What would make you happy in life?

101 minimalist things that will make you and me happy

Nowadays you will find a first aid kit in every car, which is already mandatory. If something goes wrong or a breakdown overtakes you, you can do most things yourself in no time with the help of this set. But what happens if it is not your car that breaks down, but your soul or satisfaction? Then where is the first aid kit? As crazy as it sounds, you always have it with you - but you are not aware of it. So easy, but also so difficult. Imagine you have a suitcase full of lucky charms - things that make you happy. As soon as you feel bad, you look for some lucky bandages and soul plasters from your first aid lucky suitcase. So you can take care of yourself.

I know - that sounds strange. That's why I want to give you some help today. The secret of your lucky suitcase is knowing the things it contains. Everyone knows a few of them, including you. Very few people have a list. Today I want to show you 101 things that make me happy, that I love. The special thing about it is that these are not status symbols or expensive items, but almost banal, wonderful everyday experiences or experiences.

Minimalism is especially important in the current time.

That's why I have two tasks for you today. Read through my 101 things that make me happy. Write on a piece of paper everyone who you recognize and who you like. Then you take a large helping of your time and complete the list with lots of little things. In the end, you will have your first aid kit for your happiness - your 100 things that make you happy. Then, if another day is not so good and your life seems too difficult, then take your list and pick out a few of the things that please you and do them.

Incidentally, sometimes it is enough to read this list and you will be greeted with great gratitude. The moment you are grateful, all of your bad feelings have evaporated. Do not you think? Then try it out! In any case, here are my 101 things that make me happy.

Here we go! I am in love …

# 1 - Walking barefoot through the grass in the morning after it rained during the night.

# 2 - Sunrises and sunsets - especially the golden hours.

# 3 - Spring, when life awakens, everything is green and nature shows what it can do.

# 4 - The summer and the long barbecue evenings.

# 5 - The colorful autumn.

# 6 - The winter when I warm myself frozen by the tiled stove.

# 7 - Talking long and thoughtless about positive things and inspiring topics with friends.

# 8 - Rice pudding with bratwurst, Jeßnitz style. Two servings are best.

# 9 - Observing people shopping at the checkout and finding common ground between people and shopping

# 10 - Get up very early and have the most important task done before the world wakes up.

# 11 - Enjoy good chocolate such as the Maple Crunch Milk Chocolate from Canada.

# 12 - Bite into a lemon wedge and then notice how it feels like liters of saliva build up. Sour makes fun.

# 13 - Take an ice cold shower in the morning and get your circulation going for the day.

# 14 - Lie down for an hour at lunch after working hard up until then.

# 15 - Wise to read and make up sayings and quotes. You can find several hundred of them on my Instagram profile here.

# 16 - Get on the bike, hit the road, and listen to good podcasts.

# 17 - Take a break for a walk with your favorite colleague.

# 18 - Spending a day in sloppy clothes like sweatpants, old jeans and worn out T-shirts.

# 19 - Dangerous sweets to eat such as Ben and Jerry's ice cream, caramel chocolate and brittle confections.

# 20 - To ride a longboard at sunset with music in your ears and feel the wind and the sun.

# 21 - Listening to a concert taking place in the distance with the window open.

# 22 - Getting into a tub of hot water on a Sunday evening and mindlessly relaxing.

# 23 - When picking sour cherries, repeatedly tasting a cherry and bacon the pit far away.

# 24 - Riding a bike to work while enjoying the fog in the sunrise.

# 25 - To go without sweets for a long time in order to be able to really consciously enjoy them from time to time.

# 26 - Being surprised by rain showers on hot summer days and then getting really wet.

# 27 - Do a Mark Lauren workout or sweat it out at my company gym.

# 28 - Just lie on the couch and watch one of my favorite films on lazy days.

# 29 - To take pictures at weddings and let a tear roll yourself when you say YES.

# 30 - Making mistakes and learning from them.

# 31 - Mix my favorite chocolate amaranth shake and enjoy it with ice cubes.

# 32 - To dream in the night, to remind myself of it in the morning and to smile at the crazy dreams.

# 33 - Look at the balance and notice that the number keeps getting bigger and financial freedom is getting closer.

# 34 - Standing in front of the mirror and talking and laughing to the person in it. (smile)

# 35 - Go shopping with several women - and do it as the only man.

# 36 - Motivating people around me and making them laugh.

# 37 - Always round up and give "tips" at the baker and butcher I trust.

# 38 - Enjoying music with my headphones while putting your feet on the desk.

# 39 - Go to concerts by world stars such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and DJBobo. (laugh)

# 40 - Long train journeys where I can enjoy the passing landscape and dream on the side.

# 41 - Always ordering something different in a restaurant - something I haven't eaten yet.

# 42 - Regularly read a book, really made of paper, and learn in the process.

# 43 - Coming to work before others are there to start the day in a relaxed and relaxed manner.

# 44 - Only addressing problems when they really happen ... and not worrying about it long in advance.

# 45 - Freeze a banana and mix it with milk in a blender after your workout. At best, add a little protein powder from Simon.

