How should I clean my sunglasses


Cleaning the glasses at home

Washing-up liquid to dissolve grease, water to rinse off, and a microfiber cloth that is as soft, clean and lint-free as possible for drying are still the simplest means of cleaning eyeglass lenses in everyday life.

For the perfect cleaning of the glasses the following is needed:

- one purchased from a specialist retailer cleaning supplies to loosen the dirt
- water for rinsing off
- a Microfiber cloth from optician to streak-free dry polishing.

Cleaning glasses on the go

Stop the quick cleaning of the glasses on the T-shirt or the sleeve of the sweater. With this cleaning method you can tiny scratches remain on the glass surface. In the course of time, the perspective is clouded.

Those specially made for cleaning eyeglass lenses Microfiber cloths guarantee gentle and thorough cleaning. Heard a clean copy always in the glasses case. Ask your guild optician which clean and new microfiber cloths he has on offer - at least once a year with a regular eye test to check the eyesight or those who do not wear sunglasses without ametropia simply take the next stroll through town.

By the way: most of them Ametropia stay initially often unnoticed therefore, non-ametropia should also take an eye test on a regular basis.