Why did Canada burn the White House

Trump accuses Canadians of setting fire to the White House in 1812

Washington - US President Donald Trump has not shown himself particularly firm in history in the tariff dispute with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau according to a report published by CNN on Wednesday (local time): "Wasn't it you who burned the White House?" the report said in a phone call with Trudeau on May 25th.

The Canadian prime minister had previously asked why trade with Canada could affect US national security - after all, both countries were allies and united in NATO. The release comes just before the eagerly anticipated start of the G7 summit in Canada, where Trump faces criticism from his colleagues.

British ravaged Washington

In fact, as a result of the war of 1812, the White House was burned down. However, it was British troops who were raging in Washington at the time. The background is actually in Canada: the British retaliated for an attack on York (Ontario), which was then still a British colony, but is now on Canadian territory. It is not yet known whether Trump brought up the topic in an interview with Great Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May.

The White House had justified the imposition of punitive tariffs against Canada, among other things, with the national security of the USA. This is seen as an advanced argument by most commentators internationally.

Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Wednesday that the relationship between the two countries was "very good" apart from short-term tensions. Together with Mexico, the two countries are currently negotiating a continuation of the North American free trade agreement NAFTA. (APA, dpa, 7.6.2018)