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Healthy coffee substitute - Dr. Switzers Karob Coffee Tonic Raw & Vegan

I recently used Dr. Switzer in his book “Dr. Switzer's Wild Herbs Vital Food Therapy “discovered and I am super enthusiastic. I tried the recipe for the healthy coffee substitute right away. Since then, my son and my boyfriend have been crazy about it and want to have their "coffee" every morning. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, this delicious tonic actually provides a good boost of energy that lasts for a long time. In addition, this warm drink tastes really nice and tart and there is nobody at home who can get enough of it. With the coffee substitute you have the opportunity to overcome your coffee addiction and instead pamper your body with valuable ingredients.

What can you drink instead of coffee?

Coffee Substitute - Unhealthy Variants

  • Black tea - Like coffee, black tea contains caffeine or protein. In contrast to coffee, the caffeine in black tea develops the effect, but much more slowly. Because of the high caffeine content, you should avoid black tea.
  • Coke - This drink also contains a lot of caffeine and also large amounts of sugar. The caffeine works quickly and only lasts a short time. You should also avoid Coca-Cola, as it contains a lot of caffeine, sugar and additives.
  • Mate tea - Infusion from the leaves of the mate bush. Contains around half the caffeine of coffee and far less sugar than Coca-Cola. Because of the caffeine it contains, I would also do without mate tea.
  • Energy drinks - contain a lot of additives, sugar and also caffeine. Therefore, it is better not to consume these drinks.
  • Green tea - Unfortunately, green tea also contains large amounts of caffeine. However, it also contains more vital substances. Matcha tea is a particularly healthy variant.

Coffee Substitute - Healthy Variants

  • Lemon water - The vitamin C in lemon ensures a lot of concentration and energy. Lemon wakes you up, refreshes you and is very healthy.
  • Ginger water - Small chopped pieces of ginger that are placed in water can also have an invigorating effect on the organism. Enriched with a little chilli, the healthy water provides plenty of energy and performance.
  • Karob coffee tonic from Dr. Switzer - This coffee tonic is definitely the winner among the coffee alternatives. It consists only of healthy ingredients and medicinal mushrooms are added, which provide a lot of energy and a good metabolism. In addition, the Karob Coffee Tonic tastes very similar to good coffee.

Why is this coffee substitute so healthy?

For this recipe, Dr. Switzer that conventional coffee sweeps our nutrient stores empty, intensifies the burn-out syndrome and can also cause vasoconstriction. Dr. Switzer also writes that this tonic is a healthy alternative for many caffeine hungry people. But otherwise the Karob Coffee Tonic is a high-quality, delicious drink rich in vital substances. The tonic owes its effect to the various medicinal mushrooms and Ayurvedic and South American tonics that you will find below. In addition, the carob coffee tonic from Dr. Switzer vegan and raw food quality. This means that all vital substances are retained in the drink.

Dr. Switzer continues to write about this coffee substitute:

“This tonic contains vital energy from the carob pods, raw cocoa and various food supplements. Wild trees such as the carob tree from the Mediterranean region are particularly beneficial.


Karob contains a lot of organic calcium and the vitamin B complex.


Shilajit is just as "wild" as the carob pods: In the jungle of the Himalayas, it is obtained from the organic or vegetable deposits of a primeval forest. This tar-like substance is processed into a powder. It tastes similar to coffee. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is revered as one of the most important tonics. Shilajit contains organic acids such as fulvic acid, which has an extremely beneficial effect on the intestines because it can neutralize free radicals and render toxins harmless. In addition, fulvic acid is said to improve the cells' oxygen uptake. Fulvic acid acts like a natural antibiotic that can make us more resistant to bacteria and viruses.


Ashwaganda is a strong adaptogen in Ayurveda, a herbal remedy that can strengthen us against stress. This remedy has a relaxing effect, balances a Vata disturbance and can promote sleep.


Maca has a reputation as a tonic and aphrodisiac in South America. According to Ayurveda, such a remedy can also strengthen the mind and ensure greater inner alertness. Maca is a root and is grown on the high altitudes of the Andes.

Vital mushroom complex

This tonic contains a vital mushroom complex of 14 very medicinal mushrooms. Cordyceps is added - perhaps one of the most effective medicinal mushrooms for the liver there is. In Chinese medicine, medicinal mushrooms are valued for their strengthening effects on the immune system and as a cancer remedy.


Reishi is probably the most important medicinal mushroom against cancer. There are numerous reports that taking Reishi has helped patients overcome various cancers. Every cancer patient should therefore take ten grams of Reishi daily.

All together this results in a very nutritious and also medicinal tonic and an optimal coffee substitute! With this tonic you will not miss ordinary coffee, its effect and its taste are outstanding. No other drink will give them so much strength, except maybe a wild herb cocktail.

My day starts in the morning with a wild herb-fruit cocktail and organic micro-minerals, followed by a coffee tonic. The vital energy from the cocktail and the tonic lasts all day until 7:00 p.m. when I first get around to preparing my dinner.

More extraordinary recipes rich in vital substances from Dr. Switzer can be found in his book Dr. Switzer's Medicinal Wild Herbs Vital Food Recipes. * Dr. Incidentally, Switzer specializes in the therapy of cancer patients and other serious illnesses and runs his own Ayurveda practice on Lake Starnberg. I have also been to Dr. Switzer and can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health and take it into their own hands. Click here to go to the homepage of Dr. Switzer.

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The Karob Coffee Tonic from Dr. Switzer is:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Raw food
  • Without coffein
  • Sugar-free
  • Healthy for children too
  • Full of vital substances
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Easy
  • Sure to succeed
  • Sugar free
  • The best coffee substitute in the world
  • delicious

Healthy coffee substitute - Dr. Switzer's Karob Coffee Tonic

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