Canada is similar to New Zealand

Poll: The top countries for work and travel are Australia, New Zealand and Canada

13.05.2019 – 12:05

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Australia, New Zealand and Canada are the most popular countries for young people who want to combine travel with work in Work and Travel. This was the result of the second work and travel survey by and 3021 people took part in the nationwide work and travel survey 2.0, developed by INITIATIVE auslandszeit.

Almost 70 percent of those questioned had already decided on a travel destination at the time of the online survey, a third were still undecided. As in the 1.0 survey from 2017, the participants also currently favored Australia, New Zealand and Canada as top countries for work and travel. With 1,795 figures, Australia was the most popular travel destination, closely followed by New Zealand. Canada came third. Significantly fewer respondents were interested in a stay in the USA. Because classic work and travel is hardly possible here because of the visa regulations. Stays outside the mainstream in South America such as Argentina and Chile ranked 6th and 7th, followed by Japan and other Asian countries. Work and travel in a European country does not seem to be particularly popular with young people. This was only possible for 173 people.

Five reasons for work and travel

The reasons why backpackers choose the top three countries Australia, New Zealand or Canada are similar. Above all, they want to experience the breathtaking nature and wildlife up close, expand their foreign language skills and appreciate the diverse travel opportunities that the country offers. They also state that they particularly like the openness of the people and the climate in the countries. Aspects of whether there are good local transport connections for traveling around or the cost of travel planning and living costs on site are less important to the budding work and travelers.

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More inspiration on work and travel and detailed results of the survey at

About the Work and Travel 2.0 survey

In the online survey, from August to the beginning of October 2018, 3021 participants completely answered the questionnaires with a total of 39 questions. The online survey was developed by INITIATIVE auslandszeit in cooperation with Tourism Australia, the Australian tourism authority. Dr. Andreas Golze, lecturer at the International School of Management (ISM) in Frankfurt am Main. Master's students evaluated the questionnaires as part of his market research seminar. Most of the participants (60%) were under the age of 21 in the current survey.

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