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Connecta 2020: business knowledge in a nutshell

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Connecta deals with digitization and its effects on the economy and society. The annual event organized by Swiss Post and PostFinance Ltd connects invited personalities with experts.

Numerous speakers at this year's Connecta have agreed to summarize their topic in one contribution. I got an overview of the latest topics and trends.

From my reading of selected articles, I have selected or summarized those passages that I found most interesting and relevant.

The authors

  • Markus Naegeli: "Unbossing the Organization"
  • Philipp Kannenberg: Integration of stationary retailers
  • Adrian Wiesmann: Cyber ​​security is overrated
  • Prof. Martina Dalla Vecchia: Social Commerce meets Video Commerce
  • Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer: How do technologies change customer behavior?
  • Melanie Huber: Revolution to effective cross-marketing
  • Prof. Dr. Marc K. Peter, Professor: B2B Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Dr. Nadine Hietschold: Consumer decisions and digitization
  • Esther-Mirjam de Boer: Finding and promoting talent - simply digitized
  • Anja Hendel: In-Car Commerce - The car as a shopping center
  • Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann: Ethical leadership at Swiss Post
  • Tijen Onaran: From Personal Brand to Social Me
  • Dr. Sarah Genner: Digital Skills? Skills in the Digital Age!
  • Dr. Susanne Schmidt-Rauch: Lean UX in e-commerce and digital sales projects
  • Manuel P. Nappo: Digitization - Legacy beats Agility

Markus Naegeli, CEO Canon (Schweiz) AG: "Unbossing the Organization"

Managers are in demand for new ways of thinking so that they can act as initiators, promoters of self-organization and supporters of change processes. Radical changes hardly work. For me it therefore makes sense to set the general direction, set guard rails and actively initiate the change process. In order for a new management culture to develop, individual skills should be promoted and, above all, sufficient time should be given to "change".

Published on October 19, 2020

Philipp Kannenberg, member of the gaxsys management: Integration of stationary retailers - learnings from 12 years of live operation

A recurring mistake in recent years is the approach of building business models around dealers. The wishes of the dealers are addressed too intensively and customer focus is completely neglected, as can be seen, for example, with the numerous city portals. A customer-centric model is by far the better approach and the only one that promises success in today's world. Because it was not the pure players who made e-commerce great, but the customers.

Published on October 16, 2020

Adrian Wiesmann, Head of IT Security, PostFinance AG: Cyber ​​security is overrated

There are countless scanners on the Internet. These are computers that constantly search the entire Internet for vulnerable servers. As soon as a vulnerability is found, an attempt is sometimes made immediately and automatically to exploit the vulnerability found. Such scanners are also operated by shady characters. To do this, they often use the private computers of "little fish". The actual owners of these computers probably do not even know that a criminal is remotely controlling their system and misusing it for criminal purposes.

Published on October 15, 2020

Prof. Martina Dalla Vecchia, Lecturer for Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Digital Leadership at the FHNW: Social Commerce meets Video Commerce: This is how customers become fans!

Selling is different today. People are online, often directly with their smartphones. The internet search is at the beginning of the buying process. Today more and more videos are played or searched for directly. The big advantages are the proximity and the versatility. Products and services become tangible and in the best case scenario customers recognize themselves in the video story. The various statistics show that the video can be used to directly support the sales process. Whether in the web shop or on the social media platforms.

Published on October 13th, 2020

Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer, Assistant Professor for Quantitative Marketing at the University of Zurich: How do technologies change customer behavior?

On the one hand, machines are seen more as neutral, objective and unbiased entities, while people are subjective, biased and full of their own motives and intentions. Following this logic, the suggestion of a recommendation system only meets the interests of the consumer, not the interests of the provider. The suggestion of a human advisor, however, is more suspicious. In many cases, consumers question the adviser's motive and whether it coincides with their own interests.

Published on October 8th, 2020

Melanie Huber, Head of the 360 ​​° Cross-Channel Solutions Team at Swiss Post: Revolution towards effective cross-marketing

How do companies manage to make potential customers feel personally addressed through advertising, and how do they reach them without major wastage? The key word here is "cross-media marketing". The possibilities of targeted, individual addressing have changed and expanded rapidly in recent years. Today, automation allows advertising media to be optimally controlled and optimized: thanks to tracking, advertising is continuously and as precisely as possible aimed at target groups, thereby minimizing wastage.

Published on October 7th, 2020

Prof. Dr. Marc K. Peter, Professor at the FHNW University of Applied Sciences in Olten and Head of the Competence Center for Digital Transformation: B2B Sales and Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, companies have a platform that automates the well-known sales funnel in many areas. The Challenger marketing documents are advertised on social media, via e-mails and on landing pages, generating leads that are further processed by marketing automation and passed on to sales - along with important customer information. And this fully automatically, e.g. B. as a task in the calendar of the sales representative who covers the target area of ​​the potential customer.

