How do I add pictures to comments

insert a picture, but how?

Would you like to attach a picture to your registration? But don't know how? Here I'll show you how.
But first!
Always insert a picture at the end of a registration, so make the statement look at the end, the picture appears one way or another at the end and it looks stupid if in the middle of the registration it says "look:" and then there is nothing.
Only one picture can be inserted into a comment, comment your comment to insert a second picture, otherwise only the link will be displayed there.
Now to insert.
To insert a picture you just have to insert the link to the picture, that's it.
Well, almost, there are links that work (where an image is displayed) and links that do not work (then only the link is displayed and cannot be clicked on in the app, so it does not help)
Non-working links are:
Pinterest links (i.e. links that you can get directly from the pinterest app using the three dots)
Deviantart links (like on pinterest)
Links that lead to a page where the picture is
Working links:
Google links (more on that in a moment)
Links that really only belong to one picture, i.e. where the picture can be seen large and nothing else (no guarantee)
But even with Google on the left there is a bit of a problem with the mobile phone.
If you look for a picture and choose one, it will look like this

However, this link will not work.
But there is an easy trick for that. Just long press on the picture until this window appears:

Then open the picture in a new tap and then go to the corresponding tap. Then copy the whole link there (you have to pay attention to that, sometimes you accidentally only copy half of it) and paste it on wattpad, it should work.
But what if you found a picture on pinterest (simply because that's the best way to search for pictures for rpgs)
Then that's not bad either, scroll down a bit on the picture, then you will find a description of the picture

There you look for suitable keywords, titles and artist / photographer best
Then give that to Google

And you should find your picture

And then as described earlier.
At Deviantart Images simply search for title and artist.

Meanwhile, Pinterest offers the option to find the picture directly, just click on the picture, you will then get to the original source. Again long on it (or right click) and open the picture in a new tap etc.

If the link still doesn't work, you have one last "lifeline" if you (or a friend) have Discord.

Save the picture of your choice in your gallery. Send it to someone and open the picture.
Then you click on this symbol

After that it looks like this:

Click on the three dots and then on "open in browser"

When you've done that, you can copy the link again and paste it into the comments on Watti, it should work now.