Most people are unsure

7 signs that show whether you are insecure or confident

A strong self-esteem is one of the most important characteristics of a happy and fulfilling life. The more we love and appreciate ourselves, the more serenity and inner peace we feel.

Insecurity, on the other hand, creates a feeling of vulnerability, inner hectic and makes it difficult to control one's own feelings and emotions. There are some thought patterns that confident and happy people have in common and that determine their actions.

Love life

Happy and confident people know that excuses always lead to failure. They know that excuses make their own lives difficult, rob them of joy and strength, and keep them from growing. Instead, they find love and pleasure in their tasks and in their areas of responsibility. You smile more to gain strength and energy and to be open to solutions.

Insecure and unsuccessful people, on the other hand, use artificial excuses or exhausted facial expressions to make their own tasks difficult and difficult for others. They stand in their own way to experience great things and have fun in life.

Working together as a team

Happy and confident personalities are very cooperative. They know that a real team can achieve more in sum than the sum of its individual parts. Their ability to cooperate arises from the desire to achieve their goals. They know they can't do it alone. Their own recognition is not the focus and they enjoy sharing the achievements with their team.

Insecure and unsuccessful people, on the other hand, tend to act alone and travel as lone wolves in order to be able to boast about themselves later.


Confident and successful personalities are always curious and looking for something new that can help them. They believe there is a lot to discover in even the simplest of things. The more they understand, the more they realize what they do not yet know. They speak up when they don't understand something, in order to learn something new and to collect new ideas.

Insecure people, on the other hand, have the impression that they already know everything. They keep using memorized terms and words in order to be well received by others and to cover up their lack of knowledge. They are ashamed of not knowing something and feel attacked when someone asks politely: "Did you understand?"

Act instead of talking

Happy and confident people talk less and do more. They know that they can only achieve something if they do something instead of just talking about it. Therefore, they are very honest with themselves and face the truth. They become aware of the places where they did something and whether that was enough or too little.

Insecure and unsuccessful people, on the other hand, talk more about goals and desires than they actually do. Talking gives you the impression that you have already done a lot for your goal. They have less discipline to begin with and as a result achieve their goals less often.

Be happy when others are successful

Happy and self-confident people are happy when others are successful. They know that the more successful people there are around them, the more they can learn from them. They use the experiences of others to grow themselves and to reach their own goal faster. They focus on the path rather than the person.

Insecure and unsuccessful people, on the other hand, want to live the lives of successful and happy people but do not want to make the necessary effort. Because they do not achieve their goals, they do not allow others to achieve their goals and desires either. When others are successful, have a good life, or achieve their goals, they often respond with negative remarks: “He didn't have a life either. He just worked. ”,“ They're stuffy. ”,“ Oh, everyone can do that ... ”Even if someone talks positively about a successful person, the reaction after a few seconds is“ but ... ”

Greet others

Happy and confident people greet others. Depending on where you are, a handshake or a clear “hello” or “good afternoon” is appropriate. You perform each of these forms of greeting confidently and with firm conviction.

Insecure people, on the other hand, try to avoid people and greet them less often. When greeting, her voice is shy and not clear. The non-greeting shows the insecurity with oneself. It is an indication of inner unresolved problems or constant criticism towards the other.

Set your own goals

Happy and confident people know their priorities and goals. They know that other people's goals don't have to be their own goals. They define their own wishes and goals and have the courage to be themselves. They focus their energy and efforts on what is important to them and protect themselves from potential distractions.

Insecure and unsuccessful people, on the other hand, pursue randomly defined goals. You hear the goals of others and accept them as your own. They invest very little time thinking about their own goals and priorities and therefore see the success and joy of others as a matter of intelligence or luck.

Life is a gift and as beautiful as we make it. We can be happy and lead full lives every day. Happiness is a matter of attitude and is determined by one's actions.

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