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Buy or smoke CBD weed? Everything you need to know

Interest in medicinal weed is growing and CBD weed is extremely popular. Unfortunately, buying CBD weed is still a difficult thing and many people are given incorrect information about smoking CBD weed. Did you know, for example, that high-CBD weed can get you really high and that it tastes just as good as high-THC cannabis from the coffee shop? In this blog we cover all topics related to medical weed. From buying CBD weed to growing it, we don't leave any topic untreated.

In this article:

  • What is CBD weed and what is CBD?
  • Smoking CBD Weed: How Does It Feel?
  • CBD vaporizer
  • Buy CBD weed
  • Growing medical cannabis
  • The best CBD seeds and weed with the highest CBD content
  • 1: 1 cannabis seeds
  • Is all medical cannabis high in CBD? No!

What is CBD weed?

CBD weed is nothing more than weed with a relatively high percentage of CBD. Many view this as medicinal weed. Partly rightly, but cannabis with a lot of THC or other substances can also have medicinal effects. CBD-rich cannabis usually contains between 5 and 20% CBD. In addition, depending on the variety, there may also be a certain amount of THC. Consumers who buy or smoke CBD weed often do so for medical reasons. But don't make a mistake! CBD-rich cannabis can also give stoners a very nice high.

You can buy CBD weed at the coffee shop, although there are very few coffee shops selling this form of medicinal weed. So you have to look carefully. What is very on the rise is the cultivation of medicinal weed. This is partly because it is not available in every coffee shop, but also because the demand for medicinal weed is increasing. Growing medicinal weed is the same as growing "normal weed". All you have to do is choose one of the many CBD seeds. The rest is no different than usual.

What is CBD?

For many people it is completely natural, for others it is still unknown. Therefore in short: "What is CBD?" CBD is one of the hundreds of substances in cannabis and belongs to the cannabinoid group that includes THC and CBG. Cannabidiol, as the substance is written out, is known for its versatile (medicinal) properties. CBD products are legally available in many countries. By far the best-known form is CBD oil. You cannot get high or stoned on CBD alone. For this reason, too, CBD is very popular with medical users.

Smoking CBD Weed: How Does It Feel?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot get high or stoned on CBD alone. Still, you can certainly feel something when smoking CBD weed. You can even get high for a long time from smoking CBD weed. That's because there are many more substances in this form of medical cannabis that work together, so to speak. We call this the entourage effect. The main substance that provides the high is of course THC. Many types of CBD weed also contain a certain amount of THC. The proportion varies from 1 to sometimes more than 15%. The choice depends on what you want to experience as a consumer.

We studied CBD cannabis smoking. Both from what we found on the internet and directly from consumers. Our editorial team also put it to the test by smoking and vaping several strains of CBD cannabis. The most striking results of the "CBD Weed Smoker Test" are listed below:

  • Balanced high: Smoking CBD weed makes for a well-balanced high. This is mainly because CBD is known to slow down the paranoid effects of THC. This will make you feel more relaxed and less intoxicated. You have a clearer mind and actually feel freshly stoned. This way, you can still be active while still feeling a mild high in your head. Perhaps not ideal for smokers who want to get really stoned as soon as possible. But all the better for the smoker who doesn't want to get stoned so intensely and likes it a little easier. In short, smoking CBD weed will get you high, but only slightly different from normal weed. The change in effect mainly occurs from the point the weed contains as much CBD as THC. Some even prefer a little more CBD for the desired effect.

  • The taste of the weed stays the same: We want to refute a myth. Smoking CBD weed doesn't taste like weed or earth. In fact, it tastes just like THC-rich recreational herb. This is because it is not these substances, but mainly terpenes that shape the taste of cannabis. For example, you can easily enjoy the unadulterated taste of a high-CBD Jack Herer by smoking high-CBD Jack Herer. So don't be told that CBD weed doesn't taste good. This is just nonsense.

  • Relaxing and calming: CBD-rich weed will leave you relaxed and less tired than weed high in THC. Weed also has a proven ability to relax muscles. Muscle cramps can be prevented and sore muscles can be relieved. People in need of relaxation for whatever reason often choose CBD weed over THC-rich weed. This is because they can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting very stoned.

  • Smoking CBD cannabis is healthy: CBD (but also THC and other cannabinoids) affect the body's own endocannabinoid system. This system of your body contains all kinds of receptors. By smoking CBD weed, you can complement and promote this system, so to speak. The endocannabinoid system helps fight inflammation, cramps, spasms, and pain. It goes without saying that smoking is generally not healthy. For this reason, we also recommend using a vaporizer.

  • You sleep better than with THC-rich weed: You'll sleep wonderfully with high-CBD weed. Sativa THC weed gives you a lot of energy. In any case, many people think that going to bed stoned is not very relaxed. Do you want to smoke CBD weed? Then you will be wonderfully relaxed and not brooding. As a result, you can be assured of a good night and often even wake up a little better. Did you know that certain CBD oils are great for a good night too? Try CBD Night: CBD Oil + Melatonin. Our recommendation.

