Why do vegans have pets

Yes, no, but buy vegan schnitzel and sausage.
At least most house doors call their own.
What are animal ethical considerations, please?
So, "animal ethical considerations" belong to the philosophical discussion,
Include “non-human animals” in ethics and animal rights.
Zombie Hunter
Vegans can of course keep animals. I know someone who has 5 animals at home. If you go for a walk with your dog regularly, nothing speaks against it.
I have four birds, is that also justifiable from an animal ethical point of view?

Under what housing conditions now apart.
Apart from the fact that your 'So' is getting on my nerves, dear So:
Your 'animal-ethical considerations' in honor, but only e.g. also in Peter Singer's 'The Liberation of Animals' was, in my opinion. just about that avoidable suffering of an animal, but not generally about keeping it (species-appropriate)!

In addition, it is unfortunately not clear to me what animal husbandry is supposed to have to do with exploitation and / or cruelty towards animals with, for example, the food or clothing of vegan people.

Could it be that 'veganism' is being interpreted in a somewhat badly extensive manner?
But I'm not a vegan, on the contrary, I love flesh.
Opal, I also have a (!) Bird.
However, it does not tear up lampshades and does not scream all day for different and inexplicable reasons.

He likes meat and otherwise behaves in a more socially appropriate manner.

But I'm not alone in this ...