Are the Dutch special forces good

The investigation into the mysterious case of a family who has lived in isolation for years is now focused on the Austrian tenant of the farm. The examining magistrate ordered the 58-year-old man to be detained for 14 days on Thursday afternoon. On suspicion of illegal imprisonment. Meanwhile, a special police unit digitally recorded all rooms in the remote courtyard in the east Dutch village of Ruinerwold in order to get a complete overview. The investigators announced this on Twitter.

In the house on Buitenhuizerweg, a homestead in the middle of uncultivated fields, a father and his six now grown children are said to have lived in a small room since 2010. At first there was talk of a cellar, but the courtyard has no cellar. Investigators have not yet published any evidence that they were being held there against their will.

In general, much is still completely unclear in this case: Dutch media report that the family is a member of the sect "Unification Church" of the Korean Moon. The Austrian should also be a member there. But the sect in Austria contradicted this, as the news agency APA reported. The Austrian's brother said that Kronen newspaperthat Josef B. was with a sect. "He felt better to himself than Jesus." However, according to his own statement, the man has not had any contact with his brother for ten years.

Josef B. moved from Vienna to the Netherlands in 2010, it is said there. The picture-The newspaper quoted the boss of Josef B. Allegedly he had worked as a carpenter in a shipyard for years, but disappeared every afternoon for four hours to work in the garden at home.

After more than nine years suddenly active on the Internet again

According to a former neighbor, the Austrian and the father of the family had been friends for a good 15 years. They also jointly owned a toy shop in nearby Zwartsluis. The shop, which has been closed for years, was searched by police on Wednesday evening. Another of the father's premises had also been searched. The police initially did not want to disclose the results of the searches.

Clues about the family also come from a son's posts on social media. The 25-year-old asked for help in the village pub on Monday. After a break of more than nine years, he was suddenly active on the Internet again. Judging by his entries, he had planned to move out of the courtyard for a long time. According to him, the mother of the family died in 2004.