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Writing a birthday card - tips, tricks and text examples

365 days - sounds like a lot of time, but it's over so quickly. You have just written a birthday card and now the special day is just around the corner, and with it the writing of the greeting card. It can be difficult to formulate happy, funny and beautiful birthday wishes every year. This article makes this work easier for you with countless suggestions and text examples. Even in the event that a birthday is forgotten, we have elegant formulations ready.

From a New Year's card to a birthday card

The challenge of writing a birthday card is not new: the greeting card for a personal honorary day was a popular document as early as the 18th and 19th centuries. But its story begins in the early 14th century - in the form of the New Year's card. The beginning of the year was a particularly popular time to give each other presents, which is proven by the first traditional greeting card - a New Year's card from 1415.

Congratulations - only for the upper class

One difference to today stands out in connection with the first birthday cards: In the 18th and 19th centuries, only the upper classes of society were able to enjoy written birthday wishes. The reason for this was the high production costs of the cards. In addition, these were only sent if the recipient was unable to convey the congratulations personally. The processes for producing cards were also a lot more complex, as mass production was still a long way off.

Copper engraving and woodcut - the most common printing processes

One of the most common methods was what are known as copperplate engravings. The motif was scratched into a copper plate and printed on paper with the help of the lines and a roller press. From a good original, around 500 to 600 prints were made. The disadvantage: The quality of the prints decreased every time, as the lines lost more and more of their depth. Another common method was the so-called woodcut. Cutting out the motif from a wooden board and leaving the areas to be printed standing makes this process think of a stamp. As one of the cheapest methods, woodcut was also often used for birthday cards.

Card bought quickly - words written slowly

Today people from all walks of life can enjoy written birthday wishes. The production of the cards has also become a lot easier. One difficulty, however, has remained: the annual creation of the map without repeating the choice of words. But don't worry: the following sections provide tips and text examples.

A form of address just in case

The right salutation must not be missing on any card. There are practically no limits to your choice, there are no fixed rules. Nevertheless, it is important to be clear about your own relationship with the birthday child. If the recipient is a family member, the family relationship can be included in the salutation in addition to the first name. For example, the card text for the aunt can begin with “Dear Aunt Anna”. In the case of parents and grandparents, the first name is often completely dispensed with and only the family relationship is mentioned, for example “Dear Papa”. In the case of good friends, the first name or a nickname is suitable for the salutation; in the case of work colleagues or distant acquaintances, phrases such as "Dear Anniversary" are suitable. A detailed list of the salutation options can be found here:

Close relatives and friends:

Dear birthday child

Dear mum

My dearest brother

My dear / My dear [name of birthday child]

Dear [name of birthday child]

Work colleagues and distant acquaintances:

To the jubilee

Dear jubilee

Dear Mr. [last name birthday child]

Dear Ms. [last name birthday child]

No more repeated congratulations!

The salutation is often followed by a short section in which the recipient is congratulated. So that these congratulations don't turn out the same every year, we have put together various components for you to mix - starting with alternatives to the word "birthday".

To your / your ...

new year of life

Cradle festivals

Special day

Jubilee day

Happy day

personal day


... I wish you / you ...

All the very best

all the best

that your dreams and wishes come true

many great moments

a happy and healthy new year of life

numerous beautiful, unforgettable hours with your loved ones

that everything will come true, what you wish for when blowing out the birthday candles

we wish you continued success on your life path

nice encounters with people who are good for you

a lot of joy in life

good luck and success for the future

Time for everything that is important to you

Personalize wishes

In the case of a distant friend, you can leave the card with the congratulatory part from the previous section and just finish with a few closing words. However, when the birthday child is better known, some personal wishes should not be missing. Depending on who receives the card, it can be classic or humorous. Regardless of this, one thing is important: the relationship to the birthday child and their character. For example, if the birthday child is very active and always on the go, wishes that relate to health and vitality are available. If you are a connoisseur, enough time for wellness and relaxation can be a fitting wish. To relive shared experiences made in this context is an option here.

Sayings - from classic to humorous

You've written down everything you want to say and wish for the birthday boy, and now there's still that darn empty space? You can fill it in style with a saying. Whether timeless or funny: the selection below offers something for every taste.

