Why do people have personal blogs

Listening, writing, telling - my very personal pleasure

I am currently sorting and revising posts from all of my blogs and adding new ones from time to time. Under my name I write in the style of the narrator. Reports of encounters with people with strong characters in special places. Up-to-dateness is not important because the articles have a longer shelf life.

Pictures complete my stories. This is reflected, for example, in blog posts about my “radio years in Belgium” or a “flight over the Mieminger Almenland” with the rescue pilots from “Christophorus 5”. Maybe also the stories from my hometown in the Eifel, the “Karolingerstadt Prüm” and “My father's jacket”.

There is also a lot to tell from my Tyrolean years in my blog. They reveal the closeness to the people I was able to experience there. The feeling of being one of them has remained to this day.

My contribution on the last Mieming book may make that a little clear. I wrote the story of how a book reached the village community back in September 2011. From today's perspective, around ten years ago. For Mieminger it reads as up-to-date as it did on the day of publication.

History and stories - the new Mieming book is fun

I especially remember the experience with Scharmer Anna from Obermieming, who is well over 90 years old. One day the former alpine farmer called me from my neighborhood and said “I was on the Hochfeldern Alm. Everything is new there now. But they need a picture of the old Felderalpe in their most beautiful room. I would like to give this to you as a present. Will you help me? ”- The phone call turned into a deep story: Picture with a story for the Feldernalm - From the Scharmer Anna's family castle.

I always write in my own language. We radio people call this a "living language". To be understood and with respect for the people I meet. Language that excludes doesn't suit me. With the photographer's gaze, I try to put what has been written into the picture. If they succeed, my pictures tell their own stories.

In many of the pictures the faces of “my people” speak their own language. As in the photo of Gerhard Wiggins, a Partenkirchner, who has been successfully looking after the Seeben Alm near Ehrwald with his family for years. On behalf of the alpine farmers from Untermieming. The photo belongs to the story "Freilichtbühne Seeben Alm":

Seeben Alm open-air stage - Alpine cattle and hikers eye to eye

"And? - Who is reading this ...? ”I have been asked several times. As a rule, I reply that I cannot assess it that much. However, I assume that the individual contributions will only be read by people who are interested in the content.

Anyone who accompanies me on my “path of reflection in Ruhpolding” is guided by different moods than someone who deals with “radio history in Germany”. It is the same with interested companions who look over my shoulder while looking at an exhibition. As with the exhibition “Tyrolean woodworkers on season in Bavaria” in Chiemgau.

I don't make any money with my stories. Not even with the photos. Every now and then you ask whether pictures can be taken over? If everything fits together, I agree to such requests.

Anyone who reads my posts, regardless of which blog I have published, is always welcome. I assure you that everything is "handmade". My digital publications are also published technically in-house. That makes it easier.

The frequently asked question why I “blog” can only be answered subjectively. I like to blog because I can write my own stories and learn a lot about my environment.

I am happy when someone gives me their personal opinion on what has been written. Even if his comment does not correspond to my view of things.

May one or the other contribution that you find with me be worth reading for you. I would also like to take a look at your blog if you would like to introduce me to it.

Thank you for your interest and stay interested in what is happening in society.