Published on October 5th, 2020

Dr. Nadine Hietschold, lecturer, Bern University of Applied Sciences: Consumer decisions and digitization

The results of the study show that a lot has changed, but surprisingly, some things have stayed the same. For example, the feedback from friends and family in the digital context has remained important, as has the character of the person - for example, whether someone is basically a more intuitive buyer or whether he researches all the information in detail or also takes social and environmental criteria into account in the purchase decision does not seem to change across either context.

Published on 09/30/2020

Esther-Mirjam de Boer, CEO of GetDiversity: Finding and promoting talent - simply digitized

The key to success is to measure those characteristics and behaviors that actually provide information about leadership potential, the ability to cooperate and integrity in interpersonal relationships, natural behavioral tendencies and general intelligence. They predict in a much more reliable way whether a person will really be productive in one position and in a team than a specialist diploma and professional experience do. Of course, the specialist diploma is also important!

Published on 09/28/2020

Anja Hendel, Managing Director, diconium: In-Car Commerce - The car as a shopping center

Automobile manufacturers are experimenting with technologies that already enable both the driver and front passenger to find a parking space, watch films or automatically pay at the petrol station using apps that can be loaded into the infotainment system. The touchscreen of a car functions as an online marketplace and as a bridge to the outside world. This opens up many opportunities for retailers to fully exploit digitization potential for their own transformation.

Published on 09/24/2020

Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann, Professor of Computer Science and Funding Professor of the Swiss Post at the Human-IST Institute of the University of Friborg: Ethical Leadership at Swiss Post

It is a fact that modern products and services collect vast amounts of data about us and our behavior. Network industries like Swiss Post could serve as intermediaries for us in this data-centric world so that we can regain control over our data. Data services could be created that promote the equal treatment of all Swiss residents. Swiss Post could be supplemented with the idea of ​​a digital public service, in which it becomes the “mediator of our individual data”.

Published on 09/21/2020

Tijen Onaran, Founder of Global Digital Women: From Personal Brand to Social Me

The Social Me is determined by four essential components: face, voice, visibility and position. To a certain extent, these four elements form a coordinate system in which the Social Me moves. The Social Me can therefore help to give a certain topic a face and a voice. The essential thing is that it is about telling your own story and setting and conveying your own topics. The focus is on storytelling and content positioning

Published on 09/16/2020

Dr. Sarah Genner, Digital Expert and Lecturer: Digital Skills? Skills in the Digital Age!

What a competency model cannot depict is the importance of finding a balance between opposites, e.g. B. between general education and specialization, analysis and intuition, private and professional life, between listening and talking, between self-respect and respect for others. Every strength is at the same time and depending on the context or situation also a weakness (and vice versa). There is also the risk that a competency model is aimed at a kind of synchronization instead of recognizing the advantages of various teams.

Published on 09/15/2020

Dr. Susanne Schmidt-Rauch, partner evux AG, lecturer: Lean UX in e-commerce and digital sales projects

Uncovering the true needs of customers, fulfilling them with the appropriate design and testing them with customers reflects the human-centered development process that UX experts usually follow. Abbreviations are dangerous because more and more nonsense is produced with a broken basic system. Flanging or pre-storing UX activities also often makes them ineffective. Within agile procedures, UX is therefore included as an integrated development process called “Lean UX”.

Published on 09/09/2020

Manuel P. Nappo, head of the MAS Digital Business and the Institute for Digital Business at the HWZ: Digitization - Legacy beats Agility

In addition to Switzerland's competitiveness, what is decisive is the sustainability and potential of society. If determinants such as consensus, equal opportunities and trust apply in a society over a longer period of time, a society can develop and sustain itself in the long term. This is a culture in which co-creation has a tradition and is not just a catchphrase. This requires freedom, equality and solidarity among citizens.

Published on 09/08/2020

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Connecta 2020: Business knowledge in a nutshell Connecta deals with digitization and its effects on the economy and society. The annual event organized by Swiss Post and PostFinance Ltd connects invited personalities with experts. Numerous speakers at this year's Connecta have agreed to summarize their topic in one contribution. I got an overview of the latest topics and trends - from reliable sources, please note. The following eight-minute foray compresses the most relevant knowledge. And possibly arouses the desire for more. Here, too, I have a specific recommendation: The comprehensive collection of video interviews and podcasts. Prof. Martina Dalla VecchiaProf Dr Marc K PeterEdy PortmannRonny KaufmannMarc, Oliver HaslerManuel P. Nappo # ConnectaTalk # ConnectaTV # ConnectaBlog # ConnectaDok # beyondcxm # customercentricity # cxm