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Wildlife accident: that is what drivers need to know

What do you have to consider after a wildlife accident? How can a collision with deer or wild boar be avoided? Who pays for the damage? You can find all the answers on this page. Plus: Video of the crash with a wild boar dummy.

  • Danger especially in the evening and early morning hours

  • Partial comprehensive insurance covers damage to the vehicle

  • Emergency braking assistants are not optimized for game detection

Wildlife accidents, i.e. accidents involving those on the vehicle Damage from evasion or the collision with an animal (hair game) make up about five percent of all road traffic accidents. The Federal Statistical Office reports more than 270,000 accidents involving wildlife. Last year over 2500 people were injured. 20 vehicle occupants had an accident fatal. According to the German Hunting Association (DJV), more than a million wild animals are killed in accidents every year. Most collisions are with deer. According to the DJV, accidents with wild boars continue to increase sharply.

This is how you avoid the wildlife accident

Anticipatory driving and increased awareness of the dangers help to avoid serious accidents with wildlife. The animals cross the roads particularly frequently in sections of forest and at the edges of fields. And above all in theEvening and early morning hours during twilight. Important: Foot off the gas and alwaysready to brake be!

Wildlife can die speed Do not judge cars and do not wait at the edge of the road until you have passed. Even if the animal sees you, it can still jump onto the road in front of your car. So if you are an animal at Roadside discover, you have to slow down significantly or even brake completely. Turn that on High beam offso as not to dazzle the animal - that way it stops. Honk your horn in addition, in most cases this scares away the game.
Danger: Wild animals are usually not traveling alone. One animal could be followed by others.

More information: How to drive safely and react correctly
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Correct behavior after a wildlife accident

  • Switch on the hazard warning lights, put on a warning vest and secure the scene of the accidentThis also applies if the animal has fled injured. Very important: keep calm!

  • are peopleinjured, the Dial 112 and First aid Afford

  • Even without injuries, the police must always be under theCall 110 be notified. Give your exact location. In many federal states, a hunter must also be informed in the event of a game accident. Ask the hunter to give you a Game damage certificate hands over

  • If possible, pull the dead animal to the verge so that no secondary accidents occur. Because of possible parasites or diseases, however, do not touch with bare hands (gloves!)

  • Do not touch injured animals as they could defend themselves

  • Wait at the scene of the accident or at a safe distance until the police or hunters are there

Important: The game that has been struck must not be removed from the scene of the accident, otherwise there is a risk of being reportedpoaching. This can result in a penalty.

Claims settlement

The damage to the vehicle can be regulated through an existing partial or fully comprehensive insurance. ThePartial insurancereplaces damage to the moving vehicle caused by a collision with wild animals. Wild boar, roe deer, stag, fox or rabbit belong to the hairy game - accidents with birds are not included in all insurance policies. Some insurance companies offer it Insurance cover for accidents involving all animals at. In this case, it even covers accidents with pets.

Can you not provethat the damage to the vehicle was caused by the collision with game or as a result of evasive maneuvers or braking maneuvers, this can be done via theFully comprehensive insurancebe regulated. It should be noted, however, that when taking out fully comprehensive insurance, a Downgrade takes place in a less favorable no-claims class.

Reimbursement of "rescue costs" for evasive maneuvers

If the damage is not caused directly by the game, but is caused by an attempt to evade the game without touching the game, aReimbursement of expenses ("Rescue costs") are required by the partial comprehensive insurance. In practice, it is often difficult to prove the evasive maneuver if no witnesses have observed the incident.

Liability for rear-end collisions due to small animals

If you brake because of a small animal and this leads to a rear-end collision, the driver is liable In front With. For example, the Munich District Court (judgment of February 25, 2014, Az. 331 C 16026/13) ruled that the man in front should 25% jointly liablewhen he brakes because of a squirrel and the man behind starts up.

Correct behavior after an accident with a small animal

Compensation claim after a wildlife accident

Claims for damages against the Hunting tenants or forest owners are usually not possible in traffic accidents with game, since game is an abandoned thing in the legal sense. Something else only applies to hunting events. In the case of driven and driven hunts, the hunting organizers are obliged not to drive the game in the direction of busy roads and thereby prevent the Risk of deer crossing increase over busy roads.

The traffic sign "Deer crossing"Be appropriate. If there is no reference to the danger point, there is, in principle, the chance that the responsible Road authority pays for the game damage.

The Wuidi app warns of an increased risk of accidents involving wildlife

ADAC crash with wild boar dummy

In a crash test with a wild boar dummy weighing 180 kilograms, the ADAC has now shown the enormous forces acting on the vehicle and its occupants. In addition, it was checked to what extent modern Assistance systems in the vehicle can help prevent accidents involving wildlife.

Two vehicles (VW T-Cross and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross) were used for the test Emergency braking assistants and their reaction to a crossing wild boar dummy was tested. The extent to which a Night vision assistant (Peugeot 508) can help prevent accidents.

Braking and staying in lane: the driver remains uninjured

The collision between the vehicle and the heavy boar dummy took place at one speed from 80 km / h instead of. A positive result: Despite the violent impact - for a short time, the occupants are subjected to a force that is ten times their own body weight - the driver, in this case a stuntman, remains uninjured.

Important: The driver did not try to evade, but braked fully and stubbornly stayed in lane. Uncontrolled evasive action, on the other hand, could be fatal in a collision with a tree or oncoming traffic.

Night vision assistants recognize animals

Night vision systems also recognize Infrared sensors the heat radiation from pedestrians or animals. You can so early warn or brake support. In the function test at night, the assistant of the Peugeot 508 was able to convince. However, according to ADAC, night vision assistants have so far mainly been offered in the upper middle and upper class - and only as expensive special equipment. A series installation and the fleet-pervasive spread are not in sight in the long term.

Emergency braking assistant not optimized for game detection

Emergency braking assistants, on the other hand, will be mandatory for new vehicles from 2022, but have so far only been optimized for the detection of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. But especially those that are often installed Radar sensors could also show their particular strengths in the dark or foggy Recognition of animals play off. The ADAC has broken new ground by testing emergency braking systems to prevent accidents involving wildlife. Because there is still no established test procedure.

The result of the ADAC test: Although the assistance systems in the VW T-Cross and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross cannot prevent the impact, in some situations a warning is issued and braking is supported. According to the experts, the detection of wild animals should be included in the Development of emergency braking assistants be included and integrated. With existing technology, an important contribution could be made to Traffic safety Afford. However, it will be a long time before the assistants are effectively integrated. So the Beware of drivers the most important safety factor.

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