Classic sayings that always fit regardless of the time can be found here:

I wish you 12 months of health,
52 weeks of happiness,
365 days without stress,
8,760 hours of love,
525,600 minutes of friendliness
and 31,536,000 seconds of joy!

Growing old is like climbing a mountain: the higher you climb, the more the forces dwindle - but the further you see. (Ingmar Bergman, Swedish director, 1918–2007)

It doesn't matter to give life more years
but to give more life to the years. (Alexis Carrel, French surgeon and physiologist, 1873–1944)

Anyone who retains the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old. (Franz Kafka)

May the happiest days of your past year be the worst of the year to come.

Birthday shine and candlelight, your day should be shining today. I hug you tight from afar because I really like you.

If you know the birthday child and their humor well, you will find what you are looking for in this amusing selection of quotes:

What time takes from man in terms of hair, it replaces him in terms of humor.
(William Shakespeare)

You get old when the candles cost more than the birthday cake. (Bob Hope)

The apple teaches us to understand
the best are always the tires.

The first 40 years of our life provide the text, the following 30 the commentary on it. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

As you get older, three things happen: your memory fades ... and ... I've forgotten the others. Happy Birthday!

You have now reached the age of metal: gold in your teeth, silver in your hair and lead in your feet - congratulations!

If you feel half as good as you look, you are the happiest person in the world.

I am happy for you! Not because you're getting older, but because you make me look young! (Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim)

The letter technique

The letter technique offers a very personal kind of birthday saying. For example, a slogan is created from the first letters of the name of the birthday child, a congratulation or a word on the topic of a birthday. The result can look like this, for example:

Possibility Number 1:

L. let's celebrate

I. in the ranks of your loved ones.

S. ei assured,

A. lle thoughts are with you.

Option 2:

A. on this special day

L. we ate everything stand and lie,

L. everything is at your feet,

E. hear all your wishes

S. ind just there for you.

G enjoy your day

U nd look forward to a full new year of life

T depth and energy, full of

E. nergy and relaxation.

Music and historical events fill in the gaps

If you know the birthday child's taste in music, you can also use sections of song lyrics as a card saying. Whether ACDC, the Beatles or Patent Ochsner: words from the pen of favorite artists always bring joy. Special events that are celebrated on a birthday are also suitable to fill empty space on the card. “The pencil was invented today before 450” is one example of this, “Today Einstein would have been 140 years old” is another.

The right saying for every age

Are you looking for a birthday saying for a birthday child of a certain age group? You will find a colorful selection here.


Sun in your heart and friends for life - this should give you the next year!

Enjoy every day as if it were a small miracle.

Happy Birthday to you!
You will get a year older!
Few words, big cake:
Happy Birthday to you!

We wish you luck and a carefree laugh from the bottom of our hearts. The new year of your life should always bring you a lot of joy. Happy Birthday to You!

A long life blossoms towards you, laughing happiness comes to you. Joy be with you on all paths, bright spring and sunshine.

We wish you sunshine for your birthday. Should every day of your childhood be special.

Today the little caterpillar is back to a year old. It won't be long before it's a pretty moth.

Teenagers and 18th birthday:

Statistics prove: Those who have more birthdays live longer. That's great, isn't it? Happy birthday - may you stay with us for a long time to come.

My condolences on “getting older”.

Good luck on your 18th birthday! You will need it, because from now on you are responsible for your own stupidities.

18, that means the luck of being able to become independent and the bad luck of having to become independent.

Finally 18 - now all you have to do is grow up! Happy coming of age!


Oh fright, oh fright, the two is gone! But don't be sad, you will see: At 30 it’s only really nice.

If you calculate 2 + 9, does 3 + 0 have to be less? So look forward to the new number, you have no other choice!

You are not 40! You are 18 with 22 years of experience!

Even if a lot of jokes revolve around gray hair and wrinkles on your birthday, at 30 you are not yet a thing of the past.

You're 50 today, old boy, the paint is losing its first color. But don't panic, remember: Antique is going to be great!

I am totally surprised that you are already 50 years old. You look a lot younger, I think - a maximum of 49 1/2. Happy Birthday!


