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SurnameimportanceAbigailAbigail is an old Hebrew female given name that was mentioned in the Old Testament. Translated into German, Abigail means “fatherly joy” or “the father is full of joy”.AdaThis short maiden name is already mentioned in the Bible. In Hebrew, Ada means "the one adorned". In the meantime, Ada has established itself as an independent name. In Germany it is usually a short form of Adelheid.Adeleis the independent short form of names that begin with "Adel", especially Adelheid. It has been an absolute fashion name since the Middle Ages, but its popularity fell in the 20th century. Adele means the noble, the noble or the noble family .AdrianThis first name was originally intended for boys. But since the 1950s it has also been used for girls, mainly in the USA.AgatheA Greek name that sounds feminine and powerful at the same time: Agathe. Translated as “the good one” from the Greek, this is a fitting name for your spirited girl.AgnesAgnes Gonxha Bojaxhio is better known as Mother Teresa. She became a legend and a moral role model. She is revered to this day for her countless aid projects. Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.AgnetaAgneta is a special Scandinavian girl's name that has a wonderful meaning: "pure" or "sanctified".AhsenIt is well known that “the most beautiful thing there is” is not only to have a child, but also to decide on this wonderful Turkish name - that is exactly what it means.AhuThe Turkish name Ahu sounds very melodic. Translated it means "gazelle" or "deer". Definitely an elegant girl's name.AikoThis cute first name means "child of love" and is very common in Japan.AyeAja means "the guardian" and is a melodic, unusual first name for girls.AlaniAlani is a Hawaiian given name, which means "heaven child". It can be given to girls and boys alike and is quite rare in Germany. Unusuality is guaranteed.AlbaAlba is a Latin name that means "the white one". Although it is very sonorous, it is only at number 442 in the name charts and is therefore a very rare girl's name.AleaAlea is a nice short girl name which has two meanings. It is the Frisian abbreviation of Adelheid ("of noble shape") and also a form of Eulelia / Eulalia - "the eloquent" or "the one who speaks the language".AlenjaThis name is derived from "Lenja" and is a variant of "Helena". The meaning can be translated as "the radiant one". When pronouncing it should be noted that the "j" is pronounced like a "dsch".AlexandraThe rather unknown Alexandra Kollontai is also one of the most important women in our contemporary history. The woman with the classic female first name played several roles in Russia in the first half of the 20th century: She was not only a diplomat, but also made a name for herself as a feminist and revolutionary. She fought for better maternity protection, for the right to abortion and a relaxation of marriage law. A courageous woman whose name, fitting her role as a women's rights activist, was Alexandra. Because her first name means "the foreign men defensive". A girl's name that will be remembered!AliceAlice in Wonderland or Alice Schwarzer? This woman's name comes from Old High German and means "of noble nature". Many girls were given this name, especially in the 1970s.AliquaAliqua means in translation "somewhere", "somehow". But even if you have had a dream child, Aliqua is a very nice Latin name!AliseaWe can hardly imagine a more sonorous name for a summer girl: Alisea. The meaning is just as summery as the sound, because the warmest months are known to be the summer months.AliyahAliyah is derived from the Hebrew word "alah", which means "to ascend". Aliyah is thus the sublime.AlizaAliza means "happy" in the translation and you certainly wish for your little daughter, too, that she has a happy disposition.AllegraThe female first name Allegra also belongs to the hippie generation. Prominent namesake are Allegra Curtis and Allegra Versace. You can be satisfied with the naming, because this Italian name means "the happy one".AlmaAlma is a first name that is actually of Albanian origin, but occurs frequently in Greece. The translations are varied: Alma is often interpreted as “brave” or “soul”.AlunaAluna is also known in Spain (Luna: "the moon"), on the archipelago in the Pacific this is called "dissolution" or "loosening".AmalAmal isn't just a girl's name, it sounds wonderful as a boy's name too. Amal stands for hope and longing.Amelie"The fabulous world of Amelie" is a classic and so is this elegant film name for