Can ANSYS Workbench be used online?

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1. General

ANSYS homepage:
CADFEM homepage:

1.1 Manuals:

  • ANSYS Documentation
  • The ANSYS documentation can be started in the ANSYS Launcher xansys150 or with the ansys150_help command.

1.2 Availability:

The FE program package ANSYS is available on all central computers managed by the data center and on the pool computers.

Windows pools: ANSYS 14.0
Linux pools, HPC clusters: ANSYS 14.0, ANSYS 14.5, ANSYS 15.0
Furthermore, ANSYS can be used on institute workstations for a license fee (see: Campus license).

Installation directory: / ansys_inc / v150 / ansys

1.3 Scope of license:

1.3.1 Number of licenses

The Ansys Academic Campus Solution is available at the TUHH with a total of 75 research licenses, 750 teaching licenses and 384 HPC tokens.

Under Windows, the valid license must be selected under

start -> Programs -> ANSYS 15.0 -> ANSYS Client Licensing -> User License Preferences -> Global Settings -> Use Academic License

1.3.2 Limits

For the product "ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced" the size of the problem to be calculated is limited:
  • 256K nodes / elements - Structural, Thermal & AUTODYN
  • 512K nodes / elements - Low Frequency Electromagnetics
  • 1024K nodes / elements - High Frequency (Full Wave) Electromagnetics
  • 512K nodes / elements - Lluid Dynamics (CFX & FLUENT)

2. Program calls

2.1 xansys150

After entering the launcher command xansys150, a window appears in which the user interface and the license product must first be selected.
  • Simulation environment
    • ANSYS
    • ANSYS batch
    • ANSYS Workbench
  • License
    • ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced (aa_t_a)


In the case of batch jobs, the data deck must begin with / BATCH.

2.2 ansys150

ansys150 [-j jobname] [-d device_type] [-m work_space] [-db database_space] [-dir directory] [-b [nolist]] [-s [noread]] [-p ansys_product] [-g [off] ] [-custom] [ < inputfile="" ]="" [=""> output file]
option effect
-d device_type With device_type specify the ANSYS Graphics device.
default: x11
-j jobname The ANSYS output files are located under jobname .--- saved.
-m work_space Specifies the size of the ANSYS working memory.
default: work_space = 256 MB
Memory management can also be done using parameters in the file config.ans or controlled by instructions in the ANSYS input deck. See ANSYS Performance Guide.
-dbdatabase_space Defines the size of the ANSYS database.
default: database_space = 256 MB
The memory management can also be done via parameters in the file config.ans or controlled by instructions in the ANSYS input deck. See also the Performance Guide.
-to you directory Defines the working directory. The -dir option overwrites the environment variable ANSYS150_WORKING_DIRECTORY.
-b Batch job
-s The startup file start.ans is read.
-s noread The startup file start.ans becomes Not read.
-G The user interface will start automatically.
-G off The user interface does not start.
-p ansys_product -p aa_t_a : ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced
-custom See ansys150_run.
<>inputfile The file named inputfile is interpreted as an ANSYS input file.
> outputfile In the file named outputfile the ANSYS output is written.

A complete overview of all ANSYS command options can be found in the ANSYS Operations Guide, Chapter 3.1, "Running the ANSYS Program".


ansys150 -p aa_t_a -b -j test1 < test1.dat=""> test1.out

starts ANSYS 15 as a batch run. The files created by the ANSYS Run begin with test1., the input file is the file test1.dat, which is called the output file test1.out.

Note 1:

As an alternative to the option -p With the specification of the product name, the product selection can also be made by setting the environmental variables ANSYS150_PRODUCT being controlled. setenv ANSYS150_PRODUCT aa_t_a (ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced)

Note 2:

In the case of batch jobs, the data deck must also be / BATCH start.

Note 3:

After the ansys150 program start you can use / show, x11 / menu, on

select the X11 driver and work interactively even if the -g option was not specified.

Note 4:

Select the parameters for the internal memory management so that the ANSYS files can be kept in the main memory during the calculation and do not have to be swapped out to the disk. You can find information on this in the Performance Guide, "Memory Management and Performance".

2.3 Start ANSYS remotely on the PC

To be able to start ANSYS remotely on the workstation PC on one of the data center computers, you need an SSH client, such as PuTTY, and an X server, such as Xming or Cygwin / X.
  • In PuTTY you have to configure Connection -> SSH -> X11 x Enable X11 forwarding Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels x Local ports accept connections from other hosts x Remote ports do the same
  • The ANSYS Launcher does not start reliably remotely. It is therefore advisable to start ANSYS without a launcher. To do this, create a file called start150.ans and write / SHOW, X11 / MENU, ON in this file
  • Then start ANSYS with the command ansys150 -p aa_t_a -g &
  • You can use ANSYS as an employee on the parallel computers, as a student on the Linux pool computers.

2.4 Working with ANSYS on the HPC cluster

On the computers of the Linux cluster (parallel computers), the ANSYS commands must be accompanied by


2.5 Working with ANSYS in the Windows pools

Before ANSYS can be used on the computers of the Windows pools, user-specific settings must be made. This is done using the My Applications application.

With Add ANSYS, the user setup creates the ANSYS start icons in the start menu under

Start -> (All) Programs -> ANSYS

and the ANSYS configuration directory
C: \ Documents and Settings \ \ Application Data \ Ansys.

3. ANSYS utilities

3.1 ansys150_help

The ANSYS help system.

3.2 ansys150_display / xansys150_display

External program for graphic output or creation of plot files

Example: create a postscript file

ansys150_display file, demo, grph <-- dateiname="" demo.grph="" pscr,color,2=""><-- colorpostscript="" anwählen="" how,postscript=""><-- postscript-treiber="" wählen="" plot=""><-- postscriptausgabe="" in="" die="" datei="" pscr00.grph="" bei="" jedem="" weiteren="" plot="" wird="" der="" dateiname="" hochgezählt="" (pscr01.grph="" usw.)="" plot,nr=""><-- z.b.="" plot,3="" die="" 3.="" graphik="" aus="" der="" datei="" demo.grph="" wird="" als="" postscriptfile="" abgelegt.="" finish=""><-- ansys_display="" beenden="">

With xansys150_display you get a graphical user interface for ansys150_display.

3.3 ansys150_create

External program for the integration of user-specific sub-programs

The file names of the Fortran subroutines to be integrated must start with .F the file names of the C routines end with .c. Be involved all Files with the extensions .F or. .c of the current directory. The new ANSYS executable is saved with the name ./ansyscustdis.e150 in the current directory.

3.4 ansys150_run

ansys150_run is a script with which you can start the new ANSYS program (ansyscustdis.e150) created with ansys150_create.


ansys150_run -custom ./ansyscustdis.e150 -p aa_t_a

starts the previously created executable ./ansyscustdis.e150 for the ANSYS product aa_t_a (ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced).

3.4 "old" user interface

The entry in the file start150.ans / MSTART, UTIL, ON

switches with the command

ansys150 -p aa_t_a -g

the pre-ANSYS 6.1 (UIDL) GUI, i.e. the old ANSYS user interface without tcl / tk. The start150.ans file must be in the home directory or in the ANSYS start directory.

4. ANSYS Workbench

In addition to the classic program interface, the ANSYS Workbench user environment is also available on the computers in the Windows and Linux pools. On the computers of the Windows pools there is an extra entry for Workbench in the ANSYS start menu. Under Linux the workbench is under / ansys_inc / v150 / Framework / bin / Linux64 / runwb2

to find.

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