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Special pension contribution (§ 27)

The following members are obliged to pay the special pension contribution:

  • who had obtained an exemption from membership in another professional public-law insurance or pension institution outside the state of Lower Saxony, if the facts that led to the exemption still exist or
  • the members of the statutory pension insurance (DRV Bund) remain or
  • who have pension entitlements in accordance with the principles of civil service law.



There is an additional fee for these members. On the one hand, contributions are to be paid to the pension institution of which you remain a member. On the other hand, the special pension contribution must be paid to the pension fund, but only in the amount of 2/10 (see table below) of the maximum contribution according to Sections 157-160 SGB VI. This additional financial burden is deliberate; it is protected by the highest court (BVerwG 5 B 65/81). However, under certain conditions (cf. Section 27 (2) of the Articles of Association) the additional contribution can be reduced.


BBG 2021Contribution rate DRV
7.100,00 €18,6 %


Contribution rateAmount in €percentquotient
1/10132,061,86 %0,2000
2/10264,123,72 %0,4000
3/10396,185,58 %0,6000
4/10528,247,44 %0,8000
5/10660,309,30 %1,0000
6/10792,3611,16 %1,2000
7/10924,4213,02 %1,4000
8/101.056,4814,88 %1,6000
9/101.188,5416,74 %1,8000
10/101.320,6018,60 %2,0000