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How do i get it? 16 tips to get his attention

How do I get it? ”When you're trying to get a man's attention because you're attracted to him, it can feel quite frustrating, doesn't it?

But here are the right tips for you to get his attention in the right way.

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You are carried away. Whether it's with a guy you've known as part of your group of friends for months, or a guy you check out across the bar, you really want to attract him and get his attention.

Just ... you're not naughty and rude, so you don't feel comfortable just walking over and introducing yourself or telling him you like him.

So what can you do to get this man's attention?

You know I'm not here to give you lousy advice on how to flip your hair or get so drunk that it is impossible for him to notice you.

I want to teach you how to get a man's attention the right way. But first of all:

Avoid these 3 mistakes if you want to get his attention

Before we venture into any seriously simple ways to get a man's attention, let me point out some common mistakes some women make while trying.

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1st fault: attention ≠ attraction

Just because you get his attention doesn't mean he's actually into you.

Getting a man's attention is pretty easy, but that doesn't mean he'll want to date you. Just something to watch out for.

Once you have his attention, the next thing you need to notice how he reacts to you.

Does he smile as he listens to every word or is he more busy checking his phone than talking to you?

The sharper your observation skills, the less time you will waste with the wrong man.

Mistake 2: being immature

It's more likely to be seen in younger women, but I assure you, women of all ages are guilty of this mistake.

If you make him jealous on purpose, or worse, let your girlfriend tell his boyfriend that you like him ... then you are acting like a school girl.

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But you are not. There are better, higher quality ways of getting his attention.

Mistake 3: Not knowing what to do with his attention

You have his attention ... now what? If you're new to the dating game, you may be unsure whether to flirt or show interest. It takes practice, but you can do it!

First, find out if he's single, straight, and interested. You can usually deduce this within a few minutes of conversation.

Keep an eye out for a wedding ring, of course, but also keep an eye out for a potential partner in the room.

Once you've got their attention, keep the conversation going and make it clear that you're not just being normally friendly (you're flirtatiously friendly!).

How do i get it? 16 tips to get his attention

1. Make eye contact

When making eye contact with a man, it's important to hold him for the right amount of time.

If you hold it too long it could get scary. If you keep it too short, it may not notice the signal.

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The right time will depend on how comfortable it is, but I would say only 2-4 seconds are enough to get his attention.

You shouldn't look too eager, but just long enough for him to know you're open to conversation if he's interested.

If you feel like there's a spark, you can even give him a quick smile in his direction.

2. Find an excuse to get the conversation going

You can always try to start a conversation with him.

If you work with him and hear him talk about something you love to do too, join the conversation and ask him a question.

If you are studying with him and you are both in the same class, ask him what he thinks of the topic the lecturer brought up.

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If you see a guy at a busy bar, you could ask him for help in getting the bar staff's attention.

Some men don't like to be the first to take a step, so save them the trouble and do it for them.

3. Be yourself

Don't roll your eyes and think what a cliché that is because it sure isn't.

It's not easy trying to be someone else and do you really want to have to act the rest of your life just to try to impress a man, to give him what you think he wants?

I do not think so!

The best thing you can do when trying to get a man is to be yourself from head to toe and love yourself.

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However, that doesn't mean you should kiss your reflection in the mirror. I mean that you should love who you are as a person; the way you look, your hobbies, your interests and everything else.

Of course, if you learn to love yourself, you will be very comfortable with yourself. You will enter rooms and parties with your head held high and a beaming smile on your face.

Which man won't notice?

Of course, when you are satisfied with yourself, you will attract the men who really want the girl you are.

4. Show confidence

Confidence in the right amount is totally sexy. An excellent way to drive men crazy about you.

Let the insecurities go away because with the right amount of confidence the world is at your feet.

5. Have fun

You are sure to be noticed by a guy if you look like you're having a lot of fun.

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Think of it this way: would you be drawn to a man who sits in the corner and looks like a dark cloud is hanging over him, or would you be drawn to a man who jokes and laughs with his friends?

Nobody wants to be with someone who is spreading suffering and misery, so show that you are having fun.

But that doesn't mean you should start dancing on the tables in the office.

It may be hard to show that you're having fun at work or during an exam, but just a simple smile can show that you're a fun person who doesn't take life that seriously.

6. Find something in common

A great way to get someone's attention is to find some kind of common ground.

It could be liking the same band, supporting the same soccer team, or watching the same TV series.

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If you overhear the guy you care about talking about a TV series that you've also seen, this is the perfect time to start a conversation with him.

You could tell him you are in the same episode too and predict what you think will happen next.