girls. It can be translated, among other things, with “the capable”, but also with “the brave”.AmiAs in French, this Japanese maiden name means "friend" and goes not only with Japanese but also German surnames.AmielThis beautiful sounding first name means "God is the protector". Putting God's protection in the cradle for your offspring can in no way harm!AmyAmy is the English short form of Amata. This name comes from Latin and means the "friend" or "lover". Aimée is known in France. And "aimer" means to love - what a wonderful meaning!AndraA rather unknown form of the name Andrea is Andra. This Christian name for girls is best known from the New Testament from the apostle Andrew.Andrina"The brave" is the meaning of Andrina, a beautiful, feminine name that is extremely rare.AnelaThis beautiful first name is a variant for Angela and means "angel" or "messenger". The name originally comes from ancient Greek. But Anela is also common in Hawaii.Anette (Anni)Anette is also a popular Bavarian first name. In French, Anette is the "graceful one". In Bavaria, people like to say Anni to Anette.AngelaYes, that's Angela Merkel's maiden name (the marriage with the physics student Ulrich Merkel was divorced in 1982, but the politician kept the name!). She became the first female Federal Chancellor in Germany and thus went down in history.AnnAnn is the English / American variant of Anne or Anna. In the Bible, Anna is Mary's mother. Ann hides the meaning "the gifted" or "the graceful".AnnaThe classic first name Anna landed on the popularity list of Germans in 2018 in seventh place. This first name is derived from Hannah and is translated, among other things, with "grace".Anna (Anni)This Bavarian maiden name is an absolute classic. Translated from the Greek, Anna means the "lovely one". In Bavaria, Anna likes to become Anni or Anneli - a sweet nickname.AnnikiPerfect for everyone who loves mythical creatures and nature. This cute first name is Finnish and means "forest fairy".AnoukOnly a few girls are called Anouk in Germany. But the meaning is really nice: "The gifted".AnoushkaOne like none - say the old Indians.Antonia (Toni, Tonerl)A Bavarian maiden name that is often transformed into Toni or Tonerl is Antonia. Translated from Latin, this pretty first name means "the priceless".Ariel"Lion of God" means this gentle sounding name. Symbolically, the lion stands for strength and power and is a popular symbol of rulers.ArielThe fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen was taken up in a wonderful cartoon by Disney. Here the little mermaid, who falls in love with a prince and ultimately becomes his princess, was given the melodic name Arielle. Translated, this fairy tale name means "lion of God".ArwenThe elegant Elbe from the epic film “The Lord of the Rings” is the model for this famous name, which thanks to the trilogy is also given to newborn girls again and again.AryaThe courageous girl from "Game of Thrones" bears the famous film name, which is now often used by parents.AskjaAskja is the name of an Icelandic Vulknas and with its beautiful sound it can now also be the name of your daughter.AstoriaSo far we only knew it as hotels. The name comes from Provence and means "falcon".AstridAstrid was not only called one of our favorite children's book authors, Astrid Lindgren, but also promises good things for the wearer. The name means "those born under a good star".AureliaThe name is derived from the Latin word for the precious metal gold and means "the golden one"AuroraDid you know: "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) also has a first name in the "Disney" version - and that is Aurora. Of course, we do not wish our daughters to be enchanted by a dark fairy or to prick themselves on a spindle. But it should not be forgotten that the good fairies also determine Aurora's character: They give her virtues such as kindness. And when it comes to meaning, too, the name Aurora has a certain magic about it. According to the online page "firstname.com", Aurora means "the dawn".AvaThe famous US actress Ava Gardner bears this beautiful first name. Ava comes from different countries and therefore has different meanings such as “mother of the living”, “water”, “sound” (Persian) or “bird” (Latin).AveryThis first name is known in the English and French speaking countries. The old English origin of Avery means "leader of the elves".AvilaThe word "aval", from which the name is derived, stands for power and strength - qualities that one would definitely want to pass on to one's daughter on the way.Ayla