What are some good healthy lunch meals

Healthy recipes for lunch

A healthy lunch strengthens the body and gives it strength. (Photo by: © marcelokrelling / fotolia.com)

The healthy lunch protects against a drop in performance in the afternoon, supports a vital body awareness and gives the cravings no chance in the evening. This is how delicious indulgence for the senses succeeds at lunchtime.

Healthy lunch is important, but why?

Is the organism sufficient with Vitamins and nutrients we are fit and able to perform at our best. Therefore, especially at lunch, you should pay attention to a sensible combination of the individual foods.

So supported seasonal vegetables and fruits all body functions. Regardless of how it is served, raw or cooked crispy.

The muscles and the brain benefit from Proteins. Good sources of protein are animal products, nuts, soy or peas.

So that the Metabolism in swing comes, humans need: fiber. Whole grain foods are particularly suitable.

After a busy morning, the body needs noon energy. He gets this from carbohydrates and valuable fats, such as high-quality oils, in a dressing, over the salad.

Vital through the afternoon? Then someone should be at noon balanced dietTo fill up the empty memory, preference will be given.

Get it: these foods enrich your plate at lunchtime

Fresh salads with bulgur are light and get your body and brain going again. (Photo by: bit245 / Depositphotos)

A tasty lunch lifts the mood and improves the ability to concentrate. Use the lunch break for delicious enjoyment and as a refreshing break for the soul.

These foods are ideal:

  • Delicately baked or grilled fish fillet (Fish fillet baked), scores with egg white, and crunchy vegetables for the vitamin kick. Gives power and supplies you with valuable minerals and vitamins.
  • Salads with bulgur (Bulgur salad), rice or buckwheat are pleasantly filling and have essential proteins. Goes perfectly with: cream cheese, mozzarella or sheep cheese as well as tomatoes, peppers and olives. A vital lunch that tastes like summer and vacation.
  • Briefly fried meat, like turkey or chicken, saturates and supplies the cells with nutrients. In addition, fresh lettuce with a mix of seeds, sprouts and seedlings.
  • Pancakes, pepped up with fruit and berries and served with a creamy filling, with lean curd. Tastes good for everyone with a sweet tooth and is also very healthy thanks to the perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Stay away from these foods

Steer clear of fatty fast food and fried dishes. (Photo by: Knut_Wiarda / Depositphotos)

Are you feeling tired and limp in the afternooninstead of doing the work freshly and actively? Then it could be because of your lunch. Because some foods are very difficult to digest, including:

  • Fried, such as french fries, meat or vegetables. The stomach needs enough blood for digestion, which is why all other areas (such as the brain) have less blood flow. The result: an active afternoon, goodbye.
  • Fast foodwhich does not contain any significant nutrients, but with numerous calories, preferably on the stomach, hips and buttocks.
  • Also, do without food that you do not like, for example in the canteen.

The body knows exactly which nutrition gets it going at lunchtime and which nutrition makes it tired and remains in the stomach for hours. Therefore: Listen more to your gut instinct.

A few more tips for a healthy lunch

Whether water, unsweetened tess or fruit juices - plenty of fluids give your body new energy. (Photo by: BestPhotoStudio / Depositphotos)

A healthy, varied diet strengthens body, mind and soul. Allow yourself a few minutes every day to prepare your lunch. Only then can you be sure that it also contains the healthy ingredients you need.

  1. Tip: Drink They are sufficient, apart from water, are suitable for lunch with a glass of self-made iced tea, green tea or a fruit juice splashed with water.
  2. Tip: If you don't have much time at lunchtime, Eat Nevertheless deliberately, slowly and without doing a job on the side or being distracted by reading the newspaper, watching TV or playing cell phones. Without stress the body can benefit better from the food ingested.
  3. Tip: lunchtime is the ideal time to eat foods that you like well. Important: the midday meal should not too much fat contained, that burdens unnecessarily.
  4. Tip: Take advantage of lunch to make your own Brain a little pause to treat yourself, perhaps with a refreshing daydream that will make you breathe a sigh of relief.
  5. etc.

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