How safe is it to travel in Pakistan

Travel security in Pakistan

Unfortunately, the security situation in Pakistan is and will remain tense. Some regions are better to avoid completely, while others can be visited. Here you can find out:

Unsafe regions in Pakistan
At the moment, the border regions with Afghanistan, i.e. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (formerly NWFP) and the tribal areas (FATA) as well as the Swat Valley, are extremely unsafe, as terrorist attacks are to be expected again and again. A warning must also be given about the Baluchistan region and the city of Peshawar, as terrorist activities have been recorded there in recent times.

What these attacks have in common is that they are usually directed against security forces or directly against the Pakistani government. You should therefore always stay away from the military and the police and avoid mass events. You should also be careful when visiting religious sites. As a rule, tourists are not the target of separatists and religious fanatics, but in 2013 a Sino-Ukrainian group fell victim to a splinter group on Nanga Parbat.

With DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen you will be accompanied by reliable local partners who are familiar with the area! Your tour operator will find out about the current security situation in the target region before departure!

Safe travel regions and cities in Pakistan
In large parts of Punjab, Lahore and Islamabad, there is currently relative calm. Tourist can also travel to good parts of the Sindh region. In addition, the north of Pakistan is generally easy to travel to, even if Shiites and Sunnis often clash there - so you should avoid crowds there too.

Street crime in Pakistan
Pakistanis are usually very hospitable, curious people. But as in almost every country in the world there are problems with street crime, from minor pickpockets to organized gangs in markets and in pedestrian zones to armed robberies at night in dark side streets, at night at intersections or questionable neighborhoods. There is a certain risk of getting rid of some things, especially when there are large gatherings of people and when traveling on the bus or train.

Precautions for Pakistan Vacationers

  • Common sense therefore calls for some restraint in certain things. Some proven tips and tricks on how to avoid theft:
  • Avoid night tours of the city, especially in dark side streets and questionable areas.
    Never show openly what valuables you have with you: carry banknotes individually and in small quantities in your pocket or similar, leave your wallet in the hotel safe with the rest of the money.
  • Avoid large crowds and political demonstrations (especially on Fridays and on major Islamic holidays).
  • Avoid religious sites, processions, and celebrations on public holidays.
  • Do not spend an unnecessarily long time near the military and police.
  • Leave expensive watches, jewelry and similar valuables at home that are not absolutely necessary for the trip.
  • During journeys on which documents and money cannot be left in the hotel safe, wear them on your body under your clothing if possible (e.g. belt bag from the equipment store).
  • Please always remember that your flight ticket and passport are your most important travel documents! Their loss is associated with a lengthy and expensive replacement campaign, which under certain circumstances can mean the premature end of your trip.