# 46 - The quiet on holidays, the empty streets and the different kind of everyday life. Or to go to work on public holidays.

# 47 - Also from time to time for dear friends to groom dogs and go for a walk.

# 48 - When grilling, make stick bread at the end and eat this with Nutella, sugar, and cinnamon.

# 49 - Blogging on Saturday night (like right now) and pissed off to wake up on Sunday and then read what came out of your head that night.

# 50 - Keeping my 6-minute journal and being positive and focused as a result.

# 51 - The background noise when I'm walking through a forest and it starts to rain and a thunderstorm brewing in the distance.

# 52 - Having an uncontrollable fit of laughter that almost takes my breath away.

# 53 - Greet people I don't know personally (just by sight).

# 54 - Sleeping naked on a tropical night.

# 55 - Just cruise the streets with good music in my little Mitsubishi runabout and enjoy life.

# 56 - People who say what they think and thus encourage me to think along with them.

# 57 - Bake a cake, take a large piece and offer the rest to friends and colleagues as a sample.

# 58 - Prepare simple, yet very tasty dishes yourself and enjoy them afterwards.

# 59 - Enjoy coffee, cake or ice cream outdoors in summer weather.

# 60 - Go out again shortly before going to bed, feel the weather and the calm at night.

# 61 - Reward me with a helping of Netflix after a tough and successful day.

# 62 - Give small gifts or do a favor.

# 63 - When the pain subsides (after banging my big toe on the edge of the table).

# 64 - Deliberately slowing down when the world wants to show me that I should hurry up.

# 65 - Blogging with the window open - especially when the wind blows over my skin.

# 66 - Save money by buying things I'll need on a regular basis.

# 67 - Rubbing a leaf or blade of grass between my fingers and then sniffing it.

# 68 - Just don't drink alcohol at parties and events and be fit the next morning.

# 69 - Saving my change in my pockets and being able to afford something after a while.

# 70 - Listen to really hard music during your workout, such as Slipknot, Prodigy and Ramstein.

# 71 - Sitting on the banks of a river for hours and looking out at the water.

# 72 - Buy stocks, ETFs, Bitcoins and Co to generate a passive cash flow on the way to financial freedom.

# 73 - Get along with little, live minimalistically to be freer and happier.

# 74 - Be creative and crazy and express this in sayings and self-created t-shirt designs *.

# 75 - Fry hearty pancakes and fill them with tasty things.

# 76 - Have good and in-depth conversations with my co-workers and colleagues.

# 76 - Waking up on the weekend to hear a rooster crow in the distance.

# 77 - Doing things without thinking about what's against it. Especially when my gut instincts want to do it.

# 78 - See every day as an opportunity and thus also as a small life of its own.

# 79 - Thinking in the morning about all the good things that can happen that day and look forward to it.

# 80 - To think of the people who no longer live in this world and let the old positive memories come to life.

# 81 - Singing along in the car with good music and dancing a little in the seat ... so that the traffic light neighbor asks what went wrong with me. (smile)

# 82 - Philosophizing about life with friends and acquaintances.

# 83 - Constantly evolving, getting to know my and other personalities and understanding life.

# 84 - Organize small parties and celebrations and then join in and enjoy the evenings.

# 85 - Day hiking tours in the vicinity with supplies in the "field" and entering "non-paths".

# 86 - Performing my morning routine to start the day calm, calm, and satisfied.

# 87 - Watching the first snowflakes dance to earth and try to catch one with the tip of your tongue.

# 88 - To let someone in front - whether in traffic or at the checkout in the supermarket.

# 89 - Go on a bike tour of the villages on Sunday morning and sniff where and what is being cooked.

# 90 - Just spoon chocolate - whether Nutella, Philadelphia chocolate or Nudossi.

# 91 - Read or look at positive news or reports.

# 92 - Pick strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and the like and eat them unwashed.

# 93 - Beat the combination of hamburger, french fries and milkshake and go home really full.

# 94 - Every now and then, watch an emotional film and really "howl". (sob)

# 95 - Tapas and finger food - so many different pleasures and tastes.

# 96 - Bake something really with love and then don't just enjoy it alone.

# 97 - Just do nothing and let your arms, legs and soul dangle.

# 98 - Get up very early on New Year's Day and then take a walk and enjoy the peace and quiet after the noise.

# 99 - Listen to soundtracks while falling asleep (Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, ...).

# 100 - Have a game night with friends and forget about the time.

# 101 - Having completed a task and enjoying it. Like now with the 100 things that make you happy - list.

What is happiness to me

As you read, it's simple things. The secret lies in realizing it at all and seeing something good in it. I can imagine that, for example, # 13 is pure horror for many. After learning to do and enjoy it, it is one of the greatest affirmations of self and happiness for me. Find the things that make you happy and the best thing to do is to write them down! Always available.

If you like, you can also share some of them in the comment. I am very happy about that. Until then, I wish you a happy new year 2021.


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