What does an asbestos inspector do


Asbestos-containing materials were used, among other things, in the construction industry until the 1980s. Asbestos is one of the carcinogenic substances. Since 1993 there has been a general asbestos ban in Germany. Refurbishments and renovations often result in asbestos-containing materials that must be properly disposed of as hazardous waste. They are to be packed in tightly sealable containers. Disposal together with other waste (e.g. mixed construction waste) is not permitted.

DANGER! Materials containing asbestos may never be disposed of as household waste or bulky waste.

According to the European Waste Catalog in Germany implemented as the Waste Catalog Ordinance AVV), waste materials containing asbestos are classified as hazardous waste and are also marked with an asterisk.
The following waste groups that can contain asbestos exist in accordance with the AVV:

  • 06 07 01 * Waste from electrolysis containing asbestos
  • 06 13 04 * wastes from asbestos processing
  • 10 13 09 * wastes containing asbestos from the manufacture of asbestos cement
  • 16 01 11 * Brake pads containing asbestos
  • 16 02 12 * Used equipment that contains free asbestos
  • 17 06 01 * insulation material that contains asbestos
  • 17 06 05 * building materials containing asbestos

Activities with asbestos-containing building materials may only be carried out by specialist companies. In accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV), you must also notify the State Office for Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Technical Safety Berlin (LAGetSi) in good time.
For the delivery of small quantities from households and small businesses up to 1m³, private small collection points and pollutant collection points of the BSR are available in the city area. The addresses for the disposal of asbestos-containing construction waste in the state of Berlin are contained in leaflet 3 of the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection.
For the delivery of larger quantities of asbestos-based building materials, the Berlin waste producers have disposal facilities in the state of Brandenburg. Disposal is only possible after allocation by the Sonderabfallgesellschaft Berlin / Brandenburg mbH (SBB).