Age is just an illusion - 65 years old, what's that? Age is not in numbers. It's in the head and in the joy of life. So we wish for a special day - stay the way you are, then you will definitely not age!

65 Burning candles, you can call them your own today. In the future there should be so many candles that the guests can no longer see the cake.

You stayed young at heart, despite the age of 10 * 7.

You are only 70 in Fahrenheit, in Celsius you are only 21.

At 80 you are like a valuable classic car. Rich in kilometers, slight signs of wear but still in good shape.

Happy birthday 80 times, the clock is ticking forwards, not backwards! Only good things should bring time forward: health, joy, serenity

Honor the birthday child with closing words

After the salutation, congratulatory words and saying, only one thing is missing on the card: the end. Here are a few ways this can come about:

Continue to be such a warm and loving person

Keep giving us so much joy

Stay the way you are - because that's how you are perfect!

I wish you many more repetitions of your personal holiday

I wish you many more successful years

High shalt thou live!

All birthdays at a glance

Family members, friends, work colleagues: With a large group of friends, it's easy to lose track of the birthdays. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent this. For example, a classic annual birthday calendar can be used for the refrigerator, on which all the special days are clearly displayed. In an increasingly digitized age, the mobile phone also provides a remedy: digital birthday calendars with notification function remind you in good time when the cradle celebrations of your loved ones are coming up.

What to do if a birthday is forgotten

Despite the reminders - whether as a calendar on the fridge or as push notifications on the mobile phone - it can of course happen that a birthday is forgotten. But even if 366 days or more have passed since the last birthday card: don't despair! With a bit of humor, you can make up for a belated congratulation. Here you will find the right inspiration for a saying:

I've saved my congratulations for the time after your birthday so that you can celebrate longer! Afterwards all the best!

I'm sure you didn't expect my birthday greetings to be on time - and you know how I hate to disappoint you.

How am I supposed to remember your birthday too if you never look older? In retrospect, all the best from the bottom of my heart!

Beautiful things in life always pass so quickly - just like your birthday. Belated all the best!

It's a lot of people's birthday today - unfortunately, you're not one of them. Best regards afterwards!

A wish comes flying
bent from the detour.
A little late - he's there anyway.
We don't forget you, that's for sure!
Belated all the best!

I honestly haven't forgotten your birthday. I just wanted to wait until you were sober after the party, so that my wishes really get through to you! Congratulations and all the best!

What time is too late

One thing is very clear: a belated birthday greeting is also nice and shows your appreciation for the person who had their birthday. At the same time, he can enjoy being celebrated for a little longer. Nevertheless, belated congratulations that are seriously meant should be limited to the first few days after the birthday. Closer acquaintances can also be congratulated a little later - but conveying the greeting with a pinch of humor is particularly important here. If the card was written on time but was forgotten to send, it can of course also be delivered personally if necessary. This is also a wonderful opportunity to maintain personal contact.

Sending congratulations - by letter or by SMS?

Now you have everything you need to find the right words for the birthday child. But where do you write them down now? Nowadays the variety of possibilities is almost unlimited: From the pre-purchased card with a congratulatory message to the photo card you create yourself, everything is possible. There are also countless digital versions. But watch out: a handwritten card is still well received and proves your appreciation - even if only because you paid the postage.

The right card motif

If you have a knack for design techniques, it makes sense to make the card yourself. But don't worry if your artistic abilities are limited: there is a large selection of beautiful, high-quality birthday cards in stores. We have compiled a few copies from our online shop for you here - from the greeting card with a monkey motif to the blank card with a bouquet of flowers.

the essentials in brief

Adapt the salutation of the card to your relationship with the birthday girl.

When saying congratulations, refer to the interests and character of the birthday person.

Sayings, excerpts from song texts or references to historical events are wonderfully suitable for filling empty spaces on the card.

In the closing words, express your solidarity with the person celebrating the anniversary.

With a funny saying, belated congratulations can also turn into success - but not as long after the cradle celebration.

With a handwritten card you show the birthday child a special degree of appreciation.

If you do mention the recipient's age, it is best to do so in a humorous way.

Bonus tip: Document birthday wishes and gifts so that you don't give or write the same thing twice.

Text: Daniela Waser, Bestswiss



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