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Square feet

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  • When describing architecture or real estate, the square foot is often symbolized as a square with a line or a slash.
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    Used worldwide:

    • The square foot is primarily used as a measure of area in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


    The square foot is a unit of area of ​​the British and US common measurement systems.

    A quadratic measurement is the two-dimensional derivative of a linear measurement, such that a square foot is defined as the area of ​​a square with sides of one foot each.


    In metric terms, a square foot is a square with sides of 0.3048 meters. One square foot is equal to 0.09290304 square meters.

    Common values:

    • The six floors of the White House (Washington DC, USA) have a combined floor space of approximately 55,000 square feet.
    • In 2003, the average new build in the UK was 818 ft², while the average new build in the United States was nearly three times larger, with a floor plan of 2,300 ft².

    Context of use:

    The square foot is primarily used to denote space in architecture, real estate, and interior plans.

    Square feet can be used to describe the area of ​​any surface such as a floor plan, wall, or ceiling, while acres are used solely for the area of ​​a property.

    1 square foot = approximately 0.000022959 acres.

    1 acre = 43,560 square feet.

    To calculate the area of ​​a room in square feet, the length and width in feet must be measured and multiplied to give an area in ft².

    For example, a 12 ft x 15 ft room gives an area of ​​180 ft² (12 x 15 = 180).

    When using square feet, it is important to note that the figure in square feet refers to the total area of ​​a given room, not its actual dimensions. For example, a 20 ft² room will not measure 20ft x 20ft (that would in fact be a 400 ft² room). Rather, a room with sides of 4ft by 5ft would have an area of ​​20 ft².

    Component units:

    • 1 ft² can be divided into 144 square inches (Sq In - or 1-inch-sided squares).


    • 1 square yard (Sq Yd) = 9 ft²
    • A yard is three feet, so a square yard can be thought of as a square with sides three feet each or a square block of nine individual squares with sides one foot.