Does life ever give lemons

For Goethe, lemons were the epitome of longing for Italy. They bring lightness and sunshine to the table - and that's twice as good these days, when spring is sometimes more, sometimes less cautiously announced.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them! This encouraging saying describes it well: Lemons are all-rounders. Curtain up for a top-class fruit! A little scent of lemon peel can brighten up even heavy minds. A sprinkling of lemon juice turns fluffy dishes into tasty dishes. Their fine flavor is as essential for top chefs as pepper and salt. They marinate the fish with lemons and refresh the schnitzel. Lemon juice prevents apples, pears and other fruits from turning brown. Lemons add a touch of lightness to the heaviest food. Greasy and sweet things become more digestible.

Sour makes fun, they say in the vernacular. That doesn't mean so much humor and wit. Rather, the saying alludes to the fact that lemons make you want to eat. Their essential oils stimulate the appetite and sharpen the taste buds. The same applies to the aroma of pasta, chicken and rice dishes. Lemons can also be different. In this way, they dampen an excessively strong odor in fish. Particularly noteworthy: Citric acid is not acidic, but basic. This enables the fruits to bring the acid-base balance back into balance.

Lemon trees have the wondrous peculiarity of blooming and bearing fruit at the same time. This is another reason why lemons are available all year round, so there is no reason to ever fill the fruit bowl in the house without lemons. They not only help with cooking and make dishes and windows shine. They also have a calming and strengthening, expectorant and immune-boosting effect. They drive away headaches, hiccups, diarrhea and insomnia. With such diverse good effects, one could easily think that there are higher (lemon) beings who mean well with us humans.