Sometimes the scariest thing for a man is what to say to you first. Even if he noticed you, it may not be the reason why he has started a conversation.

You can take this fear away from him by opening the conversation by finding common ground. You can also find out if he is interested in you by talking to him.

7. Be kind and generous

You can never make a second good first impression, no matter how hard you try.

Even if you start off with the wrong foot and try again, the first few seconds you hit someone can never be erased.

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This means that you need to be careful and make sure that you are open and friendly and approachable from the start. Put on your most beautiful smile and use your manners.

If you screw up, you apologize, which shows him that you aren't afraid to admit a mistake.

Do that and the guys will be wax on your hands, seriously.

8. Walk close to him

If you keep walking by them, it can appear desperate and wanting their attention. But that doesn't mean you can't do it once.

However, as you walk past him, make sure that you are doing it for a reason. This can be in the office kitchen to make coffee or at the bar in the club to get a drink.

It could be very uncomfortable if you just walk past him, turn around, and come back as if you were on a catwalk.

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As you walk past him, make sure you stand up straight, with your head held high, and release the inner Bond girl inside of you.

It gets even better when you run up to a friend, because then you can show a nice big smile on your face, which he will surely perceive your radiant self.

9. Don't play the submissive

This does not mean that you can play the power card, because then you will be quickly thrown to the curb.

What it means is that you have to show him, in an appropriate manner, that you are okay with being in charge.

That you can get down to work and approach things with confidence when you need to.

Yes, men are of course the ones who want to convey and remove all fears and worries, but there are times when they need a break.

If you show them that you are giving them this break, you will pound their hearts and they will go crazy for you.

10. Pay attention to your appearance

This means that you have to make a little effort if you want to attract men. This does NOT mean you have to wear a ton of makeup or look like a model.

But it does mean that you should have adequate hygiene, dress nicely, and at least try to do your hair.

Exercise and eating well are also important in showing a man that you deserve him.

Smelling good doesn't hurt either. Have fun trying out some new perfume fragrances to see which one makes you wild.

Give him something to be proud of.

11. Pay attention to the people around him

While you might assume that the best way to get a man's attention is to focus on him, sometimes focusing on the people around him is a better strategy.

You like the hot blonde guy at the bar and he's there with a friend.

You know from personal experience that if you ignored them and talked to the blonde guy, the boyfriend would likely feel like a third wheel, so turn your attention to the boyfriend first.

This does a couple of things: First, the boyfriend calms down and realizes you're not there to push him out and talk to his hot buddy.

Second, it creates group interaction. Yes, you are there to get to know him, but there is no reason why you can't get to know his friend at the same time.

12. Don't be pushy

If you really want a man to be obsessed with you, it is important that you don't try too hard for him to notice you.

Sometimes for some reason it just doesn't work and you have to go away and say to yourself: next!

Don't put it on a pedestal, but don't forget to pick it up too.

This is a bit of a balancing act because you don't want to overdose on compliments. On the other hand, you want to pump it up a bit.

Make him feel moderately important and he will literally have no choice but to perceive you for the right reasons.

13. Address him by name

Experts report that nicknames make a man feel like you, but if you want to push him over the edge, all you have to do is say his name.

There's just something electrifying when he hears his name out of your mouth. This is what body language experts say around the world.

14. Break the touch barrier

When you're talking to a man whose attention you want, the slightest touch will tell you that you want something more than just a friendship or a professional relationship.

Even the slightest touch of his arm or shoulder will grab his attention and make him think of you in a different (and sexier) light.

15. Let him see that other men find you attractive too

Lust is really awesome, and if you really want to drive him crazy about you then make sure he sees other men checking you out.

There is no doubt that a man will step in front of the plate when he sees another man who is interested in his girl.

So make sure you always look good and don't be afraid to close your eyes for a minute if you feel another man hitting you on.

When a man sees this, he'll just want you more.

Flash a flirtatious smile and you'll get the men excited on the spot.

16. Be mysterious

Men are naturally exploring, and if you act a little mysterious, he will naturally be attracted to you.

Don't be afraid to be vague at times in the conversation and a little evasive when he pushes for the details.

Letting a man's mind wander and wonder a little is a great way to get his attention.

Closing word

Once you've caught a man's attention, regardless of the outcome, you'll be more confident about doing the same in the future.

Soon you will be attracting men without even trying! Something happens when you get someone's attention to you; you feel good and you refine your efforts.

You'll quickly learn how to flirt, touch, or say the right thing to get a man to look at you from a romantic perspective a second time.

It's time you got active and made him crazy about you. I wish you luck!