Why don't schools teach nutrition and diet

Diet and performance

Anyone who regularly eats too little or nothing during the working day is not doing their body any good. Because it doesn't get enough nutrients and energy. The result? Performance and well-being fall by the wayside, mistakes pile up.


Professional competence
The students

  • understand the importance of hunger and the connection between performance and nutrition
  • reflect their body perceptions (hunger - satiety; tiredness - well-being / alertness)
  • deal critically with the complex of topics "Weight Loss - Diets - Fasting"
  • independently develop suitable options for the lunch break

Methodological competence

The students

  • deal with an English-language text
  • actively participate in the development of content and bring in their own experiences and questions
  • discuss controversially

Social skills

The students

  • strengthen their ability to work in a team through group work and practice appreciative behavior
  • take responsibility for themselves and the work group
  • reflect their own behavior

Didactic-methodological comment

The aim of these materials is to work out the connection between nutrition and individual performance in the workplace. Avoiding meals or eating a very low-energy diet usually have an impact on wellbeing. Especially in the afternoon the eyes close and the concentration decreases noticeably. The risk of making mistakes or even causing an accident can increase.

As part of this learning unit, the students should recognize that physical signals such as tiredness, headaches, circulatory problems and listlessness can be related to their eating behavior.

The complete didactic-methodological commentary for download:

Background information for the teacher

  • What is hunger
  • Why fasting and crash cures are not suitable for losing weight
  • Effects of abstinence from eating on the body

The complete background information for download:

Teaching materials

Media collection

  • German Nutrition Society (DGE)
    Information about nutrition with lots of consumer tips
  • JOB & FIT. With pleasure to success!
    Tips for optimizing catering in the workplace.
  • Diets and slimming products: chances of success and health risks -
    Assessments and reviews of various diets for weight loss
  • Eat consciously - fit in job and life
    The food exhibition of the BG RCI
    Germany's initiative for healthy eating and more exercise. National Action Plan of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) and the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG)
  • 5 a day - fruit & vegetables
    Nutrition campaign of the 5 a day e. V. Information offers for schools and workplaces.
  • GOOD ON IT - move, relax, eat - but how!
    Youth campaign of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA). Integrated approach to diet, exercise and stress management.
  • Wholesome food and drink according to the 10 rules of the DGE
  • Checked4you
    The online youth magazine of the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center with lots of information on nutrition.
  • DEBInet - German nutrition advice and information network
    Nutrition tips, blog, recipes, addresses.