What is a human person

The Human Person gives a brief introduction to the human spirit, soul, immortality and free will. Based on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, she deals with contemporary issues such as skepticism, mechanism, animal language research and determinism. Steven J. Jensen gets to the bottom of the primal questions of human nature. Is the human being free or determined? Does reason distinguish humans from animals or do animals also have a certain share in reason? Can animals actually use language? The human person touches on other fundamental issues: are humans just an orderly collection of chemicals or do they have a soul that gives them life and understanding? Is there any element in man that survives death? Can the human mind come into contact with the objective world or does it have to stay forever in the realm of its subjective experiences? The book concludes with a consideration of the most basic of all questions: are humans just cosmic accidents without meaning, or is there any meaning in human life? In this book, beginners in philosophy will learn about the wonders of their own nature by studying Thomas Aquinas' thinking about the human person.
Jensen, Steven J.
Steven J. Jensen is the author of Knowing the Natural Law: From Precepts and Inclinations to Deriving Oughts; Living the Good Life: A Beginner's Thomistic Ethics; Good and Evil Actions: A Journey Through Saint Thomas Aquinas and the editor of The Ethics of Organ Transplantation (all published by CUA Press).