What is the largest unit of measurement

Physics: crazy units of measurement

Meter, kilogram, second ... We use some units all the time. But there are also dimensions that almost no one knows. We've picked a few that you would baffle parents, friends, and teachers with

Unit of measurement: Mickey

Named after Mickey Mouse: The smallest movement of a computer mouse that moves the cursor on the screen - about a tenth of a millimeter - is a Mickey.

Unit of measurement: Thaum

The magical energy that is necessary to conjure up a little white dove or three billiard balls is called thaum. However, the unit is only used in the Discworld - a fantasy place that the writer Terry Pratchett came up with.

Unit of measurement: millihelions

This jokers' imagination is a measure of the amount of beauty it takes to put a ship out to sea. It alludes to the Iliad saga from Greek mythology. There, the beautiful Helena is kidnapped by the Trojans, and the Greeks immediately set sail with over 1,000 ships to free her. Accordingly, Helena's beauty was over 1000 millihelions in size.

Unit of measurement: googol

A million has six zeros, and a billion has nine zeros. But what do you call a number with 100 zeros (abbreviated 10100)?

In 1938, nine-year-old Milton Sirotta came up with the funny name Googol (by the way, the search engine Google was later named after this). Much bigger: The Googol-plex - a one with a Googol zero!

Unit of measurement: Olf

Some things are incredibly difficult to measure, like stench. Scientists have proposed the olfactory unit for this: An olfactory is the smell that emanates from the average person - with 1.8 square meters of skin, who bathes 0.7 times a day, puts on new underwear every day and sits quietly. For comparison: a heavy smoker already smokes at the age of 25!

Unit of measurement: Jiffy

A second is pretty short - but nothing against a Jiffy: This is the name given to the time it takes for the super-fast LIGHT to fly past a tiny atomic nucleus, namely 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 003 seconds!

Unit of measurement: Micromori

A micromort is the one in a million chance of dying from something. Sounds complicated, but it's useful for comparing dangers:

For example, nine people die in one million parachute jumps (= nine micromort). It is just as dangerous to smoke 13 cigarettes in one evening.