shot, increased chance of crippling and causing bleeding, faster reload. In return, however, a smaller magazine and high distribution.

Location: You have to make the weapon yourself. The recipe can be found in the east of North Oak at a side activity where you have to dismantle a robot factory.

More bullets, more bleeding, quick reloads. What's not to love about this shotgun. The increased dispersion is hardly noticeable when you get up close and personal with opponents, and that's what this type of weapon is made for.

The best sniper rifle

The choice here was easy. Not only is this rifle very easy to get, you can do it all with a single hit.


Other rifles like the Widowmaker may have more punch, but the Overwatch's silencer is second to none.

Type: Power sniper rifle

Special: Has a silencer

Location: In the side quest Riders on the Storm. You will receive the weapon from Panam after you save Saul.

It is best to use the ping hack so that your opponent can see through walls. Then put on and do all of them one by one. Through the silencer, they don't even notice that their comrades have been switched off.

The best katana

There are a lot of great katana out there. But one thing stands out.


Together with the right cyberware, the katana becomes a real killer machine.

Type: Katana

Special: While Kerenzikov Cyberware is active, you have a 100% critical hit chance. Also, the final hit on your combo does double damage. In addition, there is bonus damage against anyone who has more health than you.

Location: During the main quest Play It Save you can get the sword from Oda.

Do we need to say more after describing the special? 100% crit, double damage and bonus damage. No more questions, your honor.

The best melee weapon

Yes, we are aware that katanas are also melee weapons. But they differ so much from the rest of the weapons that they have been given their own category. Also, blunt weapons scale with body, not reflex. So our favorite here is also a blunt weapon.

Gold-plated baseball bat

The bat is easy to miss in the many conversations during the quest.

Type: Two-handed club

Special: High chance of causing bleeding and low chance of numbing.

Location: Follow the Johnny Silverhand quest series up to the quest Second Conflict. There you can find the bat in the cemented pool.

The bleeding effects caused by the racket are doubly practical. Not only do you do more damage, but you can also take the talents with you from the blade tree that heal you if you bleed. They don't need a blade to trigger.

You can also get some iconic weapons through romances. You can find out which ones are possible here:

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