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Not sexy, but beautiful: 5 things that make up true beauty

First of all: Beauty is relative! Sure, a symmetrical face, even skin, radiant eyes - we generally find all of this to be beautiful. But an outwardly beautiful woman can quickly become unattractive if you get to know her better and discover bad or unsympathetic qualities. Whereas women with an average appearance can become the most beautiful women if they have that little bit extra. This proves that beauty does not only correspond to the external facade.

But what makes a woman beautiful? What characteristics and criteria define true beauty? We looked at beautiful women in everyday life and found that the following 5 characteristics make up true beauty.

1. Passion is truly beautiful

There is nothing more attractive than women with true passion. Whether it's a job, a hobby or a family - a woman who believes in one thing with all her heart and soul is incredibly beautiful.

2. True beauty knows its merits

Smokey eyes, red lipstick, neon eyeliner - the list of beauty trends is long. But beautiful women know their strengths and also know how to deal with them. They like to forego one or the other beauty trend and prefer to emphasize their advantages instead.

3. Beauty doesn't want to be the focus

She is not looking for the spotlight, she finds the spotlight. A beautiful woman does not ask for attention. She is self-confident, but humble and also knows when it is time to let others go first.

4. Open to new things

Beautiful women do not set themselves any limits. You are open to new ideas, places and people. It is precisely their daring that makes them attractive and interesting.

5. It has that little bit extra

That 'something extra' is used to describe character traits and characteristics. Nobody can say exactly which features are involved. It is just THE quality of a beautiful woman.

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