An article by CBDtesters [1] interviewing Reuters, Corso Serra di Cassano and Boris Blatnik - founders of Kannaswiss, a Swiss company that grows high quality hemp flowers and produces high-CBD hash - compares the high to drinking a few glasses of wine . The consumers in the interview say, among other things, that they feel that any tension in the body decreases after smoking CBD weed. The anti-paranoid effect is also praised in this article. It is a great option, according to them, for those who want the calming and therapeutic effects of cannabis, without the intoxicating high that is not always desired in THC weed.

CBD vaporizer

Of course there is no special CBD vaporizer, but of course you can vaporize CBD weed in a vaporizer. For medicinal users who absolutely do not want to smoke, this is the best solution for ingesting medicinal weed. When you use your weed-filled CBD vaporizer, you are not ingesting bad substances like tar and carbon monoxide. These substances are released when smoking and should be avoided

CBD weed isn't the only thing you can vape in a vaporizer. There are also special vaporizers that allow you to vaporize extracts or even CBD crystals with no less than 98% CBD. These types of vaporizers are often referred to as vape pens. You can check the information on the relevant vaporizers in our webshop to see if the device is suitable for concentrates. If this is the case? Then you can also use it to vaporize the above-mentioned CBD concentrates.

Buy CBD Weed

Buy CBD weed. It sounds simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, CBD-rich cannabis is nowhere near available in every coffee shop. In fact, it takes a long search to find it. In the big cities, you can still find places to buy high quality CBD weed. Go to the full-range coffee shops, not the commercial tourist coffee shops. Ask the staff about CBD weed. They can probably help you or suggest a place to buy CBD weed. This is often a problem in the small towns. Buying CBD weed is a no-go here. Searching the internet is also unwise because you never know if someone has good intentions. In addition, you do not know whether the CBD-rich weed you are buying is really of good quality or whether it contains harmful substances, for example.

A good option is to grow medical cannabis yourself. It's not difficult at all and in some cases is even tolerated.

Growing medicinal weed

Growing medical cannabis is not difficult at all. In fact, it's exactly the same as growing regular weed. Search for CBD seeds or medicinal cannabis seeds in our shop and find out which strain suits you best. You can filter by purpose and specifications for each brand. For example, choose the CBD percentage you want or any other trait that you think is important. The filters are designed to make your selection easier.

Do you have cannabis seeds at home? After that, it's exactly the same as any other culture. Our Beginner's Master Tip: Read Leaf Issues Blogs Carefully Before You Begin. Here you will find the basic rules, also for the cultivation of medicinal weed. In the other parts of the series, we protect you from the deficiencies and diseases of (medicinal) cannabis plants.

In need of tips on growing medicinal cannabis? Read our other blogs for this cannabis growing category or contact our customer service!

The best CBD seeds

Medical cannabis is grown using special seeds. These are popularly called CBD seeds or Mediwiet seeds. As mentioned earlier, medicinal cannabis seeds often contain more CBD than THC, but this doesn't have to be the case (more on that later). To get you started, we have listed a number of popular CBD seeds for you. Look at the information for each seed to see if you like the taste, effects and, for example, the CBD percentage. Do you have any questions about a seed? Then you can always contact customer service! The best Mediwiet seeds:

CBD Critical Mass (Dutch Headshop house brand)

Weed with the highest CBD content

The king of CBD seeds is Paradise Seeds. With these CBD seeds you can grow cannabis with the highest CBD content. The percentage of CBD of medicinal weed that you can grow from these seeds can be as high as 20%. For your convenience, we've listed two of the most CBD-rich cannabis strains for you:

CBDivine and CBDenergy have different effects. Weed with the highest CBD content is best grown with these quality products.

1: 1 cannabis seeds

In 1: 1 cannabis seeds, the THC content is just as high as the CBD content. The result: a wonderfully balanced high that makes it almost impossible to experience paranoid feelings. The entourage effect plays an important role in this high. The cannabinoids are optimally strengthened with 1: 1 cannabis seeds. A selection of the best:

Are you looking for a cup winner? Then choose the Painkiller XL or CBD Skunk Haze!

CBD Auto White Widow (Dutch Headshop house brand): bestseller

Is All Medicinal Weed High In CBD? No!

Medical cannabis doesn't have to be high in CBD. There are also high-THC strains that are very popular with medicinal users. People who don't mind getting stoned often opt for high-THC medicinal weed. THC is also known to have other medicinal effects than CBD, but we can't tell you more about that. Ask your doctor whether it makes sense to use medicinal weed in your situation. To complete the list, here are the top Mediwiet seeds that are high in THC:

Vanilla Kush and the CBD Compassion also previously won a Cannabis Cup. Do you always want number 1? Then your choice will be made quickly.


[1] CBD Testers: "How Does It Feel To Smoke CBD Hemp Buds".