Are there black people in Harry Potter

Black magic

Black magic (in the original: Dark Magic) has always been a ominous threat in Muggle myths and fairy tales:

  • Inexplicable terrible natural disasters are ascribed to dark magical powers.
  • The sick and eccentric are portrayed as cursed or possessed by a dark force.
  • Those who are cursed by evil magicians must go through torments until they are freed.
  • Anyone who enters into pacts with the dark side falls into a terrible trap ...

Most of the time, not only anonymous powers are behind the black magic acts, but malicious, terrible wizards and witches. Their henchmen are evil spirits, willing servants and all who have to obey them without will.

Opponents of the black, ominous magicians are magical people who practice "white magic". They use their magic power for the good of the living and oppose dark, magical machinations.

Joanne K. Rowling emphasizes that wizards and witches themselves make this moral choice between "good" white magic and malevolent black magic. Neither powerful black magicians themselves nor their followers are inherently evil. Rather, they turn to the dark side of their own free will. Behind this are sinister motives such as lust for power or racist delusions. Parallels to despotic and racist events in the Muggle world are not difficult to make.

Black and white magic around Harry Potter

In the magical world of Harry Potter, the confrontation with Lord Voldemort, one of the most terrifying black magicians of all time, is omnipresent. As the ruler of terror, he has threatened the magical world and Muggle society with black magic means for over a decade. He has subjugated others, tormented them and threatened with death all who stood in the way of his malevolent power. It was then that he fell and was gone for over a decade. Since Harry's fifth year of school he has been rebuilding his position of power with the support of his former followers, the Death Eaters.

Albus Dumbledore opposes his rulership plans. The headmaster of Hogwarts (until 1997) is a firm believer in tolerance and responsible use of magic. He had already defeated the black magician Grindelwald before and against Voldemort's first reign of terror he founded a resistance organization, the Order of the Phoenix, to which Harry's parents belonged, among others. Dumbledore reactivated the resistance immediately when Voldemort returned.

As a minor, Harry is not a member of this resistance order himself, but he has close ties to individual members and shares their views. Through his magical connection to Voldemort, he inevitably becomes involved in the fight against him.

Black magic spells

Black magic spell applications are aimed at harming others and using them for one's own purposes. Many of the spells and curses used for black magic have not been specially developed for this dark type of application. For example, the Legilimentik spell is used by both black and non-black magicians and witches. Even the unforgivable curses, which are strictly forbidden in the magical world and whose effects on the victim correspond entirely to the aims of black magic, are not only used by black magicians. Because even people who are not motivated by black magic, such as Aurors, sometimes use them on behalf of the Ministry of Magic.

Spells clearly and exclusively developed and used in black magic exist, but are not taught at Hogwarts. There the students learn some of the black magic spells and potions in the defense against the dark arts class, but they cannot use them themselves. You can also read about these magical techniques or brews in the forbidden section of the school library with special permission from a teacher.

Black magic spells and curses only achieve their disastrous effect when they are backed by dark convictions and cruel ideas. Nevertheless, they are practiced in class at other magic schools such as Durmstrang.

The counter-spells that can heal wounds caused by black magic also belong to black magic. This is why ordinary healing spells often do not achieve the desired results, such as stopping bleeding or restoring a piece of nose that has been hexed away.

Known black magic uses

  • Lord Voldemort masters the black magic spell to take possession of a living being (person or animal), to draw from its life force and to direct it according to its will. The victim possessed by him is completely in his power and cannot remember actions that he has unintentionally carried out for him (HP I / 17, HP IV / 33).
  • As black magic magic utensils Harry gets to know human bones and fingernails, shrunken heads, poisoned candles, black poison spiders, a severed magic hand and the like in Knockturn Alley (HP II / 4).
  • Petrification spells, which petrify people and other living beings, belong, according to Professor Dumbledore, to the most advanced black magic spells (HP II / 9).
  • Tom Riddle has preserved himself with a black magic spell as a memory in a specially created diary. When Ginny Weasley unsuspectingly writes in the enchanted diary, he takes possession of her. After a while he has sucked so much life force out of her that he begins to take on a living form again (HP II / 17).
  • The polyjuice potion can be found in a book in the library's forbidden section. That book contains frightening illustrations of tortured-looking people (HP II / 12).
  • Voldemort himself invented a black magic elixir to create a makeshift body in order to obtain a makeshift body of his own with the help of Wormtail. The rebirth elixir he later used is ritually brewed according to an old black magic recipe (HP IV / 32).
  • The Black family residence is protected by a variety of black magic spells and cannot be located by Muggles. Inside there are numerous macabre and black magic objects, such as an aggressive grandfather clock, objects that cannot be removed from the wall or the shelves, a snuff box that injures the hand of whoever touches it, a music box whose melody is a deafening one Has effect, strangling robes and the like (HP V / 4).
  • The black magic enchanted opal necklace is a lethal piece of jewelry (HP VI / 12).
  • The spell Sectumsempra inflicts terrible wounds on an opponent like a magical sword, which only heal completely with the specially developed black magic counter-spell (HP VI / 24).
  • An inferius is a corpse that a black magician has bewitched to obey his will. Voldemort uses a number of these unwilling helpers for his purposes (HP VI / 26).
  • A Horcrux is perhaps the most appalling crime a black magician can commit: through the atrocity of creating a Horcrux, he can immortalize himself. What a horcrux is and how it is made is taboo in the magical world (HP VI / 23).
  • To secure a Horcrux's hiding place, Voldemort uses disgusting spells and potions. The burns and other injuries they cause must be treated with the black magic counter-spells in order to heal them or at least to stop their devastating effects (HP VI / 26), (HP VII / 33).
  • With a black magic protective spell, the Death Eaters erect a blockade on the stairs to the astronomy tower for all those who do not have a dark mark (HP VI / 27).
  • A demon fire conjured up by black magic seizes and destroys everything within its reach and lets the usual fire extinguishing spells fizzle out ineffectively (HP VII / 31).