Things can just go away


Obviously it has happened several times that ghosts make objects disappear, because it is reported again and again. Whether the occurrences were actually due to the activities of ghosts or just to the forgetfulness of the reporters can never be proven. We are talking about things that suddenly disappear without a trace, things that you just saw in one place and in the next moment they reappear in a completely different place.

Sometimes it's not even about one item. You know very well that you have already looked 10 times in the key cabinet because you are looking for the garage key, the 11th time you look it is then exactly where it has always been, as if it had never been gone if you look very closely, it even dangles a little. A ghost that definitely gives you goose bumps. These are the moments when many people start to believe in ghosts, because the alternative would be a visit to the therapist for advice on preparations to improve memory performance.

Many households seem to be haunted, but it becomes critical when you live alone, are mentally fit, an orderly person and still you have to constantly look for objects that inexplicably disappear again and again. However, experts agree that a ghost, or even several ghosts, may not be able to move objects or even make them disappear. Because ghosts are only shadows, projections or a concentration of energy and these beings no longer have any relation to our physical laws. Logically, however, ghosts should then no longer have any physical functions such as seeing, hearing, speaking, walking or gesturing. Ghosts try to make contact with people every now and then through precisely these functions.

It can be assumed that things work differently than a human could ever grasp. If you subtract half of the exaggeration from every ghost story, then the rumor still remains and isn't there a bit of truth in every rumor?

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~ by esoteriklady - November 13, 2011.

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