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Eating and drinking for a good cause

Photo: Oh Sophia

Christmas time is exactly the right time to be grateful and share your happiness with others. Especially in view of the current refugee situation, it is now more important than ever to help where we can. We have to stick together, connect and be strong together. After we have already visited a few charity Christmas markets and donated money to our blog factory project #HelpDontHate, we now want to introduce you to a few more alternative help. How about some food and drink for a good cause?

We have collected some wonderful and delicious events for you ...

#HelpDontHate Christmas Dinner

Our wonderful colleague Sophia von Oh, Sophia organizes a vegan Christmas dinner for a good cause on December 16 and 17. Your magical 4-course menu, which includes potato cheese, blue sauerkraut, chestnut-filled Hokkaido and carrot cream, should raise a total of € 1000 for our refugee campaign #HelpDontHate.

myself Supper Club

The magazine myselfcalls on you to take your own initiative and organize a great donation dinner with friends - you enjoy a great evening and can do something good while doing it.

Cook outside the box

photo: Cook outside the box

This great project has been bringing different nations into one kitchen since 2013. Here you not only get to know great dishes from different countries, but also learn more about people, their stories and customs - integration in the kitchen.

Gastronomy against racism

photo: Bar thousand

Drinking against racism not only sounds great, but is actually possible in three bars in Mitte thanks to the organization “Gastronomy against Racism”. Do you drink in the Amano bar, Bar thousand or in Sodom & GomorrahUntil December 13, a popcorn Old Fashioned, Periodista, Late Autumn, Celery Daiquiri or Ocho Cuba Libre will go directly to Gastronomy Against Racism for 3 euros.

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by Kate
on December 11th, 2015
in events, food