What are the Highest Earning Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are male

What does the profile of a top earner in sales look like? He (and it's a he) works as a sales manager in the telecommunications industry in a large corporation, has 16 years of professional experience or more, preferably a postgraduate master's program or a doctorate. He is responsible for personnel and always has to do a few days in the field. The sales area is all of Austria. Plus: 50 hours of weekly working time are included. Then there are more than 100,000 annual gross in there.

Back office stays behind

In comparison, the average salary of a domestic sales manager is around 85,000 euros. The average sales force in Austria is around 58,000 euros, a quarter of which is a variable component. There are 36,000 gross in internal sales per year. There the range is huge at 20,000 to 60,000 euros. The reason is the wide range of tasks. These are the results of the current industry analysis by "Jobs Personalberatung". 500 industry people are surveyed for this every year.

Sales and sales managers have also benefited well compared to the previous year: an increase of six percent in salary. Marketing and product management can therefore look forward to an additional 13 percent fee. In the back office, salaries are falling slightly against the trend in sales. However, the area with the highest proportion of women is internal sales (28.9 percent are women). The lowest percentage of women can be found in management positions (sales management): a negligible 3.3 percent percentage of women.

Top earners are menr

Women also lag far behind when it comes to the average salary - especially because there is far less to be earned in internal sales than in management positions or in the field. It is also serious that the variable share of the annual gross is more than twice as high for men as for women 5,000 euros to 11,800 euros). A full 72 percent are satisfied or even "very satisfied" with their fee. Of course, the lower the income, the greater the dissatisfaction.

Basically, the larger the sales area to be serviced, the higher the salary. And: In companies with more than 1,000 employees, there is much more to be earned than in smaller companies. Large corporations with more than 5,000 employees even top that. according to sectors, the ranking is: telecommunications, followed by IT and automotive. At the bottom are banks and the iron and metal goods industry. People with postgraduate master’s programs are best paid, only after that do doctoral graduates come.

Personal responsibility makes you happy

The career prospects are rated positively by more than half of the respondents. More responsibility and more leadership roles are among the wishes for the future of the career. Around 47 percent can imagine changing jobs, so: What makes sales people happy? First and foremost, independent work, then contact with customers and a good working atmosphere. Home office (46 percent) or further training (also 46 percent) rank well behind. (Karin Bauer, derStandard.at, February 27, 2014)