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Salad & Calories: These 7 traps make it a calorie bomb

Caution: Even greenery can make you fat!

The warm weather is already in the starting blocks, but the figure for tops, t-shirts and shorts is still a long time coming ?! The solution: the plate of pasta against one large portion of salad To deceive?! It doesn't work out - at least if you fall into the following 7 traps, yours Salad calories en masse gets!

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Cheese in salad: calories from fat

Feta, mozzarella, Brie, Gouda, Parmesan ... Cheese is a very popular ingredient in many salads, but it has it all: Gouda, for example, delivers around 350 calories and 27 grams of fat per 100 grams, Even parmesan over 400 calories and 29 grams of fat! Despite the cheese-rich salad in the Calorie deficit staying, which you absolutely need to lose weight, can quickly become difficult.

Better:Naturally take low-calorie and low-fat varieties like cottage cheese.

Fat risk meat

At first glance, meat looks like the ideal Fat killer foods: A lot of protein, few carbohydrates, very filling. Chicken in particular is used to Lose weight recommended again and again. The problem: in the salad is often breaded or fried poultry meat used and it's gone with the top nutritional values. Also greasier ham or fried Bacon are not exactly the best choice when it comes to your calorie balance.

Better: Lean ham take or grilled chicken strips put in the salad. You should generally stay away from breaded meat.

Calorie Trap Dressing

Which one would you like: French dressing, vinegar oil or would you prefer American ?! Unfortunately, all of this is not a good choice, because dressings turn every healthy and calorie-conscious salad into a real one Fat bombs become! Most of the time they are up Base of mayo, crème fraîche or cream or sweetened with sugar. Particularly nasty: Ready-made dressings from the supermarket are also available as Light products, but the additives such as sweeteners or flavor enhancers are suspected of stimulating the appetite. And even if oil contains very healthy fats - it is and remains one of the richest in caloriesFood absolutely.

Better: Only dose oil sparingly and Mix the dressings yourself instead of using finished products. Mustard, yoghurt or sour cream are significantly lower-calorie alternatives to cream and the like! If you eat in the restaurant, you can have yours Salad without dressing order and ask for vinegar and oil or have the dressing brought to you separately, then your vegetables will not swim in unnecessary calories.

Also interesting: Eating healthy in the restaurant, ordering healthy food.

Side dish to the salad: calories from the bread basket

Is served with every salad in the restaurant: a basket with Pizza rolls or baguette slicesand herb butter or aioli. And in all honesty, when fragrant, maybe even warm bread in bite-sized pieces is placed in front of your nose - who can say no ?! Stupid for your figure, because with every bite you fill up with simple carbohydrates that yours Insulin levels soar that Fat burning inhibit and make you hungry again after a short time. In combination with aioli or herb butter, you can still charge tons of fat and calories additionally. It doesn't have to be!

The perfect match: insulin.

Better: Out of sight, out of mind Order the bread basket before it even lands on your table. If you are at home and a piece of bread is part of the salad for you, nothing speaks against a slice Whole grain bread. For example, instead of the herb butter that was left over, you can low-fat cream cheese or cottage cheese to take.

Ingredients check for salad: calories also in healthy ingredients

Avocado, nuts, salmon, sunflower seeds ... all ingredients that exceedingly healthy are, no question, because they deliver you healthy fatty acids and high quality protein. But unfortunately they also increase your calorie budget quite a bit!

Better: You don't have to leave out your favorites, not even in the diet - just dose them sparingly and instead pimp your salad with others filling protein suppliers such as hard-boiled eggs, tuna in their own juice or legumes every kind.

Endless calories in a salad: antipasti

At first glance healthy, at second a true one Calorie bomb: Antipasti. Because behind it is nothing other than vegetables floating in oil, which usually do not contain many vitamins. It is super delicious and has a lot of taste, but if 100 grams of sun-dried tomatoes, olives, artichokes, aubergines, zuccini and Co. in oil are easy over 250 calories and some of it may be filled with cream cheese cream or something, then you can add up that yours Salad calories without end gets…

Better: Very easily lots of fresh vegetables without fillings!

Calorie Bomb Salad: Croutons

They are small, square and look quite innocent: croutons are popular as Topping sprinkled over the salad. But have you ever wondered what you are actually eating and how it is made ?! Croutons are nothing more than white bread or baguette - But not only does what I just explained to you about the bread basket apply, but croutons are also made roasted in plenty of oil - they soak up fat like a sponge and have as good as no fiber more - just empty calories.

Better: Omitting! Anyone who misses this "crunch" feeling can a tablespoon of nuts or kernels Sprinkle over the salad.

Ready-made salad: (Not) an alternative

Instead of doing it yourself, you like to grab one for lunch finished salad in the supermarket?! Or order a Caprese or Caesar Salad from the Italian restaurant around the corner ?! This can also end very quickly in a small calorie disaster - here in the calorie table I have a few for you popular salads compiled. And consider - the values ​​are per 100 grams. With a large salad plate, a lot comes together quickly!

  • Cheese salad: 212 calories
  • Pasta salad: 192 calories
  • Insalata Caprese: 178 calories
  • Caesar Salad: 164 calories
  • Layered salad: 120 calories

Salad recipes: this is how you do it better

You wonder how you do the Keeping the calories in check in the salad can without compromising on taste? Then try the following one healthy salad recipes:

What are yours Favourite recipes? And which one saladCalories or not - you just can't do without ?! Write me!

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