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Fair Rubber e.V. - PROLANA partner for natural rubber

Natural rubber (also called natural latex) is the most important raw material for PROLANA mattresses, but it is also required for other PROLANA products.
The idea of ​​fair trade is one of the company's core values, which is why it is important to PROLANA to give the primary producers of natural rubber, i.e. rubber tappers, plantation workers and smallholders, the opportunity to participate in fair trade.

PROLANA is a founding member of Fair Rubber e.V. whose aim is to improve the living and working conditions of the primary producers of natural rubber. For every kilogram of natural rubber, PROLANA pays a fair trade premium (EUR 0.50 / kg DRC - Dry Rubber Content = proportion of the rubber in the 'latex milk'). This fair trade bonus is not a donation, but an additional income for tappers, plantation workers and small farmers, who decide for themselves which projects they want to finance. For this purpose, a committee of employee representatives is elected on the plantation involved in the Fair Rubber project, the 'Joint Body'. Representatives of the plantation management have an advisory function: a playground, for example, can only be created if the plantation management provides a piece of land for it; management often also helps with the logistics and billing of the projects. In the case of smallholders, the board of the group decides.
For PROLANA and Fair Rubber e.V., protecting the environment and doing business sustainably are important criteria.
The fair trade premium paid by PROLANA through Fair Rubber e.V. has enabled the producers to implement a number of sometimes very extensive projects.
We invite you to get to know the life of natural rubber producers and their families and the work of Fair Rubber e.V. better on the PROLANA background pages.